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Howard Stern Is Vile Regarding Gabourey Sidibe, And I Yawn

Stern  I am neither a Howard Stern apologist, nor am I one who wants him burned in effigy. I am a celebrator of free speech, even when it is idiotic, but I have a few things to say regarding Howard Stern's comments regarding Gabourey Sidibe's weight and her future in Hollywood, which he made clear on his Sirius radio program yesterday. 

Howard, shut up. taking pot shots at Sidibe's weight is boring. It's expected. It's not funny. Calling her "the size of a planet" and "the most enormous, fat black chick" isn't shock jock material, it's stale. And to say that she has no future in Hollywood, as you did on your program yesterday, is begging to be proven wrong. It's also inaccurate, as a quick search on IMDB shows that Gabby has one project already lined up, and one in post production, so...you're wrong. Sorry. Maybe next time you're going to rag on someone, you should have something to back it up.

And as for the weight comments, do you think THAT'S new? Gabby Sidibe is no Kate Moss. She's also a person with a PERSONALITY the size of a planet, and that's what we should be talking about. Every single interview I have seen with Gabby shows that she is an amazingly funny, bubbly, self-confident woman, who is also an incredible actress, as shown by her numerous awards and nominations for her portrayal of Precious. One only has to watch her in ANY interview to see that no matter what she decides to do, whether it is drama, comedy, or if she leaves Hollywood altogether and becomes a doctor, she's a woman who is going to go far. You should have her on the show. I bet she'd be a blast to interview.


Howard? I stand up for you, I do. I think that the first amendment should be defended even when you do things like the "Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant" (which I think is funny, by the way) but it makes me irritated to defend you when your material is not just mean spirited, which, hell, I have nothing to be offended by, (I mean, have you SEEN my Bachelor recaps? I can be as mean-spirited as the next person,) but BORING. And if there's anything that is going to get you bad press (if you believe in any press being bad press, which I have a feeling you do not,) it's taking cheap fat joke shots at a young woman who has shown herself to be nothing less than a delightful person in every single interview she's done. It's dull. Move on.

I'm sure, were you to read this (I'm not holding my breath) you wouldn't care what some blogger in her pajamas has to say about your choice of material, but I happen to think that you're usually really funny and on the edge. Hell, I wish I could afford satellite radio so I could listen to your program. But if you're going to waste your listeners' time being mean to "the fat girl," hell, I could go to any high school hallway in America and hear that. 

Step up your game, Howard. You're better, and funnier, than that. 

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sam {temptingmama}

I am a fan of Howard Stern, but I can't fuckin' stand pot shots at weight - by him or any other "Shock Jock". It's just plain tacky and never really funny.



Where's the shock jock that loves the fat chicks? I want to listen to that radio show!

Princess Dominique

I agree. Freedom of speech, you never want to take that away but pot shots is something altogether different. He's no Adonis himself.

Jen O.

Totally in agreement, Miss Banshee. BOOOOORING.

Jenny, Crash Test Mommy

Very well said. BRAVO.

Fairly Odd Mother

I would love for Gabourey Sidibe to appear on his show and prove him wrong by showing that side of her that people love to see on the screen and in interviews. I bet she could win him over, even without flashing her boobs.


The fact that you don't have satellite radio explains why you think Stern is "usually really funny and on the edge". He just isn't anymore. He's lazy, repetitive and pretty boring.

Gray Matter

I couldn't disagree more with Colleen. He has totally hit his stride on Sirius. There is no better satirist, nor interviewer, out there. I maintain that if you hate Howard then you just don't get him. And honestly Gabby, while clearly an incredible actress, is dangerously overweight. I wouldn't say we should celebrate it.


Gray Matter,

I don't think Miss Banshee is "celebrating" obesity. She's saying it was lazy comedy, which it is. Wow, Gabourey Sidibe is fat? OMG CUTTING EDGE COMEDY!

Also, believe it or not, there is some wiggle room between celebrating obesity and fat shaming. Shocking!




Yeah, nothing edgy about fat jokes. He is funny and I "get him". That doesn't mean I think everything he says is funny. In fact, I don't think there is anyone who falls into that category. It's okay to like him and not agree. And really? Fat jokes? As someone who was married to an overweight woman for almost ten years, fat jokes can be tremendously damaging. Trigger bouts of depression that you can't even imagine. Or maybe some of you can. Even comments that kids make. It's sad. And as Miss Banshee pointed out, Gabby has work. She could be around for awhile. So, it wasn't even an accurate observation or funny. It was just mean.


I don't think you were celebrating her weight or even sympathizing with her, but the whole "point out how fat someone is to get a laugh" is old and tired and unoriginal and I think that was your point, and it's a good one.


i think your commentary on this subject was spot on. kudos!


I love when Howard Stern interviews people that matter. I stopped listening years ago because I really couldn't give a shit about all of the porn stars and the Tila Tequilas that are on his show.

I would love for him to get a hold of Tiger Woods because I know he'll ask questions that matter and not throw softballs like Oprah.

But, god damn. He really took himself down a notch for these comments.


I cannot begin to describe how tired I am of people who defend mocking, jabbing at and generally treating as less than human the overweight, by saying how "dangerous" it is and that we shouldn't "celebrate" it. Last I checked, being decent to people isn't celebrating them or any one aspect of their person, it's just what we expect of five year olds.

Making fun of fat people isn't good comedy, because like the fabulous banshee said, it's lazy and you could go to any high school in the country to hear it. And it most certainly isn't helpful.

If you are worried about the "dangers" then maybe you should do something to help. Walk for childhood obesity, campaign for better healthcare and a definition of preventative medicine that includes nutritionists and fitness classes, show some compassion and have a serious conversation. Telling people how damn fat they are does nothing but push them into depression, bad habits and more weight gain.

Soapbox Dismount.


I'm with you on the preventive medicine. My insurance will cover treatments after I get sick and I can use my flex spending health account to pay for a lapband or other surgery to reduce my weight but I can't use any of that flex money for supplements, vitamins, or anything. We do have awesome insurance at work so I can pay a slightly lower amount than most people to talk to a nutritionist, but it's still pretty darn pricey and I can't use my flex money for that, either!

Also, love that you can use the flex money to buy viagra or pay for an abortion, but not to buy condoms. I Just Don't Get It.


ps--that is not to knock viagra or abortion, just...I think it's weird those are included in the fed list but not a basic prevention that doesn't include big pharm.

nic @mybottlesup

AGREED!!!!! he was a total SNORE with regards to her... unfortunate and not so smart on his part.

Fawn Amber

Miss Banshee for President!!


Gray Matter, I "get him", alright. Berating someone for being overweight (while sitting next to an overweight woman on a liquid diet who does weekly colonics and enemas and clearly can't manage her own weight problems) is not brilliant satire. His views of the ideal woman have always been dangerous, twisted and unhealthy.

As for hitting his stride on Sirius, he gave up once he got his bonuses and has done nothing but coast lazily. Isn't it funny how he suddenly seems to have a little energy during his contract negotiations? And by energy, I mean he gloms on to the latest celebrity story, tries to attach his name to it and seriously considers it not only doing "promotion", but worthy of another $500 million dollar deal.

Fool me once...

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