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Big Love Recap: End of Days

Big_love_margene_nicki Honestly? This season finale was kind of tamer than I had anticipated. I think Lois chopping off Very Truly Yours Hollis Green's arm kind of spoiled me. Henceforth, any Big Love episode that doesn't end in some samurai action is kind of dull.

Nicki is dropping Cara Lynn off at JJ's and looking for Adaleen. JJ's cancerous wife (I should probably find out her name, but it's too convenient to just call her Cancer Wife) wheels in and tells her that Adaleen went to Kansas and didn't Nicki know that? Nicki did not and Cancer Wife remarks that Nicki and Adaleen were never that close anyway. Anyway, Adaleen has gone to Kansas so that she could be surrounded by her loving sister wives during her pregnancy. There was a caravan leaving and she hopped on. Nicki nervously says that they'll be back in a little bit and hustles Cara Lynn out of there.

Bill is at the state capitol trailing Paley around and telling him about Marilyn's double-dealing. Paley tries to brush him off until Bill adds that he's found some damning information about Marilyn's associates. "I see," says Paley. Bill tells him that he wants Marilyn to leave his casino alone and to stop looking into his personal life. "You're close to her, she'll listen to you," says Bill, adding that he just wants to solve this mess without getting the press involved. Paley kind of hate-smirks at Bill and says, "Good luck on Tuesday, Bill." Err, something tells me he's not totally sincere about that.

At home, Bill calls the lawyer that's been assigned to work on stuff at the Kansas compound and asks him to keep an eye out for Adaleen. The lawyer agrees and informs Bill that there are rumors of a new round of indictments for some of the men from the Kansas compound based on reports from a bunch of kids that were seized. There are accusations of a systemic pattern of intermarriage. Bill looks concerned, the lawyer looks nonchalant because this is just another day on the job for him, and I look like I'm dry heaving because I am. Anyway, the indictments will be coming down either this week or next. Bill points out that the timing is kind of important what with that little state senate race and all but the lawyer just doesn't know.

Adaleen is in Dr. Roquet's office, restrained and heavily sedated. JJ notes that her pregnancy is high risk and could be complicated, but adds that if Dr. Roquet had to make a choice, he should of course choose the innocent life of the baby. He asks the doctor to give him a call when Nicki arrives at their little Island of Dr. Moreau.

Bill is talking to the wives and laying out the game plan in case he wins. If he gets to make his acceptance speech, he's going to announce that he is a polygamist and introduce Barb, Nicki, and Margene as his wives. While they talk, Nicki is gripping Bill's hand which Margene notices and nudges Barb so that she'll see it, too. They're perturbed. Bill adds that they should get snazzy new outfits for their public outing and allows them to splurge at Dillard's. Whoopee! Look, dude, I know that you have three wives (plus Ana) and 9 kids with one on the way and all, but if your wives are going to face that kind of potential ridicule and shame, then you could at least let them go to Saks. Dig?

At the campaign headquarters, Marilyn is waiting for Bill, who tells her that she is not welcome in his office. She congratulates him on of his latest political moves: highlighting Usher's Catholicism by picking on her opposition to stem cell research. she also gives him props for his little meeting with Paley. She offers to help Bill like she helped Paley, getting him to Congress in just a few short years. Bill reminds her taht he's not interested in playing that D.C. game, adding, "I don't make deals with morally bankrupt vipers." Without missing a beat, Marilyn snaps, "We're done talking about me!" She reminds Bill that Paley could crush Bill's campaign and the casino and whatever else. Their back and forth indicates that she's really nervous about Bill exposing her and she desperately cries, "I am respected!" "You are a common criminal," seethes Bill. Marilyn insists that she is not that woman and tears up a little, saying that Bill cannot do this to her. "Haven't you ever made a mistake?" she asks. Bill looks back at her for a second before walking out. Honestly, I can't tell if she's full of shit or not.

