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Hot Tub Time Machine Review

Hot_tub_time_machine_poster MamaPop writers collectively lost their minds with excitement when the trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine was released last summer. It was a movie that was right up our seedy back alley, with dirty jokes, pop culture references, and a goldmine of quotes.

Aside: I really can't believe that we've been anticipating this movie since July. We need lives.

Anyway, Hot Tub Time Machine finally came out on Friday and I went to see it.

In a lot of ways, Hot Tub Time Machine fits nicely into the general "bromance" category. There are awkward, self-deprecating dudes who are buddies and care fiercely for each other and despite their average looks are able to score really hot girlfriends. But what I think sets this movie apart from other similar comedies is that the central issue is a little heavier than most.

Hot_tub_time_machine_cast So, let's say you're in your late 30s/early 40s and your life is kind of...wack. Not completely terrible, but not great, and you wonder if you could pinpoint a moment when things started to go downhill. If you could go back to that moment and do things slightly different in such a way that would change everything, would you? And just how monumental are the seemingly irrelevant choices that we make when we're too young and stupid to know better? And is it depressing to think that life is just a pile of decisions?

This is the crux of Hot Tub Time Machine. After an accident that looks suspiciously like a suicide attempt, Lou's (Rob Corddry) friends, Adam and Nick (John Cusack and Craig Robinson) take him to the stomping grounds of their early 20s, a ski resort that has aged as poorly as they have. Accompanying them is Adam's nephew, Jacob (Clark Duke), whose relationship with Lou is antagonistic at best. Determined (or resigned) to making the most of the weekend, the guys fire up the hot tub outside of their room and get thoroughly wasted. They wake up the next morning in 1986. That is a bad hangover.

Concerned that Jacob might be tweaked out of existence if they do anything differently, Adam, Nick, and Lou do their best to recreate that particular weekend of their youth, but find that the urge to live their lives (or even just that small portion of their lives) better is too strong.

It's a good movie. Some of the fairy tale endings are kind of heavy-handed, but obviously it's kind of silly to peck on the alternate awesome careers of the characters when the movie is centered around time travel via hot tub. The dialogue was hilarious and endlessly quotable, though it did slow down at several points. Craig Robinson is hilarious, and it was really comforting to see John Cusack back in the type of role that he excels at. It might be a little typecasting, but the man is good at what he does.

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I agree 100% with your review. I forgot how much I can love John Cusack.

Although, I have to say, one of the best parts of the movie was Crispin Glover and his arm. I can't figure out why, but I loved him.


I can't wait to see this. I feel happy that I can openly admit that here, having been mocked elsewhere (in real life for example by my "loved ones").


Time travel via hot tub for the win!

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