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Betty White To Host SNL Commemorating The First Time I'll Watch It In Years


On May 8th, Saturday Night Live is bringing in the youngest and hottest to support their current cast, Betty White. (I love Betty White.) I'm pretty sure one of the current cast's name is... Karen? No, Steve. Steve something.  Jack Tripper?  I don't know. I could get lost in not looking it up and guessing. My point is, thank you for finally piquing my interest in what you're doing now.  I didn't even know it was still on TV.

And guess what? They're not just bringing in the comedic stylings of the most awesome old lady to have ever lived, but they're bringing back some of the good cast, too. Neat! White will be joined by:

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer and Rachel Dratch.

Woo hoo! What's sad about this as I am actually excited about seeing Molly Shannon perform physical comedy. What have you done to me, Lorne Michaels? I'm now craving Molly Shannon sniffing her fingers after marinating them in her armpit before awkwardly falling on a table. That's what your show has become, Lorne.

But you're on the right track, I think. I'm liking the idea of bringing old cast members back. You may be on to something here. I have some other ideas and if you use them, maybe I'll watch your show more than the one time it's hosted by a super old person:

Make sure that pop star Justin Timberlake isn't the funniest thing that's happened on your comedy show in this century. "Dick in a box" was magical. If you haven't seen "Dick in a box", you're not living right, basically. So here. The rest of you can move on unless you want to see it again, because as you already know, it is just that good.

I love that. Ok, so more ideas that I think will help you make the show more entertaining than I've seen it in recent years:

Bring back Will Ferrell, Dan Aykroyd, Steve Martin, Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, Adam Sandler, David Spade and even Rob Snyder. Or any one of them. At this point, you could replace the entire cast with the one from Designing Women, Saved By The Bell, Teletubbies or anything on Animal Planet and it would be more watchable.

I'm rooting for you SNL. I want to look forward to watching you. I want to laugh, I do. I'm a laugher. I love it. I miss it. And you seem to be moving in the right direction with this whole "bringing in the 88 year old woman to show the newbies how it's done" thing. I see promise. I see a whole new era of having funny people on your show. It will be groundbreaking. Restore SNL to its former glory, Lorne. I beg you. If not for me, do it for the children.





MayoPie writes nonsense all of the time on his blog.

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Jen O.

Oh, Simon! I love Simon.

I'm with you. I've only watched a handful of episodes in the past 10 years and I think I'm a better person from it. I do, however, have an old VHS with the 15 year special recorded on it and it's the best thing ever. EVER. Bass-o-Matic? Rosanna Rosannadanna? Two wild and crazy guys? Candy-gram? I could go on all day.

Lorne, SNL is broke. Fix it.


I have been pulling for SNL for so long, but I don't know that I can recover from their epic fail re Zack Galifinakis. The SNL writers had GOLD in ZG and they wasted him. So unhappy.


I always enjoyed Justin as the singing, dancing, rapping cup of soup.
And anything Eddie Murphy did.

Apryl's Antics

I heart the picture of Betty with the alligator. Thank you.

Sometimes out of pity and loyalty I watch SNL because, as much as it sucks in its current incarnation, I'd be sorry to see it leave the air. It would be great if they could just figure out good endings for their skits or just endings might work.

Go, Betty!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I'm excited for Betty White! But I also want Justin Timberlake to appear on SNL every week. In every skit. Skeevy facial hair not unwelcome, but not required.

Amy H

I record it most weeks and fast forward through most of it. The opening skit is usually good (if it isn't, the whole show is terrible) and most of the skits leading up to Weekend Update are good. The ones after WU are just terrible. Awful. I don't even bother to attempt to watch them anymore.

I'm definitely pulling for SNL because it would be sad to live in a world without it, but they need to get it together fast.

Also, it would be wonderful if they brought back "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy." That shit never gets old.

Suzy Q

Yay for Betty White! She's a saucy old vixen. They'd better give her some damn good material; I don't think she'd settle for less. Or, at least, I hope not.


Steve Martin was never an official cast member; he just hosted an ungodly number of times, each of which was pure comedy gold. It's insane that a non-castmember can host so much that he has regular characters, much like Christopher Walken and The Continental (someone else who MUST come back, for the good of all makind).


I LOVE the cup-o-soup!! and jack handy. and could they combine will farrell with betty white? bc that would be the next best thing to orgasmic.

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