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Fashion is Danger: Isabel Mastache's Penis Pants

Isabel-Mastache-peen-pant You know how they always give the Project Runway designers to create an "avant garde" look, and it always just results in a lot of...dramatic ruffles and crap? They need to book Isabel Mastache as a guest judge STAT to show those bitches how avant garde is REALLY done.

Although I'm guessing the censors might have a wee problem* with that.



(I admit that at first I was so focused on trying to figure out if that was...ahem...functional or strictly decorative that I missed the detail that his real hand is under the jacket and that extra hand isn't a glove and GAH GAH KILL IT WITH FIRE.)

A few more selections from the show. So do ya think Target or H&M will get her low-cost capsule collection?



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those models are lucky you can't see their faces.


Mouthy broad - those models would probably only agree to it if their identity wouldn't be revealed. ;~)

The bottom three...they could have been costumes for Where the Wild Things Are.

The top picture...is that like a Junk Snuggie? ;~)

Fawn Amber

Oh my God...my eyes. Can not unsee. Absolutely not.


I would love to have been in the room when the models realized what they were wearing... the WTF must have been heard for miles.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah


No. No. No. No. No. No. No.


Uhhhhhh.......Beavis......is that what I think it is?


To quote my friend MacKenzie, what is this fuckery?


Clearly she was going for post-apocalypse business casual.


You know...as crazy as this is, I KNEW there was a sense of familiarity for me. Though not quite this...detailed, I once saw a man at KFC (LOATHE KFC. This was in college, and I don't believe I even ordered any C. Just sayin'.) wearing these flowy sarong-y pants. Except. Right. There. Now, I can't say he did it on purpose, but he made himself a...uhhh...JunkSnuggie...in the groinal section of his pants. I was in college, I couldn't help but give him a repeated side-eye. Did he do this on purpose? Or was he going Commando, and it just...fell?...into a gathering of fabric in the flowy material?




Momo Fali

Wait a minute. Did you just call me a ho?


build your center in manado north celebes

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