At Dillard's, the wives are in the dressing rooms trying on outfits. Nicki announces that she thinks that, if they win and move to the new house, they should rethink the rotation, going to a weekly schedule instead of a daily one. Margene doesn't really seem to care either way but Barb is a little unnerved by it. They exit the dressing rooms to compare outfits. Margene has on this really cheap looking purple satin thing. Barb has on a red suit and Nicki has on...a red suit. Barb is a tad freaked out in that Single White Sister Wife way and asks Nicki why she is dressed like her. And besides, won't the red color make it hard to see the scarlet A Barb wants to pin on her? No matter, as long as they have room for their, "KICK ME!" and "I'm with Stupids <-- -->" signs, it's all good. Nicki explains that she just wants to dress appropriately for a state senator's wife and that Barb was always first wife because she was the public wife. But now they'll all be public wives. "I'm first wife because I came first," Barb explains slowly. Nicki returns to the dressing room and Barb hisses at Margene, "First she dresses like you, then she dresses like me?" Margene, flustered, lets the news about Nicki's infertility slip, then slaps her hands over her mouth in what has to be an homage to Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls. "She's lost, Barb," adds Margene.

Bill goes to JJ's house, where JJ is telling one of his little boys his fucked-up version of a fairy tale. Bill tells him about the indictment rumors and JJ brushes him off. Bill adds a bit about the intermarriage aspect and JJ guffaws, "Kissing cousins is the best they can do?" Bill tells him that he wants the abuses to end and JJ says he wants the same. "You and I aren't so different, Bill. We want the same thing: what's best for our families," says JJ. "Where's Adaleen?" asks Bill. JJ tells him to keep trying to call and that there's terrible cell service in Kansas. "Until we know she's safe, you won't be seeing Cara Lynn," says Bill. JJ opens the screen door that, until then, they had been speaking through. "You know I don't like it when my daughter's brought into things," snarls JJ." Ick. 

Later, on the phone with Cara Lynn, JJ tells her that he wants her to come home, adding that she needs to have a follow-up exam for her "tonsillectomy." "I miss you so much, it's breaking my heart," he says. (Dry-heave break.) Cara Lynn says that she hears the baby and has to go. "DON'T YOU HANG UP ON ME!" JJ screams, startling Cancer Wife, but Cara Lynn is gone. For as much of a freak show as JJ is, I'm amazed that Cara Lynn seems so relatively normal.

At the casino, the security guards have dragged Layla in to see Barb because they caught her dealing meth by one of the ATMs. Barb wants the guard to take Layla to the police, but Layla crosses her arms and smirks and says that no one is going to do any such thing. 

Barb goes to Tommy and finds out that Layla and her family are protected by Tommy and his father. Layla is Tommy's niece and that part of his family started using and then dealing meth. There was an investigation but Jerry had it called off because they wanted to deal with things themselves. Jerry lied to the DEA which was stupid, short-sighted, and wrong, but they're family and they thought that their drug problem was over. So, they've been protecting Layla and her family while the deal at the casino, essentially with Tommy and Jerry's permission casino, because they can't afford to lose the casino; it's the only good thing to happen to the tribe in 150 years, which is pretty fucking depressing when you think about it. Barb reminds him that the Henricksons can't afford to lose the casino, either. If Bill wins, they are out there, on their own, and Tommy can't expect them to defer their dreams because he and Jerry are enabling Layla. Tommy questions whether this is really Barb's dream, because he doesn't think that's what's in her heart. And I thought for sure they were going to make out here, but instead Barb tells him that he can't take care of this on their own and offers to help, but Tommy walks out on her.

