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Chynna Phillips and Billy Baldwin Divorcing: Nope, Just Kidding

Chynnaphilipsbillybaldwin Chynna Phillips left rehab for anxiety (They have rehab for anxiety?  Is there anything they do not have rehab for?)  and filed for divorce from her husband of 15 years, Billy Baldwin.  And then three days later, she withdrew it.  Um, ok.  Indecisive much?

"Every married couple has its ups and downs, but they're committed to the relationship," Phillips' publicist, Lizzie Grubman, said.  The rep confirmed Chynna filed her application on Friday in Santa Barbara, Calif., but rescinded it a few days later.

Billy was said to even be surprised by Chynna rescinding the petition.  He is in New York filming upcoming episodes of Gossip Girl (wait, this show is STILL ON?) and the divorce filing took place in California.


Chynna has been having a very hard time every since the news of her half sister, Mackenzie Philips', incestuous relationship with their father broke.  Now that, I totally get. 


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ok, chynna has a good reason to be a bit out of sorts (to put it kindly). i didn't even know they were married. ha. but i think something is off when even your husband is shocked you don't want to divorce him.

cindy w

Huh. Rehab for anxiety? Or rehab for all the xanax she was likely popping to medicate her anxiety? You have to wonder...


Ummmm...what is Billy (And, seriously? You're HOW OLD and still going by BILLY?!?!) wearing in that top pic? Fug. It's not just for women. :-/


Sign me up as another person that had no idea they were married. Yikes.

Washington "The Reformer" Cube

Lizzie "Mow 'Em Down" Grubman is the publicist? She could solve the divorce issue quickly. When she was born, Chynna's mother declared Chynna the most beautiful baby in the world, and she was a very attractive child. Now? She looks like some matron in my Pilates classes. Those Baldwin men are hard on women.


Shamed to admit that I knew they were married. Sad I can remember People magazine stories but not my grocery list. Anyway, I'm wondering if I can go to rehab for laziness? That's kind of like anxiety, right?

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