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Pick My Matinee

The-Blind-Side I haven't done this in a while, which saddens no one but more than me because I 1) LOVE going to the movies and 2) LOVE talking about what I see when I go to the movies. It just so happens my son turns ONE today (happy birthday, Kyle!), and we have a few (free!) babysitters descending on our home this weekend. So! I think I can steal away for a couple hours to celebrate surviving the first year of motherhood at the movies. But, what should I see?

We have some mad choices right now since it's the time of year I like to call When Movies Stop Shitting Around or aka The Race to the Oscars. Here they are:

1) Dear John. Oh, stop with the eye rolling. You have watched some wildly age-inappropriate movie at some point in your life that is 99% cheese and 1% good music. Redeeming: Amanda Seyfried was on Veronica Mars.

2. An Education. I'll see this at some point regardless, but do I go to the movies to see this solo? It's apparently very, very good, but it's still about a thirty-something man romantically involved with a teenager, so.....yeah.

3. Crazy Heart. I don't know much about this movie except Jeff Bridges is in it and he has Crazy Eyes, but I imagine the movie title doesn't have a thing to do with that. Also, Maggie Gyllenhaal! I like her! But my husband does, too, so perhaps I should wait and Netflix this one with him? Hmm.

4. The Blind Side. I honestly didn't have plans to see this. Too sickly sweet? Too Sandra Bullock pretending to be a better actress than she is? (I LOVE HER, AS A PERSON, SO NO MEAN COMMENTS.) Then it became the Little Movie that Started Owning Awards, so....I should probably see it. Maybe. Eh.


5. The Young Victoria. Emily Blunt is pretty and that's about all I know of this film but I've seen movies with far less going for them. So.

I'll see whatever the majority tells me to. Then I'll review it on MamaPop.

So, whatdaya think?

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If you're looking for something to celebrate your first year of motherhood, you really can't go wrong with The Blind Side. It is a shining example of a mother's love.


Definitely, the Blind Side. Thought I would hate it, but I LOVED it! Bring tissues.


I say Crazy Heart- only because I really want to see it too.


I vote for Dear John because it's what I would be seeing if I had a babysitter.


I can't choose just one, but I would narrow it down between The Blind Side or An Education. I loved both of these movies for very different reasons. You'll likely enjoy either of them. Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE Emily Blunt, so Young Victoria looks great too, but I haven't seen it yet.

I think Dear John doesn't stand a chance against its competition. I'll probably see it at some point, but your other options seem more worth the money.


I'm going to go with An Education. Because that is what I would see. Second choice would be Young Victoria, though. I mean... frankly I don't really need to hear someone else talk about Blind Side... but I love your reviews so I would probably read it anyway.

shannon r

The Young Victoria gets my vote.


I saw The Blind Side and really enjoyed it. Plus, it was filmed in my neighborhood so it was pretty awesome to see my favorite restaurants in the background.

My neighbor and I (we have under 2's) are planning a Saturday day off that involved Dear John even if Ebert wrote a scathing review. I still need a good "watch and cry" occasionally.

Happy birthday to your little boy (my baby girl turns one next month)!! Enjoy your movie!


Absolutely positively "The Blind Side". I wasn't a huge fan of Bullock as an actress either, but she did a good job in this film and I LOVED it.


Dear John just looks like one of those movies that the entire goal is to make you cry. So you are fooled into thinking it's actually good b/c you are crying, when really it's just a bad movie pulling out all the stops to increase the profits of tissue companies. The Blind Side is just plain awesome and you should go see that for many reasons. See it because you love Sandra Bullock. It really such a wonderful family story.

Fawn Amber

The Blind Side. You can't go wrong, I assure you. Loved it.

I would save the romantic ones for viewing with hubby at home. :)


Dear John all the way.

Mrs Chaos

Another vote for Blind Side. It really was that good.


Suzy Q

Anything but "Dear John." I'd rather watch paint dry than see that movie.

Amanda B

I loved the Blind Side too. And forgot that it was Sandra Bullock for awhile - it made me forget that other horrible movie she made in 2009 - the one she might/should win a Razzie for.


Blind Side - because I can't decide if I should see it and I need you to tell me if I should.

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