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Toy Story 3 Trailer: Get Out The Tissues

Base_media I have to admit it, I'm a sucker for a good Disney/Pixar movie, and I especially love the Toy Story franchise.  And the new Toy Story 3 trailer, well, it looks fantastic.  Watch it for yourself after the jump.....

The thing I love the most about these movies is the way they play to both parents and kids. Kids love Woody and Buzz, and parents love the story. And this story, Andy is going to college and giving away his toys? Just TEARS! How can Andy be 18? And Woody refusing to say goodbye and let go? I feel ya Woody.  Whether it is dropping your child off at school for the first or the last time, almost every parent in the audience has been there and can relate.

But there are also laughs, just like parenthood.

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Yay! My son is obsessed with Toy Story. When this comes out he will be just past 2 and I'm thinking it will be the first movie he might sit through in a theater. He might cheer rather loudly, though.


My kids actually screamed out loud with delight when I told them a new Toy Story was coming this summer. I suspect their reaction to this preview will be comparable.


My 2-year-old sat through the DOUBLE FEATURE of Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D when it came out recently. He is already all over Toy Story 3 and giggles like a... 2-year-old every time he sees anything to do with it. That alone makes me wanna cry. So stinking cute.


My kids are 11 and 8; my older son was totally into Toy Story when he was little. I used to look forward to him being Andy's age. I can't believe Andy is going to college; I'm no longer looking forward to my son being Andy's age!!!


HOLY CRAP! My son, named ANDY, is going to be 18 this summer and we are currently looking at colleges. We used to think it was so cute that the movie kid was an Andy too. He loved Toy Story.

Crap. I'm going to have to take MY Andy to see this so I can blubber all over him.



I wasn't a fan of the second one, but this one looks great.

cindy w

My 3 year-old is currently obsessed with Toy Story (my parents bought her both 1 & 2 on DVD). We saw the trailer when we went to see "The Princess & the Frog," and she was SO! EXCITED! We will definitely be going to see this one.


I was pregnant with my first when Toy Story 2 came out, and the song 'When She Loved Me" pretty much finished me off EVERY time. Mainly because I'd get sad about my cats, and how they wouldn't be my BAAAAABIES once the baby arrived.


*holding my stomach trying not to wretch*

I loathed with a passion TS2. That red-headed whine fest and her nasal singing...

TS was brilliant and wonderful. Disney is just $greedy$.


I don't know who is more excited: us or my son. We can't wait for this movie release.


I just watched the trailer again... Rent THE BRAVEST LITTLE TOASTER instead... I guarantee the premise is the same...

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