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Paris Hilton's New Beer Commercial: Too Sexy For... Brazil?

Paris-hilton Apparently, Paris Hilton's new beer commercial is too racy for the Brazilian government and they'd like to have it pulled from the air. And while I'm typically all for movements to have Paris Hilton removed from television, I find myself conflicted on this issue. Maybe because beer is involved.

This angers me on so many levels. First, I'm siding with Paris Hilton and I can't tell you how much that aggravates me. Any woman who can't keep her vagina unexposed while exiting a vehicle shouldn't get to ride in one. And what exactly is it that she's showing off?  It looks as if someone kicked a Big Mac and left it in the sun for 3 days. She needs to put that thing away before it swallows someone's pet.

Paris exiting carHorrifying crotch aside, I'm a little miffed at the Brazilian Secretariat of Women's Affairs. She says the ad for Devassa Beer devalues women, "particularly blonde women."  And while I don't disagree that the ad devalues women, most of your ads devalue women, crazy lady. Why draw the line here?

The company couldn't be reached for comment. They were probably too busy giggling and toasting their brilliant decision to make this commercial. Because as history has taught us, nothing brings attention to something less than when you point at it and scream for its banishment. "This commercial devalues women. That's why everyone in the world must watch it. Look at it!"

Way to champion your cause, crazy lady.

Here's the commercial and I'm not sure what the big deal is. I've seen Brazilian baby food commercials hotter than this. It's a little racy, sure, but it's got Paris Hilton in it. What do you expect? Just to be safe, you may want to hide your pet.

Would I want to show this at a children's birthday party? Obviously not. But I see nothing worse than a Go Daddy commercial and plenty of kids saw one of those during the Super Bowl. Then again, this is Brazil we're talking about. We know how conservative they can be when it comes to sexuality.

Here's their argument:  Brazil has a little rule that says beer commercials can't portray women as overtly sensual objects. Oh. I get it. But... why beer? You're saying it's okay to use a woman as an overtly sensual object to sell everything other than beer? I'm pretty sure that's insane. One more question: Then what the hell is this?

Ummm... remember that thing you said about using woman in an overtly sensual way to sell beer? And that thing you said about "particularly blonde women," much like the one humping that guy's leg in this last beer commercial?

You just don't like our favorite ho. Admit it. Why grandstand on principle and your pseudo-devaluing of women platform? And worse, put me in a position where I feel inclined to defend Paris Hilton? Damn you, Brazil.  Damn you. This will not stand.

If I'm right, and you are just trying to damage the career and good name of our most beloved amateur porn star for nothing more than your own personal feelings, then I'm sorry to have bothered you. 

Good luck and Godspeed.


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Silly Brazillians. That Paris commercial doesn't devalue (especially) blonde women; it devalues beer!

Jen O.

I have this scene playing through my head now, wherein I'm a Brazilian man (of course), sitting at home, wearing the hell out of a shiny, wide-lapelled leisure suit, drinking some ice cold, what was it again?, Devassa beer, watching the tv, minding my own business, when Paris Hilton's crotch is splattered (I think that's a good word for it) all over my tv screen, and I shout "Too sexy! Too sexy!" in my fantastic Brazilian accent, SNL-style.

I need more work to do.

Apryl's Antics

Thanks for devaluing the Big Mac for me.


Only you could make me literally laugh out loud at such a disgusting descriptions of a woman's naughty bits. But I have to agree - I don't thing there is anything offensive about that ad - other than the "star" herself.


For the record, I don't specifically know what a really elderly woman's hoo ha looks like BUT, I suspect it looks like whatever that is under PH's dress. It just...looks old.


Favorite. Post. Ever.

Rachel H

Also maybe because that second commercial was in Spanish and from Argentina.

But seriously, I know a few Brazilians and they are all horn dogs. I don't think banning a commercial will stop that.


Good catch Rachel. I should have had you with me at 3:00 am. In my defense, Brahma is a Brazilian Beer Company and this is one of many You Tube commercials ox sex selling beer. I was just lucky enough to grab the Argentinian one. Note to self: Cannot distinguish Portuguese from Spanish at 3:00 a.m. Probably not in the middle of the day, either, but I'd have a better shot. Anyway, thanks for the catch.


I think the commerical is stupid, to be sure, but...they have a problem with her acting like a slut? But DON'T have a problem with the stalker / voyeuristic side of it?

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Larry Drysdale was having a shitty birthday. Nothing new there, necessarily, but this one had been particularly distressing. He hadn't had a drink all day, for one, and the shakes were beginning to tighten their grip on his waning sanity.

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