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Recipes, Speed Metabolizers, And Diet Helmets: Getting To The Bottom Of Weight Loss

The_biggest_loser In spite of the minor setback of a collective 2 pound gain for week 5, the MamaPop Loser team presses on. Forward. Ahead. Down the road. To the awesome. This week, they checked in with Corey & Kristin for a little Q & A.

Sarah: Where can I find interesting healthy recipes that actually taste good?

Corey and Kristin: It's hard to find low cal stuff that tastes good and keeps you satisfied for a long time.  But we've been doing pretty well on Body for Life -- you can have carbs and six small meals a day so it keeps energy up and the stuff does taste pretty good. We also recently found this site - it offers meal plans.  Some of the 300 and 400 calorie stuff is seriously delicious (we love the turkey enchiladas!) -- safe bets are popular and high rates dishes.

One thing I've recently learned is to look for high satiety foods with low calories. These are foods that make you feel satisfied so you don't feel compelled to rifle around under the cushions for forgotten Christmas chocolate. Baked beans have a high satiety rate, for example, and will leave you feeling fuller than a giant bowl of Muesli cereal, even though the cereal probably has more calories.  More info.

Oh - and Jillian Michael's book, Making the Cut, has some really mouthwatering recipes, too.

Amber: How do I make exercise a bigger priority for myself? I keep pushing it down on my list of priorities below schoolwork, writing/work-work, and holding onto my last shred of sanity. I just wish there was some hypnosis I could undergo that would make me stop making exercise the first thing I cut from a busy or stressful day.

Kristin: I get it, totally.  For me, the hardest thing about exercising consistently is getting started.  Once I get going and I can see the flab shrinking, the muscles appearing, the glow happening on my skin...it becomes easier.  I don't want to lose what I've so tangibly gained!  What I'd recommend is this:  don't tell yourself you have to exercise every day for the rest of your life.  Just tell yourself: I'm going to do it TODAY.  I'm going to sweat my ass off for twenty minutes and then I'm done, it's over, I don't have to worry about it.  Twenty minutes is manageable.  You can squeeze it in anytime - I've been known to do Jillian Michaels videos at midnight on Saturday night.  I also find it helpful to write down what I've done, in red, in my iCal.  It motivates me to see how much I've worked out in the last week - and makes me wanna do more NEXT week.

Corey: The only thing I can offer here is the promise that exercise will start to add a sense of clarity in all other parts of your life. Make sure you have great music or friends that you workout with and try to view it as more of a pause from the other items in your day. There are still days that I hate working out... but there are never days that I hate being done with my workout.

Jodi: This muscle weighs more than fat business?  Is that true or am I just fooling myself?  Lots of people this week have told me how thin I look and my clothes are way loose but 3 pounds is not a lot.

Kristin: No, it's true.  I doubted it at first, and was super dismayed when I saw the scale at the gym RISE when I stopped eating shit and started adding weights to my routine.  I was ready to put down the dumbbells and go home and inhale rice pudding. 3 pounds is fantastic, lady, and it's amazing that people are already commenting on your progress.  Keep at it.

Corey:  Recently we had a personal training session with a trainer at CrossFit Gym.  He talked about his girlfriend starting Crossfit and how she gained 12lbs. But she dropped in clothing sizes and went from being able to do no pull-ups to 4 unassisted, 4 push-ups to 15.  However, she was still mad at her boyfriend when she first found out that she had gained weight. The trainer then used the term that Kristin took trouble for coining in a past post "fat skinny".  That is to say there are plenty of thin people, that have no level of fitness... At the end of the day, I think the scale is not always the best metric to motivate yourself.

Jason: I am aware that eating 6 baby lamb chops, a shit load of potato chips and some white wine, is not going to help my diet under normal circumstances but is it possible that the combination of the 3 things, can actually act as a speed metabolizer? Also, is there such a term as "speed metabolizer"?

Kristin: Not that I know of.  There are combos that will help you lose weight if you eat them regularly, but that's usually stuff like tuna+green salad...nothing quite as drool worthy as potato chips and white wine.

Corey: The could be some truth to this... but you have to make sure they are "baby" lamb chops.  Also I have heard the term "speed metabolizer" before ... but on the street they call it "meth".

Clay: I'm a little yellow and I keep passing out. Is there some kind of "diet helmet" I can wear? If so, what color would go best with yellow? I'm thinking a nice, dark blue. That's my favorite color.

Kristin: I'm no helmet expert, but I like dark blue too.  Nice taste, Clay.

Corey: Have you considered pink?... that is my favorite color.

Karen: My brother had me add Salmon Oil capsules & a B-100 vitamin to my diet.  Since I have sore knees, I figure the oil can't hurt.  Are there any other supplements that you recommend besides a regular multivitamin?  I see Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Enzyme pills in the same section and wonder what they do and more importantly if they work and even more importantly, if they are harmful or have side effects.  p.s. They are damn expensive.  And what about this Hoodia stuff?  I have heard bad bad things about that.

Kristin: You're right, it can't hurt.  One thing Corey and I have recently added to our arsenal is Xtend - a powdered amino acid drink that purports to improve athletic performance.  We've only just started using it, but we ran 15 km (9 miles) fairly hard yesterday and neither of us are sore today, which is unusual.  The stuff gets pretty good reviews online, but yeah, it's pretty expensive.  I'd say whether or not you supplement with protein powders and amino acids, etc. depends on how hard you're training.  Hoodia? I'm wary.  I just bought Jillian Michael's Making the Cut book and she warns against it - it's unproven.  And I just don't want to fuck with appetite, you know?

Corey:  Make sure you are drinking lots of water.  Water will help lubricate your joints working out.  Also when you first become more active your body will want to hold onto more water (another reason why your weight may increase at first) ... The best thing that can be done to combat this water retention... drink more water.  As far as vitamins go, I am no expert, but I have read that your food is the best way to get your vitamins in terms of actual absorption.

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