Bill is at Alby's desk, ruffling through papers while Lura glares at him. Alby walks in and shoots a nasty glance in Lura's direction, and she tells him that Bill said that it was official trustee business. "Get out of my sight," answers Alby. Harsh! Bill demands to know what JJ is doing in Kansas because there's talk of incestuous marriage and if it blows up, it's bad for the Principle. "We need to be on the same side," he tells Alby. Alby assures him that they are and that he supports Bill's campaign and that he expects Bill's support for Alby's rise as the new prophet. Bill says he does support Alby as long as he continues with the reforms set forth by Dale. "Don't mention his name in my presence," says Alby. "He was an embezzler and a traitor." Alby adds that he could end Bill's ambitions with a phone call and Bill reminds Alby that he can totally do the same. Seriously. If there are two people in the world who have no business talking shit on each other, it's these two. 

Bill leaves and Lura comes back in, apologizing again for letting him in. Alby ignores her so she drops to her knees and folds her hands, crying. "Please tell me what I must do to be worthy of your love again," she sobs. GAWD, Lura, grow a pair. But Alby kneels down in front of her, strokes her chin, and snaps open a box cutter. Apparently, Lura can become worthy of Alby's love again by letting him cut her up. Frankly, I think these two should try counseling or a couples' retreat before moving on to disfigurement. That really seems like a last resort.

Big_love_margene_goran_ana Ana and Goran burst into the Henrickson's house and are under the impression that Bill and Co. are pressuring Margene to divorce them. This scene was pretty long but it was essentially a confusing tussle between two polygamist families that share a wife and Nicki's totally accurate observation, "What a tangled web, Margene." All of Margene's *counts* six spouses want to know what the hell she's up to but no one told Margene there was going to be math on this quiz so she shouts, "Everyone just leave me alone!" and stomps to her room and turns on the Cure.

Nicki and Barb are sitting with a more or less catatonic Wanda and asking her questions like, "Do you know who I am? Do you know who you are? Are you a zebra?" Wanda nods her head to all of these questions, which they take as a sign of emotional trauma, but I...don't really see how this is any different. This is Wanda we're talking about after all. And they can't send her to a psychiatric unit because then they'd have to tell people about Joey. Hey, she thinks a zebra, just send her to the zoo. She'll be in a cage. It's probably safer there. Nick gets a phone call from Dr. Roquet who nervously tells her that he's been looking over her labs and the regimen isn't work and pregnancy isn't an option. Nicki protests that there must be something they can try, like whatever he gave Adaleen, which I'm guessing is the same stuff that they used in those Old Testament stories where women got pregnant when they were 900 years old and whatnot (it's been awhile since Catholic school so my memory is hazy). Nicki is, of course, too upset to notice the tense tone in the doctor's voice or realize that he's trying to save her. Though, Nicki knew Dr. Roquet was JJ's brother and she's never been cool with JJ, so I don't know she would be okay going to him in the first place. 

Anyway, Cara Lynn comes downstairs as Nicki hangs up the phone and says that JJ called and wants to see her. Nicki tells her that she doesn't want her going there for the next few days (or, like, ever), but Cara Lynn says that's okay because she wants to stay there. She thinks that what Bill is doing is so exciting and she wants to be part of it. Cool! We can just dye your hair blonde and start calling you Sarah, since she wasn't a team player and took her loser ass to Portland. By the way, I read that that was there way of writing Amanda Seyfried off the show. She's going to be in pictures, folks. We probably won't see her again until the series finale.

Barb is telling Bill about the drugs and Layla and Jerry and Tommy and how they have to figure out a way to help them. But Bill tells her that what they need to figure out is how this will affect their exposure. Nicki calls Barb into the other room to interrogate her about Margene's offer to give Nicki one of her eggs. "I can't believe you would go along with this," Nicki shouts at Barb. "I carry her baby and she gets to keep her job. I don't want any of your big-headed babies!" Ha! There were far too many zingers coming from Nicki in this scene but it culminates in Nicki calling Margene a tramp, just like her mother, adding, "I'm concerned about your ability to commit to serious polygamist relationship." I mean, if Margene's a tramp, then aren't the odds better for her in a polygamist relationship? Just saying. Nicki announces that she will not be a member of the We Who Are Infertile Club, glancing at Barb, and adds that she feels more for Bill than either of them and she doesn't want to share anymore. They're interrupted by a brick (?) that crashes through the window. Bill runs outside and tackles a kid to the ground. He recognizes him. "Gary?" he says, incredulously. Gary cries that Bill made his dad take the fall and now their lives are effing ruined. It's one of Don's kids. Aww. 

