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Spencer Pratt Tries to Outdo Heidi Montag's Fake Addiction with His Own Fake Addiction

Spencer_pratt_crystal_thumb HA HA HA HO HO HO. This Spencer Pratt character is such a card.

Remember how his once-cute wife, Heidi Montag, suddenly came down with an addiction to plastic surgery that expressed itself all in one day? I think Pratt figured that they were on to something with this addiction thing, and, because they need attention to get paid, he decided that he needed to one-up her brand of fake crazy (see: bland, also boring) with an even stupider brand of fake crazy.

Spencer Pratt has decided that he is ADDICTED TO CRYSTALS.

Yes, CRYSTALS, as in pretty rocks. In order to properly illustrate his own brand of instant addiction, he made sure not only to show off the one huge crystal, but also to sport many other rocks and gemstones about his wrists and fingers, because he believes that we are all ridiculously stupid:


Look, I'm totally into crystals like crazy. Look at me wear eleventy-billion of them, he didn't really say.

What he really did say, reportedly, was:

I am so addicted to crystals, it’s like a sickness. I’ve spent $500,000 on crystals this year. I checked my bank account last night, and I have $203 left.

and that he and Montag...

...hung out with our puppies and cuddled with our crystal. It’s supposed to bring love. There’s a whole science to this — I’m not crazy.



. . . . .
Schmutzie thinks that even if there is something to the energy of crystals, King Spencer's not onto it.

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So basically, Heidi at 23 now looks like a 40 something woman who's had some work done and Spencer... well Spencer still just looks like an idiot. Bet he thinks Q-Ray braelets work too. Maybe he'll get totally new age and hop on the next comet outta here. We can hope right?

Jen O.

I don't trust anyone with a blond moustache. This latest big of assholery just confirms my suspicions. This dude's a total jackwad.


I like the word jackwad.


Everyone together now: JACKWAD!

I like that word, too.

cindy w

I have an aunt who's totally into crystals too. Of course, she's a 65 year-old lesbian who used to be a nun and is now a psychologist. (No, seriously.) I'd love to see her & Spencer hang out for maybe an hour. I have a feeling her New Age-y peace-and-love, crystal-gaze-y vibe would fade in about 5 minutes & she'd bash him in the head with one of those damn rocks.

Jackwad. (Thank you, Jen O., that one is now going in my vernacular.)


I lol'd!!!! That is fucking hillarious. Am I allowed to say fucking? Because Spencer Pratt, lives up to his name once again, and is FUCKING HILLARIOUS.

Suzy Q

Just when I thought his douchiness had reached a stable level...


I suspect someone sold him that crystal/rock to keep away tigers...


Oh my hell, what a waste of opposable thumbs.


I looked into my crystal ball and your 15 min of fame are up.


i won't be sad if mamapop never mentions these two jackwads ever ever again. just so you know.


Jessica, I wish I could promise that this is a Speidi-free zonenow, but they're a weakness of mine.


Did you see the TMZ clip where Heidi and Spencer gave the pap filming them a rose quartz. (Apparently they had a stash of them in the center console of their car.) I like crystals, but this was just more Speidi fame-whore crap.

Fawn Amber

Oh, I love you guys, but I weepingly plead with you not to cover Speidi anymore.

sildenafil citrate

It’s appalling that the media is acknowledging this topic . There are much larger issues to focus on right now, other than someone’s botched plastic surgery job. Heidi Montag is a self proclaimed “celebrity” and I’m quite confused to why we even speak about her anymore. “The Hills” has been over for some time now. Let her do as she pleases, she is no role model, she has no major films under her belt; she is an attention craving spoiled brat who has nothing but a MTV reality show to put on her resume. Maybe if her husband gave her the attention she is looking for, she wouldn’t have Whoopi Goldberg’s panties in a bunch. Stop wasting money on changing your appearance and invest in a personality. I hope she becomes the reason young girls love themselves. To stay in school, to get a real job, to realize that all looks and no brains will get you no where. I think a wise man once said "more money, more problems", when you can spend money on such ludicrous things, its too much money. Look up to someone who has done something more notable then have meltdowns on national TV.

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