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Grey's Anatomy Sucked This Week Even If Lexi's Heart Is In Her Vagina

Derek_shepherd I'm going to use the space before the jump to badmouth Derek Shepherd. YOU'RE NOT THE CHIEF, DUDE. YOU'RE NOT EVEN HALF THE CHIEF AS THE REAL CHIEF. TAKE YOUR FANCY HAIR BACK TO BRAIN SURGERY, YOU BIG JERK.

Let's get real. They fired The Chief because he was black. Did you see how all the white guys missed the basketball and then the black guy swooshed it? Grey's Anatomy. Totally racist.

In addition to being being totally racist, this week's episode wasn't very good. Racism is bad enough. But when you pile lukewarm writing on top of racism, well, your show's going to suffer.

So Meredith starts her whiny babbling by talking about how surgeons are usually super anal [God, Freud, why are we still saying "anal" when we're talking about people who are rigidly ordered? I can't even say "anal" without smiling.] Surgeons like details, statistics, a plan, order, numbers. So, yeah, anal. Did you smile?

She contrasts the surgeon's nature, however, with the fact that the greatest advances in medicine were discovered by accident. "Mold. Penicillin. Poisonous tree bark. A cure for malaria. A little blue pill for high blood pressure. Impotence be damned." See? She lost me right there. Is a pill that helps old dudes keep a boner even in the same class with penicillin and curing malaria? 

Anyway, now we're rolling with an accident theme but, for the most part, Grey's Anatomy just lopped off the part about accidents leading to great things and rested on its laurels of people getting caught fucking, accidentally.

Lexi's naked and waiting for Alex but Shepherd walks in BY ACCIDENT. Sloan's nailing a drug rep and Shepherd walks in ON ACCIDENT. Callie catches Sloan nailing a nurse BY ACCIDENT. Finally, Sloan catches Lexi screwing Alex. OOPS! ACCIDENT. And all these wacky sexual discoveries are supposed to shore up with the history if great medical discoveries how? You're stretching it, Grey's Anatomy.

What was up with the deaf woman? I expect all your zany medical cases to shore up and shed light on your theme, Grey's Anatomy. There was no happy accident involved with the deaf woman at all. She couldn't hear. Sloan fixed her ears. Then he nailed her daughter. WTF? Where's the happy accident?

Oh yeah. I guess the guy with pulmonary fibrosis lucked into a happy accident. He needed some lungs and things were looking bleak. Then a daredevil crashed his motorcycle without a helmet and, if he wasn't dead enough for sure, OOPS, half the cast of Grey's Anatomy dropped his gurney on the concrete in the cold Seattle rain. I suppose that's a happy accident for the guy who needs his lungs but it's no fucking good for the daredevil motorcycle guy.

I'm not even writing about Harper Avery. What an arrogant prick. He was so rude to Yang, he's lucky I didn't fly through the screen and slap his pompous face with a white glove. Speaking of Yang, let's have us a picture.

Sandra_Oh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I'm pretty sure that, if me and Sandra Oh got married, I'd never get sick of saying "Ohhh yeah" or "Ohhh my" or "Ohhh shit". She'd probably think I was totally funny.

Anyway, Yang is really effing up by being so friendly with Teddy and telling Owen he can still be "friends" with her. Teddy's gonna get your man, Yang. And then who's left? That bigfoot looking guy?

If Jenna had an affair with some dude in Iraq and then he started working with us and he still wanted her, I'd throw a fit and tell her she's not allowed to talk to him. It's relationship common sense. If I caught them talking, I'd smash a bunch of MRI technology in a rage. 

Big mistake, Yang.

I'm glad Harper Avery was allergic to chromic sutures and it wasn't anything that Old Chief did to mess up the surgery. I'm totally rooting for Old Chief to both stay sober and defeat racism.

. . . . .
BHJ knows this post was damn near formless but he didn't have much to work with, Grey's Anatomy.

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I used to love this show but I find myself half paying attention to it lately. It has gotten kind of boring.


Um, I swear I watched the episode sober, but I completely missed the deaf story line and was wondering WTF you were talking about. Clearly Grey's is failing to make a lasting impression.

Eh,the only reason I watch Grey's is so I can be somewhat informed when I read your recaps. Damn you BHJ!!! Because of you I can't quit Grey's!!


I get the race/basketball overused stereotype but I didn't see it that way. I saw it as he was the only one with his shit together...which is ironic because he was punished for not having his shit together. The storyline was foretelling how he will get the chief position back. Maybe I'm overthinking it and maybe the show gains something from hulu but I enjoyed this episode. I found a few lines really entertaining.


I tried to catch-up this episode after not watching it most of the season and I kept thinking, Oh please let all of this be crucial to plot lines or funny to regular viewers and not as shitty as it's coming across. Also, is Lexi's hair blond for an actual reason? She looks like crap.


Yeah I didn't, like Karen, see the racism stuff in it. He got the ball in because he is on track with life now, and the other dudes aren't. Also I don't think racist would be the right word for it if it were true, 'stereotype' would be more accurate I think.


I enjoyed the episode. I liked the lung story, and I liked the Harper Avery story. The whole Christina having to fight so hard for her cardiac-surgeron-superiors story is getting kind of old though. SHE DESERVES TO BE LOVED!

And Lexis hair looks like crap. She looks all fake now. Like she is trying to be hollywood.


I haven't watched all season, but it recorded this week because Fringe is off this month. I hate to defend this show as it just seems to be getting more horrible as time goes on, but I think the happy accident of the deaf case was that Sloan happened to walk in while they were reviewing her scans and guessed that she was deaf and he could fix her.


G.G.R and Karen are both racist.


Oh man Corinne! You totally caught me!


Your recaps are more entertaining than the show itself.

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Dont know why they put Cristina Yang as a hottie, when she is not, she's ugly. Sorry I just needed to say it, because of the pic of her on the article.

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