Big_love_don Don comes to pick him up and he and Bill have an awkward conversation about how Don is doing under that bus where he lives now. His custody battle is meh and he's getting regular checks from the casino. Bill says that he's sorry that it's been so hard on Don, but does not apologize for pushing him into that position in the first place. Don shrugs and says that they're still pulling for Bill. Bill says that he's missed Don, but Don dodges Bill's tentative attempt at a handshake. Ouch.

Bill watches the news as they report that indictments for members of the Kansas compound have come down. The reporter says that the children seized by officials show high coefficients for inbreeding. Let's take a quick break for dry-heaving. The "good news" is that the genetic analysis or whatever indicates that the inbreeding began relatively recently. So, it won't be like that one episode of X-Files where Scully and Mulder come upon that family in rural Pennsylvania (of course) who had been inbreeding for generations with, uh, mixed results. Bill still doesn't understand because he checked the nuptial registries and saw no record of intermarriages. Moving on to other clusterfucks, Barb is concerned that the dam is about to burst, what with the casino and the campaign and the exposure and the BLAH, but Bill insists that everything is going to be alright. You know, if Bill is going to do large quantities of whatever drugs he's on, he could at least share.

Marilyn is watching a news show debate between Bill and Usher. The moderator tosses the issue of the indictments out and Usher glances sideways at Bill and says that it's difficult to speak about in civilized society. But Bill snaps that her information about his and Juniper Creek's ties to the indictments, "may be a little inbred." Snap! Besides, he wants to talk about stem cell research and about how his opponent doesn't want to cure Alzheimer's and shit. Everyone at the campaign HQ applauds Bill's smackdown. Bill reports back there to rally the troops for one of their last phone pushes. "Tomorrow might be a very good day/tonight we dine in hell/THIS! IS! UTAH!" and whatnot. Bill's stopped by a reporter from a local news channel who wants to get Bill on record about his alleged mistress. Bill practically rolls his eyes and says that he's merely an investor in her business and anything else is a fabrication. "So you're denying the child is yours?" the reporter asks, holding up a copy of Ana's paternity test. Ohhhh, THAT mistress. Bill does not have a comment because he's too busy choking on his tongue and the reporter tells him that they're breaking the story at 10.

I have a note here that says, "spouses talking to Ana and Goran." I have no memory of this scene, because I had probably wandered over to IMDb to refresh their Oscar winners list. I'm willing to bet it was about Margene and babies.

Marilyn is in her hotel room pressing someone on the phone for information about Bill, presumably, because she adds, "If he's elected, it's too late!" Bill conveniently shows up at her door and Marilyn asks if he's there to beat her up or if he's wearing a wire. He responds that she got him, the story's about to break. "I cheated on my wife. And there's the baby." He wants to know what he can do to get Marilyn to call off the exposure. Marilyn tells him that it was not in his best interest to libel her, but Bill counters that if it was libel, she could sue him. Sometimes, Bill is swift. Marilyn replies that she thinks they can try to get the horse back in the barn, but Bill's like a big pinata: every time she wacks him, more goodies come out. Marilyn, really, your sassy Southern way with words is charming but a metaphor and a simile in one breath is kind of overkill. However, if Marilyn wants to start literally beating Bill with a baseball bat, I would watch that.

