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Photo in Search of a Caption: AnnaLynne McCord

Annalynne_mccord_thumbnail There is so much about this outfit (donned by 90210 star Annalynn McCord) that's ripe for snark, I'm actually at a loss. I am, for the first time in many years, rendered snarkless. But I know you won't be:


 Go to town, kids.

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But at least she is wearing clothes for once!!


Having succeeded on the NEW 90210, AnnaLynn McCord is hoping to audition for a NEW Happy Days. Pictured, above, AMC models the outfit she hopes will win her a place on the New Happy Days, as Fonzie's (rather slutty) granddaughter. She created the look by combining Fonzie's trademark '50's leather with a '70s-inspired pantsuit (in honor of her mom) and '90s cut-out (in honor of herself).

Her face completed the look. She got her inspiration from an Old Navy Modelquin.


@DianaCLT It took me a moment to read AMC, because I can't stop thinking of the leather seats in the oh-so-cool AMC Hornet I drove in highschool.


Somedayphd - Her name is too stinking long to type repeatedly. I thought you were going to say you couldn't stop thinking about the TV channel. Or the movie theatre chain. ;)


three words that should never be in the same sentence: shiny, pleather, jumpsuit.

@DianaCLT: Modelquin! hah!


"Take me to your leader."


It's step one of the 10-step 'Lady Gaga School of Fashion'. To graduate you have to flash your vag while singing on stage.


The intriguingly boob-baring part of her outfit reminds me of something... I can't quite think of what it is.

Maybe it'll come to me after I eat my macaryoni and cheese.


Jealous of all the attention boyfriend Kellan Lutz has been getting as the package-- er, face of Calvin Klein, Two Many Names McCord decides to show the world that she TOO has assets. On her chest.


"Beam me and my boobs up."


"Wow, the new X-Men movie is gonna be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaky!"


So her neck is cold so she needed a turtleneck but her clevage needs to be aired out?

Suzy Q

Battlestar GalactaSlut.


1. Can't stop thinking about how much speed she'll be able to get on the luge in that outfit.

2. Is auditioning to play the age-defying wicked step-mother in a futuristic Disney story.

3. Makes breastfeeding so much easier! No access issues!


Biker Barbie's Bridesmaid... gone bad.


At what point do you put that outfit on your body and look in a mirror, and think "damn I am smokin'!" ... smokin' crack maybe...


Catwoman joined Charlies Angels


When AlMc promised Sean William Scott "oral pleasure" for a role in his next classy film, he wanted some insurance.

His response? "SWEEEEEEEEEEET."

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