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Paging Dr. Drew: Dude, Were You Smoking Crack or What?

Tom-sizemore_heidi_fleiss  I am totally addicted to VH1's Celebrity Rehab. However, as fascinating as the current season is, I'm beginning to question Dr. Drew's scruples, and it's totally harshing my ability to enjoy the show guilt-free, because I believe Dr. Drew and his crew made an incredibly irresponsible decision this season, one that favored ratings over the health and well-being of his high-profile patients.

I'm speaking of course of the decision to simultaneously treat actor Tom Sizemore and his ex-girlfriend, Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss. The two had a tumultuous relationship that ended in 2003 with a domestic violence charge and jail time for Sizemore. 

Quite simply, two people with such a strong ability to trigger each other's desire to use drugs should not be in treatment or group therapy together, and it's been bothering me since the start of this new season. Drew prefaced by saying that he discussed the unconventional situation with both Tom and Heidi, but I don't really think that absolves him. I believe Dr. Drew, in conjunction with the producers of Celebrity Rehab, made a casting decision that placed the importance of ratings over the health of the people involved, and that makes me sad, because I truly believed Dr. Drew was in this at least mostly to help people and to take the glamorous veneer off celebrity drug addiction.
I'm no doctor, but I do know that both Tom and Heidi are recovering from drugs that are extremely hard to kick, and they're doing it on camera, which is a stressful enough environment. To put them together in a way that is certain to stir their rocky and abusive history back to the surface seems like a situation that should make it very difficult for either Heidi or Tom to stay clean after they complete treatment.

It's clear they have unresolved issues, and I definitely think each need to work out that painful past in order to stay clean. But that work should be done in individual therapy, away from each other. I'm so disappointed in Dr. Drew and the Celebrity Rehab crew for privileging their ratings over the supposed purpose of the show. And yet? I can't stop watching. I'm part of the problem, aren't I?

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My thoughts exactly. I'm pretty disgusted by it, but am ashamed to say not disgusted enough to stop watching.

cindy w

YES. OMG, you nailed it exactly. This season of Celebrity Rehab has been totally skeeving me out for the exact reasons you mentioned. It's not just Tom & Heidi, it's like Dr. Drew & the producers put ratings over the well-being of their patients at all costs. Like when the Alice in Chains dude was clearly having a psychotic break and he NEEDED to be hospitalized, they kept him around because... why? Oh, because they couldn't possibly take the cameras off him & risk losing one moment of potential drama!

And last week, with the testimony from the woman who killed someone in a drunk driving accident. I mean, yeah, ok, drinking & driving is bad, point taken. But to have her tell her story in front of a coffin in a staged funeral setting? WTF, man?

And no, I can't turn it off either. Apparently I'm also part of the problem.


I agree. I also thought the sex rehab thing was gross, to throw males and females together and then show a commercial for
"for the love of ray j" takes away credibility.


Rehab is not easy or pretty for anyone who is involved whether it is the patient or the people in their lives. Heidi and Tom are connected through their past and I've seen average people with just as ugly histories have to overcome the same hurdle of rehab at the same time. Perhaps, ratings aside, Dr. Drew really just wanted to get them into rehab despite the risks because of the scary trajectory their lives were taking? That said, I think it mostly has to do with ratings and that sucks.


i agree! i am likewise addicted to, and conflicted by, this show. i also work in mental health, and many of my clients are addicts. actually, one client, after initially being accepted, was denied admission to a long-term rehab because, while he was filling out the last of his paperwork in the lobby, it became apparent that an ex-girlfriend was also at the rehab. it was too risky, and he had to find treatment elsewhere. too bad it wasn't being filmed; he may have been able to follow through with his treatment plan.


Yep - I've been thinking the exact same thing since I started religiously started watching this season.

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