Margene is at Ana and Goran's, fretting. Ana thinks that if their affair is exposed, Bill won't win and Margene can stay married to Goran. Margene says that she has to get a divorce because it's more complicated than Bill: she's attracted to Goran and she needs distance. "I'm sorry I'm such a tramp," adds Margene, crying, "I've become my worst nightmare: I've become my mother!" Ana calms Margene down by telling her that she knows that there is a spark between her and Goran and, in fact, they talked about it. And, really, it's nice when they're all together. Margene admits that that's how she felt but she didn't think anyone else would. Goran shows up and they tell her that they love her and are very grateful for all that she's done. They have a group hug. I'm not entirely sure what to think of this. I can't shake the feeling that Goran is up to something more than just wanting to be in the middle of an Ana/Margene sandwich.

Bill, Barb, Margene, and Nicki watch the 10 o'clock news, which ends with no mention of Bill's affair. They half-heartedly celebrate until Barb blurts out that she was the rat, that she called channel 9 that morning. "The world isn't ready for us and we aren't ready for it," she explains. She tells Bill that he's so blinded by his vision that he's starting to resemble James Cameron. Plus, they're not even really polygamists anymore since Nicki doesn't want to share and Margene is married to someone else. Really, the only polygamist there is Margene, judging by the earlier lovefest with Ana and Goran. "You wanted me to lose!" Bill marvels. Everybody, let's welcome Bill to Fucking Duh Land. Hi, Bill! Barb explains that she didn't know what else to do.

Big_love_bill_barb The next day, however, Barb dutifully shows up at the polls with Bill. They don't show whether or not she actually voted for Bill, or Usher, or if she wrote in, "This piece of lint on my jacket, which is more qualified to serve as State Senator than my dumb-ass husband is." Later at the HQ, Barb is on the phone trying to get a hold of Tommy. When she can't, Bill tells her that he had him and Jerry removed to protect them. "He was my friend!" protests Barb, and accuses Bill of ambushing them. Bill explains that they can't go forward if the casino is compromised. "You sabotaged everything this family worked for. I'm trying hard to understand why you did what you did, but I can't," whines Bill. Fucking. Stab. Him. Seriously, I want to stab him. But we'll get to that later, though not with Bill, unfortunately.

Nicki gets a call from Dr. Roquet who nervously/cheerily tells her that he made an error and she's actually pregnant. What a medical genius this guy is. But Nicki's too ecstatic to question the skills of her doctor, the brother of her wackadoo ex-husband who practices medicine out of a dusty trailer. Speaking of JJ, he's sitting nearby, supervising Dr. Roquet's phone call. The doctor calls her in for some tests and Nicki says that she'll come in right away. Nicki tells Wanda that she has to go to the doctor. Wanda tries to stop her by choking out some words. Or maybe she's joining me in this latest dry-heaving break. Everybody gag! Hwarf! Horf! Hork!

Bill and Ben are watching Larry King, who is interview April Blessing (the lady that got Rhonda away from Roman). Blessing explains that the folks responsible for the inbreeding don't regard what they do as incest, they're just keeping their lines pure. Bill is bummed at this latest freak show turn because he wanted there to be dialogue about their way of life. They're interrupted by Marilyn, who storms in and announces that she killed the affair story so that she could have some leverage to discover that Bill is a polygamist. Tommy and Jerry fessed up. "They hate me but boy do they hate you more. Do you really think the world is going to embrace you?" says Marilyn. Bill congratulates her for figuring it out and orders her out of his house. "The world is going to blow up in your face. You duped me into putting you into office. Your religion is bullshit and is just another excuse for fucking around," she says. Barb is eavesdropping and, I imagine, resisting the urge to shout, "THAT'S RIGHT, GIRL!" Bill tells her that she's in no position to judge him. "At least my sins are my own," says Marilyn, adding that she doesn't use God to justify them. 

Big_love_wanda_bill As soon as that shitstorm leaves out the front door, Wanda comes in the back door yelling that JJ has tricked Nicki. "He does bad things. He keeps us pure," she "explains." Bill asks if JJ is arranging inappropriate marriages, but no. Wanda informs him that JJ collects their eggs and plants them. He fools them and steals them and he's Nicki at the clinic, where he's going to do to her what he did to Adaleen. Bill still wants to understand exactly what the deal is before he goes to rescue Nicki, since apparently knowing that she's at a "clinic" with JJ and his brother isn't alarming enough. Wanda spells it out: "He put me and him inside her." And, whoa, there's my lunch. In my lap. I don't remember eating grapes.

