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Brittany Murphy's Widower Continues to Display Classiness

Simon_monjack_brittany_murphy I'm not going to tell anyone how to react to grief. I have never had anyone really close to me die, and I would be willing to bet that once I got past the initial shock, I might drift to more douchey, lashing out behavior. The anger stage of grief might just be a nice way of saying that people trying to cope with tough events become really irritating and do things that are just very questionable. However...Simon Monjack should really think twice before taking a fresh, new date to an Oscar party just three months after Murphy's shocking death.

Monjack was photographed leaving an Oscar party on Sunday with an unnamed date. Maybe she's just a friend and maybe it's none of anyone's business, but things being what they are, Monjack could really stand to scale down the in-your-faceness of this type. 

Since wife Brittany Murphy's death, Monjack hasn't exactly been a model widower. Again, I feel weird saying that, but if there is such a thing as appropriate behavior following the death of one's spouse, he's not exactly engaging in it.

When they got married, there was some speculation that he married Murphy to avoid being deported after overstaying his work visa and finding himself facing a few felony charges. This "paper marriage" isn't so scandalous in and of itself, but in the years leading up to her untimely death, Murphy came across as being pretty out of it and vulnerable to the shady shenanigans of someone like Monjack. Most people weren't convinced that Monjack had her best intentions at heart. And the autopsy, which Monjack didn't want, revealed that Murphy should have been taken to the hospital, sick as she was. Then the foundation that he set up in his wife's name turned out to not be totally legit.

I'm trying really hard not to think disgusting things about Monjack and how he treated Murphy. It's just that he didn't seem like he gave much of a shit about her when she was alive and he's not really changing my perception now that she's dead.


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unless said Oscar party was a BYOB at somebody's Burbank apartment, the biggest surprise in this story is that this tool got invited to an Oscar party at all.


I think that, to a point, there is appropriate mourning behavior. It's to protect the other mourners. This isn't just tacky, it's callous and insensitive to everyone (else?) who ever loved her.


There's that thing they tell kids to yell when they think a predator is nearby, "You're not safe! You're not safe!"

Yeah, I think that applies here.

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