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Life Is A Mountain On Grey's Anatomy Plus Everyone Lives

Greys_anatomy This week, Meredith kicked things off by babbling about surgeons and how they're never complacent and how they love to win. She said a bunch of stuff about climbing mountains too. Like, you climb them and want to climb more and something about pictures. Whatever, Meredith.

So Sloan and Teddy? I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Sloan used to conquer women like sex mountains but now he's hoping to scale Mt. Love. But with Teddy? When Lexi found out, she crumpled in a crying heap on the bathroom floor and, frankly, me too. I like her new hair. Yeah, I said it. I like it. Looks nice. I want to bury my nose in it. I've said too much.

The crazy thing is that Teddy thought Sloan just wanted to bang her and she was totally down, but when she found out he wanted to get dinner (and all its weighty connotations), she freaked out. Then he nailed a surgery and totally turned her on, so she finally agreed. But then he told her no way. Now they're doing lunch. He wants to take a walk with her on a crowded street and get to know her. Nice move. When you tell women you want to get to know them, their clothes melt right off. Sloan's going to bang her. Poor Lexi in the bathroom!

Callie's mountain was making cartilage in a bottle. She finally did it. But when she told Arizona she wanted a big house and some kids, Arizona nixed the kid plan, essentially shoving Callie off a mountain. I was waiting for Callie in a crumpled heap on the bathroom fear with Lexi with some sappy tune in the background but Grey's Anatomy dropped the ball.

Okay. There was this lady with a tumor the size of a football wrapped up in all her organs. So it was like she was a mountain that Owen and Old Chief were racing up because Derek told them that whoever came up with the best plan for her tumor, got the case. Owen won. But then Old Chief told Derek he was a shitty Chief with no vision, which was awesome. Derek needs a punch in the face that messes up his hair. He's dead to me.

Anyway, Owen does the surgery and almost kills her so he calls Old Chief into the OR. Together, they come up with the plan to completely remove her liver because it's totally in the way. This has never been done but what can't you do with teamwork. This totally proves that racing to the top of a mountain is not as productive as working together. A shocking twist.

Bailey and The Anesthesiologist are cute. And yes, I just said they were cute. None of my dude friends read this, so let's keep that between us. He invited her over to his place for dinner and it was their 3rd date, so she was all nervous about sex because the only person she's ever had sex with is Tucker (who is also dead to me. You lost a good woman, Tucker, because you're a selfish idiot. I bet you're drunk and watching porn, loser). Bailey goes through all this crazy self torture about shaving her beaver and condoms and wonders if she should even date.

At his place, she asks him if he expects to do it and he says no, that she's not a trashy woman, and that he wants to take it slow. This is the same move Sloan played on Teddy and it worked like a charm. They were knocking boots before they even got to dinner. Nice play, Anesthesiologist!

There was also some guy whose heart was where his kidney used to be and Moon Zappa hugged her kid so hard, she popped a cyst on his liver, but both these stories were dramatic Ambien, so let's end this week's column with a picture of magnificent Yang.

Sandra_oh REPORTER: Sandra. What do you think of Black Hockey Jesus, his Grey's recaps, and his crush on you?

SANDRA OH: Black Hockey Jesus is awesome. I want to make out with him.

. . . . .
BHJ has questionable sources.

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Apryl's Antics

I missed it and feel as though I don't even need to catch it now. I agree McDreamy could use a good punch in the face. I still say we're headed for an uncomfortable blast from his past to upset the post it bliss. Only time will tell.


I actually really enjoyed this week's ep...I felt like there was some character development and it made me laugh several times. So I'm good :P

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