Dr. Roquet is getting ready to give Nicki an injection of "progesterone." She admits that she was afraid that Heavenly Father had forsaken her because of things that she had done, like going to Forever 21 that one time. The "progesterone" makes her dizzy and Dr. Roquet tells her to relax so that he can do a quick procedure.

Alby is busy tearing the wallpaper off in his office when Bill storms in demanding to know where Dr. Roquet's clinic is. Alby is too busy being insane and doesn't want to help. Lura wanders in, dazed and sporting a nasty cut on her cheek. Bill grabs her and begs her for help.

Big_love_adaleen At the clinic, Dr. Roquet asks Nicki to forgive him. "For what?" asks a loopy Nicki. In the other exam room, Cancer Wife is giving Adaleen a sponge bath. Adaleen groggily points at the radio and Cancer Wife wheels over to turn it up. While she's distracted, Adaleen knocks the sponge on the ground. When Cancer Wife bends over to retrieve it, Adaleen karate chops her on the back, hitting her head on a nearby tray and knocking her out.

Nicki is starting to pass out when JJ comes into her field of vision, saying that he'll take over from here. He creepily drawls about how he's so happy that she finally returned to him and that he recently borrowed something from their daughter that will help them reunite their loving family. He grabs a petri dish containing, I'm guessing some of Cara Lynn's eggs fertilized by him, AND OH MY FUCKING GOD I'M GOING TO PASS OUT WHEN DID THIS BECOME A JOHN WATERS MOVIE?!?!?! He starts to push Nicki's legs apart when Adaleen stumbles in. "The baby's not mine," she mutters. JJ says something about how can it be incest and Adaleen smacks him. They tussle and when they fall to the ground, Nicki comes to enough to stab JJ in the back with some scissors. Bill pulls up as JJ stumbles out. He grabs Nicki and asks if he hurt her. "I just wanted to give you another baby," she sobs. I take a quick shower.

Nicki is recovering at home when the phone rings. It's Ben and he informs Bill that he's won. Great. The perfect ending to this entirely fucked up day. Bill puts the finishing touches on his speech and asks Barb if she's coming downtown with him. She admits that she's struggling. "I've always given you my consent to anything you wanted. Why are we doing this?" Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory. Bill explains that he has a testimony and he believes in the Prophet Joseph and plural marriages and free trips to the salad bar and double coupons and Wal-Mart and everything that makes this country great. Barb explains that this isn't about polygamy but Bill insists that it is because he has to lead the Principle into the future. "I don't want to hear your G.D. testimony. Tell me what's in your heart," demands Barb. Bill, almost in a monotone, says, "We've gone off the tracks. I've seen the darkness in me, too. With Don. With Ben. With you. I've fallen short but I'm completing this journey. Stepping into the light is the only way I know how to redeem myself." So, basically, I've totally fucked up but I think the only out is to continue fucking up until I'm like one of those snakes that eats its own tail. Word. He asks Barb what's in her heart and she says, "I don't know what's happened to me. I want a different life, I think. I needed you for 20 years. I don't think I need you anymore." 

Big_love_margene_nicki Barb heads upstairs and comes upon Margene cutting off Nicki's braid, which seems symbolic. Like when Queen Elizabeth I had her hair cut off so that she could don wigs and rule but I guess that's not totally parallel here. I don't know. I'm running on little sleep and Oscar hangover.

Adaleen is pouring gasoline all over the clinic. JJ and Cancer Wife are tied up together. Adaleen pours the gasoline all the way outside...and lights a match.

