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Blazing Saddles Coming to Broadway

Blazing_saddles  So...this is just what Mel Brooks *does* now, I guess. After the roaring success of The Producers and the not-so-much of Young Frankenstein, Brooks has confirmed his plans to give Blazing Saddles the musical treatment. Where all da slumming American Idol rejects at?

He's written two songs already and thinks the show could be complete within the next year. He's also a little bitter at The New York Times for savaging Young Frankenstein...maybe enough to not start the show on Broadway, though my money is on PROBABLY NOT, when push comes to shove.

If I did it, I wouldn't rush to New York with it because the Times would say, 'Oh dear, oh dear, another movie converted and transmogrified into a musical," he said. "The Times was only lukewarm to Young Frankenstein, but you know, everybody else was hot — some of the greatest reviews I ever got.

(If you're interested, this is a "lukewarm" review. I am trying to track down all of those other great reviews. It's taking awhile.)

Look, I actually thought the stage version of The Producers was better than both film versions -- possibly because it was a Broadway musical about putting on a Broadway musical that was remarkably suited to being a Broadway musical, imagine that. I love the original Young Frankenstein, but lordy, there is nothing about that movie that suggests it belongs on the stage with a lot of jazz hands and any other dancing besides Puttin' on the Ritz. And now Blazing Saddles without Madeleine Kahn or Gene Wilder? I wasn't even born when it came out in 1974 and yet I'm gumming my dentures and whining about it, because LEAVE IT ALONE ALREADY, BROOKS. 


"It worked in Young Frankenstein."
It sounds like stage is just what he prefers now, though:

"Film takes an eternity — it takes an eternity," he said. "And there are, like, infinite collaborations, which waters down anything. But the stage is ... you throw your naked heart on the stage and they respond to it or not, and it's immediate."

So what's next, do you think? Spaceballs or Robin Hood: Men In Tights


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Oh please God no, not Spaceballs. Leave something sacrosanct. Men in Tights? Could be interesting....


Actually, Men in Tights could work. Better than Blazing Saddles anyway.

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