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UPDATED with More Sneak Peeks! 16 and Pregnant Preview: Samantha

16_and_pregnant MTV.com doesn't have a whole lot of information about tonight's episode of 16 and Pregnant, which features a young mom named Samantha. However, their sneak peek clip leads me to believe that this episode might be of the "scared straight" variety.

It makes sense that 16 and Pregnant hasn't focused too much on the physical aspects of pregnancy and birth. While it's true that your body is never the same, the physical pain is temporary and the effects that a child has on your life are obviously much more important and permanent than a saggy stomach. And, obviously, whether or not something will hurt shouldn't really be high on the list of things to consider when deciding whether or not to get pregnant or to try avoid pregnancy or to continue with a pregnancy.

However. If we want to give young people an accurate picture of what it's like to have a child, then it's good to address the pain and physical discomfort. Enter Samantha and her back labor.

MTV's 16 and Pregnant - MTV Shows

I never really went into labor. It became clear early on that I was going to have to have a C-section, so I never got to experience all of the, um, interesting twists and turns that can happen during contractions and pushing. But I can tell you that, while I didn't experience any pain during my C-section, recovering from that surgery was no fun whatsoever. The day after I had my son, I sneezed. That might not sound terrible, but my fellow mamas who have had C-sections and are reading this just cringed and sucked in their breath. I called the nurse to my room because I thought there was a real possibility that I might be leaking intestines and/or other organs through the new hole in my abdomen.

Much like the HBO prison special that gave us a new definition of "tossed salad," this episode of 16 and Pregnant seems to be poised to give its audience a look at one of the harsher turns on the road to motherhood.


The fine folks at MTV were able to send a few more sneak peeks my way. In this clip, Samantha and her friends reflect on how they used to stare at the pregnant girls at their school and now Samantha IS one of the pregnant girls. Also, Samantha's friend says something really frightening along the lines of, "You can't really prevent pregnancy." Luckily, everyone points out to her that, uh, you can.

I'm choosing to believe that Samantha's friend was operating on a more philosophical plane. Like, thinking about pregnancy in the context of the universe and how someone somewhere will always get pregnant. So, no, you can't really prevent pregnancy from happening, but you can prevent your teenage boyfriend's sperm from meeting your egg. Gah.

And here is more of Samantha's terrifying labor. Yay.

I know that hospitals can be jerks about different schools of thought about laboring, but I thought they were mostly all on board with letting mothers walk around to get things moving along. If she's having back labor, I really don't understand how lying flat on her back (or, at best, on her hands and knees), screaming helps anyone.

Later, we have the requisite underwhelming paternal performance, compliments of Samantha's boyfriend Eric, who pulls out the classically stupid, "She's just a baby, how hard can it be? I have to go to WORK every day. Where people speak a LANGUAGE. And use TOILETS. And feed THEMSELVES. And are responsible for their OWN happiness and well-being. My life is harder I win," argument.

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I'm concerned because I can't stop watching this show. I saw the previews for Samantha and thought it would be a good episode to fast forward through. But then again, I'm 42 and not-pregnant.


Whoa. This one looks intense.

Amy H

I was so scared to sneeze, cough or laugh after my c-section. Oh, and the first time you have to...ahem...potty after a c-section is no picnic, either. We may not have had the experience of labor but we certainly felt the pains.


I had back labor AND a UTI with my first. Hellz yeah I was screaming and hallucinating. I never had a c-section but I did have my tubes tied the day after my last was born. Oh the pain! Sneezing, coughing, laughing, walking, you name it and it hurt. Not to mention the air bubbles that only walking can get rid of.
I can't stop watching this show. I'm 29 and not pregnant (ever again)and I instinctivly hold my breathe for 10 every time they do.

cindy w

I had pretty intense back labor, and there was NO EFFING WAY I would've been able to get up and walk around to help the baby move. It hurt too much, my legs wouldn't have been able to hold me up. Also, the scream she let out when the nurse checked her cervix? I did something sort of similar. It scared the crap out of my husband, he said he'd never seen me in pain like that.

Not discounting the discomfort of a C-section, because I've heard plenty of horror stories about that too. Just saying what happened to me. That video of Samantha crying made me hold my breath because I remember what it felt like. And I was 31 at the time. Can't imagine doing that at 16.

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