Big_love_jj_cancer_wife So, if I have this right, the reason there was no record of intermarriage is because there wasn't any, just really messed up in vitro procedures of inbred eggs and sperm. And Roman was in the process of censuring JJ for that, hence trying to get Cara Lynn away from him, but didn't get around to it. God, what a mess.

Bill is downtown, giving his speech on the capitol steps. He gets to the big part and says, "I want to introduce myself. I'm Bill Henrickson and I believe in the Principle of plural marriage. I am a polygamist." In the crowd, Don smiles a little. I guess the one bright side to all of this is that he kept his word and Don's troubles might not all be for naught. And if, by some miracle, Bill is to shed some of polygamy's taboo, Don's family might still have some hope. People start to leave, disgusted, as Bill introduces his family, calling up Nicki and Margene amidst cries of, "I didn't vote for this," and "How many do you have?" He finally calls up Barb and she hesitates for long time, but finally joins her spouses on the steps. Bill promises to shine a light where there are abuses and notes that portraits of polygamists line the walls of this capitol. He joins his wives and they hold hands and stare dramatically at the crowd, who is thoroughly bummed out.

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What did y'all think? As much I liked this season, my brain is really, really, tired of suspending disbelief.

Anyone know if Adam Beach is slated to come back, or is Barb's only friend really gone?

Condo Blues

Bill being a complete moron times a thousand along with every other person on this show losing their minds makes me not want to watch it. Sitting though an hour of this lunacy makes me stabby. I'm much rather read your reports on this train wreck. Because I. Just. Can't. Stop. Myself. From. Wanting. To. Know. Hold me. I need help.

Karen Sugarpants

I only just tuned in this season and I'm hooked on the trainwreckery of it all. Especially evil JJ and Cancer Wife - they freak me the hell out every week in a thrilling way.


Wow – well another season of great recaps K-Diddy. I enjoyed reading your stuff!

So Nicky would have been the mother and grandmother and JJ would have been the father all at once and my head just exploded. When Adalene torched the shack I couldn’t stop thinking on of Pink’s song Fun House – ‘gonna burn this fucker down’ line.

I thought for sure we were going to see an Anna, Goren, Marge threesome. Wow. Just wow. I kind of didn’t see that coming.

This season was meh. Last season was fantastic – I kind of feel like they were jumping the shark a little this season. Now I suppose we wait a year for the political lynch mob and Barb’s breakdown?


K-diddy, I'm cancelling HBO and won't resubscribe -- your recaps will be good enough for me in Season 5! Thank you for the very best laughs I've had in the past 48 hours.


Has Bill never heard of...recall elections? Impeachment? Does he really think he'll be able to stay in office after this?

Oh, wait. Forgot who I was talking about for a second there.

(So the opening credits at first showed the family in the celestial kingdom, and now limbo/purgatory. Think they'll get downgraded again next season?)


Yes, the opening credits will probably be filmed in Wal-Mart for next season.


I thought this was the last season? Is it coming back??

Washington "Mormon Undergarments Are Hot"   Cube

First of all, thank you for recapping of all this. I don't know how you keep your sanity doing it.

I stopped watching after last season. I couldn't take the silliness of it all, and I hate the Bill character with it's double standard. I see they've addressed that this season, but still...the whole show just got too insane for me (and not in a good way,) and I didn't like any of the characters.

Let me know when it's over.

P.S. Mormons obsess over "final days" and the storage of massive amounts of food. They have warehouses where you can buy 100 pound cans of flour, etc. It's part of their religious duty to keep their surplus up-to-date and ongoing. I've actually known people to join the Mormon church, just because they, themselves, had obsessions over food and saw Mormons as some like-minded support group.

Suzy Q

My head exploded over all the in vitro stuff. It's just not so simple that any moron can do it. It also doesn't take much of the time. Anyway, I'm also confused as to whose eggs are with whose sperm, but I think it might be best to just stay confused on that issue.

Thanks for the recaps, kdiddy, you did a mahvelous job!

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