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Today's Celebrity Baby Scoop - The Great Jolie-Pitt Debate: Is It Shiloh Or Is It Knox?

Shiloh_knox_pitt In the fiercest debate our site has seen since the Leah-Remini-still-feeds-her-3 1/2-year-old-from-the-bottle drama, Brangelina caused quite a stir on our website yesterday with a wild case of mistaken identity...

While the photo agency said it was, in fact, Knox Jolie-Pitt, we felt shakily-confident publishing the golden title we've been waiting to bring to the people: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Spotted With Knox. But wait just a minute....is that really a 19-month-old boy???


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Maybe there is another alternative...it's a new one that's about to be #7!! =)

I think it's Knox though...Shiloh always looks like a boy, but this one's hair is too brown, and doesn't Shiloh have bright blue eyes?

Sigh...something about this feels wrong..like I'm stalking a kid! =) LOL!

Washington "Goo Goo and a Ga" Cube

This is nothing compared to Kate Hudson's kid's hair or Suri Cruise wearing lipstick and heels while holding a bottle. If they pasted a Grey Goose label on it, it might be more understandable.


There is no way on earth that is Knox. My almost-3 year old is not even that big, and he's tall for his age. It's just an unnaturally dull-colored pic of Shiloh. I can't even believe I'm chiming in to this, but that is not a 19 mo old boy. Sheesh.
Also, there's this: http://cdn.buzznet.com/media/jj1//2010/02/angelina-taxi/angelina-jolie-brad-pitt-knox-vivienne-water-taxi-04.jpg

Hey You

Is Celeb Baby Scoop a new sponsor or something? Because the quality of writing is not up to MamaPop standards....I am just just confused by this pairing. Now if SnarkyAmber were to write a post about all of the people debating over this kid--that would be entertaining and probably funny as hell.


Hey You, I agree. Enough with the celebrity babies already!


Apologies to the celebrity baby haters, but CBS is a partner of MamaPop, and many readers enjoy the content. It's pretty easy to ignore 3 posts out of 50 a week if you don't like them.


Hmmm, I'm going to have to guess Knox. My nearly 17 month old get's mistaken for two and a half. People ask me why he can't talk. Sigh, because he is a BABY.

Hair and eyes are too dark to be Shiloh.

Hey You

I don't HATE celeb babies. I just like the MamaPop spin better then your new partners.


@Hey You - Yes, well, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE. heh.

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