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Black Dynamite: Best Movie About Kung Fu Treachery Ever Reviewed

Black_dynamite-2  When Black Dynamite was announced a few years back I was super-excited about it, because I embrace multiculturalism... especially if that culture celebrates "pimpin' and hoein' " and shows a lot of boobies. But then it was released and you could only see it if you lived in New York or LA and then there were like six dates in other cities, but I couldn't get to any of them, so I was left hating the Hollywood distribution system and if there's one thing history has taught us it's that me hating stuff is not good for my complexion. So now, Black Dynamite is out on DVD and I've seen it, and if you know the general pattern of things, I'm about to stop writing and you'll have to follow the link to read the rest.

The reason I was so excited about Black Dynamite is because the trailers I had seen featured some of the best dialog I have ever heard. When Black Dynamite, played VERY astutely by Michael Jai White, says to the Fiendish Dr. Wu. "I should have known it was you, Fiendish Dr. Wu! Your knowledge of Scientific Biological Transmogrification is outmatched only by your zest for kung fu treachery!" I had a tiny pre-ejaculation in my pants. And then when he follows that up with "Fiendish Dr. Wu! You done fucked up now!" I totally had a dialog orgasm all over the place. I don't know how to finish this paragraph so I think I'll just write "That's how I roll".

The thing with Black Dynamite is you can't tell if it's satire or spoof, and I suppose it doesn't matter. All the little mistakes that they left in are left in on purpose, and some of the jokes are so subtle you need to watch it a couple times to catch them all. It's all in the little nervous glances off-camera and the boom mike being in the shot, and the obvious continuity breaks that makes Black Dynamite a movie-lovers film. It's all so clever and self-aware. Sure it's making fun of the ridiculousness of the Blaxploitaion movie genre, but it does so lovingly, and gently and with obvious reverence to all the little things that make movies like The Mack and Shaft and Truck Turner classics in that weird "Wow. We really watched that shit?" kind of way. Black Dynamite is respectful of the source material while still making fun of it. It pulls off the balance beautifully.

Black Dynamite2
 Yes. Those are nunchucks. They are featured prominently. Case Closed.

So should YOU see Black Dynamite? I don't know. What am I... your racism coordinator? If you can't stand the n-word, and don't like women being depicted as objects and have a hard time with pointless violence than maybe not. If however, you like seeing someone trying to "shake the drugs" out of an orphan or pointless decapitations, or have a sense of humor at all, than this is the movie for you. It's definitely one of the best movies I've seen this year. And yes that includes Avatar. So there. 

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We got the DVD for this as soon as we could and have been quoting from it excessively ever since.

"Ha ha! I threw that shit before I even came in here!"

"Ooh, can I get some hot sauce for my doughnut?"

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