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Dead Snow: Norway or The Highway

Dead_snow  So Dead Snow,a movie we've been talking about forever here,finally came out on DVD this week and that was convenient because I've been waiting for almost a year and a half to see the stupid thing, and you would think that a movie about Norwegian Nazi Zombies would be rushed into the welcoming bosom of the public with some sense of urgency because Hello! Nazis? Zombies? It's like writing a blank check. No. Wait. I did that wrong. It's like GETTING a blank check from someone who has a lot of money and not very good accounting practices. So long, Sucker! I'm off to the comic book store AIDS Benefit Concert for People with Poverty All Over Them.

I've never really had an opinion about Norway, because it's really, really far from where I live, and when I looked it up for this article I learned a ton of interesting facts for about 3 seconds and then I got hungry and watched some hockey, and then puttered around in the kitchen, and then remembered I was supposed to be writing, so I sat back down, but I had retained nothing. I know they have fjords because of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and I know that they have kick ass mythology because I was a raging dork in elementary school and read mythology books instead of playing organized sports or socializing...but other than that it's a big, icy mystery. Luckily, I didn't have to know anything about Norway to enjoy Dead Snow, because apart from an Arctic Circle joke, and one line that went "Are you sure it wasn't a moose?" you'd never know it wasn't filmed in Massachusetts or something. Also, everyone was speaking Norwegian. I guess that was a big clue too. 


Not a moose

By the way, any time it follows logically that something in your movie might have just been an errant moose, you have a home run on your hands. Like if THAT makes sense in your film, you have a winner. 

I should probably talk about the movie now and less about Norway and moose. Sorry. The movie was exactly as awesome as you would expect a semi-low budget, Norwegian Film about Nazi Zombies rising out of the snow to steal back their treasure and eat horny co-eds would be. And how awesome is that? Plenty. One thing I will mention is that there were an awful lot of intestines in this movie and they were falling out, and getting caught on trees and used as an emergency rope and I think if you are going to make intestines the central focus of grossness in your movie than you should probably warn people ahead of time. Although a zombie movie without intestines is like a Keanu Reeves movie without wooden acting and insipid dialog. (zing!)

Also, the zombies are the fast moving, run and growl kind like in 28 Days Later and the Zack Snyder remake of Dawn of the Dead. It's good to see the genre growing and adapting to new tenets and ideas. Like how my neighbor has learned that calling the police every Saturday night because I'm drunk and peeing in her lilac bushes will mot make her any friends and nice job with the electric fence, Ethel. Never even SAW that thing in the dark. Well-played.

Let's see...did I hit all the key points? Moose? Intestines? Zombies? I think I got it. The truth of the matter is that this was really a comedy. There were lots of visual jokes and double takes and slipping on a banana peel moments (only usually the banana peel was made out of intestines.) It was supposed to be funny and quirky and gross and messed up. It succeeds on every count. If you want to see a funny zombie movie rent Shaun of the Dead. If you want to rent a funny zombie movie with moose jokes rent Dead Snow. Definitely worth the trouble. 

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Washington "Zeig  (Seig) Zombies" Cube

Can it top "Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS?" I doubt it.

However, if you've got snow, zombies and Nazis it has to rock. What you didn't say is if we get Adolf Hitler as a zombie cause that would be frickin' awesome.

Nazi zombies running around a mock-up of his perfect city would rock, too.

There's such a huge potential for a Nazi zombie genre: Zombie Hitler in his bunker. Trailer: "DARE to enter the final lair." Hitler's mountain retreat: Zombiegaden. Goebbels as a zombie with his little zombie children very "Nazis of the Damned."

Anyhoo...this is a "must" see for me.

P.S. Stop peeing on lilac bushes. They have enough illnesses attacking them, they don't need to add pee to their problems.

Jen O.

I don't get it - why do zombies eat people? Why don't they just eat food? Is it because they're supposed to be evil? If they're dead, why are they hungry at all? Is there a zombie movie for beginners? Zombie 101? 'Cause I've seen plenty of zombie movies in my day, and I really think everyone would be much happier if the zombies would just act a little more civilized about it all.


I totally want to see this one. Even more now that you've reviewed it. Sounds right up my alley!


"By the way, any time it follows logically that something in your movie might have just been an errant moose, you have a home run on your hands. Like if THAT makes sense in your film, you have a winner." Best comment in a movie review EVER!

I can't wait to see this. I have a love/hate relationship with zombie movies. They scare me so much but I love the idea. Dawn of the Dead I actually had to fast forward through parts but could.not.stop.watching.


No mention of the sex-in-the-outhouse-right-after-pooing scene? Seriously. Gross. Ew.

The movie had so much potential, outhouse sex aside, and I ended up being disappointed by it.

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