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Selections for Your Snowbound Existence

Cabin_fever Many of your faithful MamaPop writers, myself included, are dealing with life under the current bizarro circumstances that come with one of the worst snowstorms ever.

Cabin_fever My 9 to 5 has been closed yesterday and today, which is just unheard of, because it is still too dangerous to get anywhere. My family has thankfully been spared from the heating and power outages that have affected many. To those that don't have power, I am praying for you because I don't know what we would do without TV and the internet. I would invite you to come over, but things are getting kind of feral here. We've lost track of days and can't be sure if those showers that we took were this morning or three days ago and the seemingly endless confinement has sucked my already tenuous will to do housework. (Read: if you do come over, stay far, far away from the laundry room and the downstairs toilet.)

So what do you do with two grumpy adults and an 8-year-old when entertainment is crucial to your very survival? Well, I can't say for sure because, with another foot of snow due to dump on us today, we haven't yet emerged on the other side, but I can tell you what has worked so far.

We could read books. I know this, but for me, snow days are only slightly different than sick days and on sick days, I feel that I am entitled to disengage my brain entirely. So, here's a movie list that I cobbled together for you.

The most essential tool for surviving being snowbound is your online movie service of choice. I have become best friends with Netflix, though Blockbuster, Hulu, and the like will also serve you well. I've found myself drawn to documentaries and stand-up comedy specials. Yesterday, I watched:

The Business of Being Born, Ricki Lake's documentary about modern birthing in America and how the medicalization of birth might be affecting the natural process. If you've been reading a lot about natural birth and rising c-section rates over the past few years (I have), then a lot of the information will be familiar. I was a little upset that they only kind of touched on the insurance aspect of it. Granted, if you're empowered with information, then you might be less likely to go with the flow of medical staff if you have no choice but to deliver in a hospital. But I was young and on Medicaid when I had my son and didn't really have any options. I think I would have ended up having a c-section no matter what because my son was very breech. And hearing how interventions disrupt the bonding process made me feel kind of bad. But, nevertheless, it's interesting stuff and I definitely recommend checking it out.

Ballerina, which follows five young dancers in Russia's famous Kirov Ballet. So, this is probably only of interest to dancers and former dancers, and I wished that they had talked more about the training that young girls at the St. Petersburg ballet school go through, but it was wild to see these young, amazing women start their careers.

I started to watch The IT Crowd, which I had heard a lot about, but I didn't really like it. Someone convince me otherwise. I'll listen.

I also recommend checking out Helvetica and The King of Kong. You can read my gushings about both of those movies here.

Probably a bad choice for circumstances like these? 30 Days of Night. People in a remote town in Alaska have a month of darkness every year in the winter. Many leave for the month, but some stay behind. This year, there's a kink: vampires.

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i have seen the business of being born. it is really food for thought. i think she needs to do another and go even deeper.

it did make me hate american healthcare--doctors have never even SEEN a natural birth. that is ridiculous. i could rant all day, but i will stop.


If you are into scaring yourself silly while snowbound check out Pontypool.

As someone who would have died several times in both pregnancies (no joke) I am very very grateful to modern health care and unnatural birth. I do however agree that elective c-sections are scary.


GAH! 30 Days of Night. GREAT choice. And, also, precisely what I presume is happening in many small, snowbound communities along the mid-Atlantic at this very moment.

Suzy Q

I knew he'd pick the skank. Because she's so full of klass. Chlamydia + giant boobs = lifetime wet dream for Jake.

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