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Jesse James Apologizes to Wife Sandra Bullock Through Open Letter to People Magazine.

Jesse James Sandra Bullock When the going gets tough in a marriage, the tough get douche-y.  And cheat on their seemingly delightful spouses with tattoo artists with names like "Bombshell," who pencil in eyebrows with a fresh Sharpie and who have tattoos that read “Pray For Us Sinners" on their forehead.

I can't recap the details any better than our very own MayoPie did this morning, but new information has surfaced in DoucheBombShell's indiscretions.  Namely, that he wrote and released open apology letter to People Magazine in which he takes full responsibility for causing his family's heartbreak:

"There is only one person to blame for this whole situation, and that is me. It's because of my poor judgment that I deserve everything bad that is coming my way.

"This has caused my wife and kids pain and embarrassment beyond comprehension and I am extremely saddened to have brought this on them. I am truly very sorry for the grief I have caused them. I hope one day they can find it in their hearts to forgive me."

On one hand, golf claps to him for taking responsibility.  On the other hand, my Manipulative Douche Meter is all a'tinglin.'  I'm happy he took full responsibility, because I don't know that anyone else was responsible for guiding his man-parts into the bag of Sharpies also known as "Bombshell."  You're GD right you used "poor judgment," Jesse, and I hope Sandra stays gone.  Fox News goes further with the details:

Friends who have known the couple for years tell Fox 411 that the doting husband we’ve been seeing at awards shows is only one half of the man Sandra, 45, married in 2005.

“Jesse can be a very loving, protective and committed man. He cares about Sandra and would often feel like her personal protector, but he can turn on a dime on a person and be extremely angry and nasty if he is in a bad mood,” a source tells Fox411. “He has a strong temper. I’ve seen him yell at young girls in their twenties who were at events to talk to Sandra. He can swear and cut people down in an instant - it’s very intimidating and threatening. He is scary when he lashes out at someone.”

In the face of his wife’s charmed year as Hollywood’s darling actress, James grew increasingly uncomfortable with her burgeoning fame.

“Jesse hates being in the public eye and it made him even more uncomfortable and easily upset,” theBombshell Michelle McGee Jesse James Sandra Bullock source said. “He refused to divulge a detail of his personal life and it seemed like it was because he wanted to keep Sandra out of excess limelight, but now it looks like practice for keeping his own life completely hidden and shuttered.”

“When Sandra and Jesse were first married, they did everything together. He attended events and dinners with her and wanted to be by her side at all times. He would hang back quietly and keep to himself or investigate what she would have to do next and make sure he approved before she had to do it. He was VERY involved in her every move. Over the last two years, they’ve been apart more and the almost abnormal closeness they once shared had dissipated.”

Wow, he's uncomfy with the burgeoning fame.  Hear that, Sandy?  He was uncomfortable, so he put his organ into a classy lady who lets folks watch her for a small fee through a website. Full of klass, that one.  According to SoCalGlamourGirls.com, Bombshell is a "web entrepeneur" who has a foot fetish and specializes in dominatrix work. "I mostly wear leather and chains for my video chat customers," she says on the website, where people can pay to chat and play with her online.  Bombshell further reveals that she is "really wild in the sack" and "looking for the right sugardaddy." Despite her alleged affair with a biker dude like James, she says that she prefers "to have affairs with doctors."  But then, she would never have had an affair with James if she knew he was married.

LOL, WUT?  Bitch, please. 

Hope isn't the only thing that floats, apparently.  So do pieces of dung.  RUN, SANDY, RUN!  Take his apology, grab CinnaBun the Dog and run.

. . .

Anastacia "Jurgen Nation" Campbell prays for sinners via forehead tattoos.

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Washington "Seeing The Big Picture" Cube

Doctors are good. They could laser that crap off your body. Whenever I see anyone heavily involved in body art, I always think, "Picture that flesh at seventy." "Born To Ride" and "Symply Synful" could sag into "Buy Two, Get One Free." Then again, you could get re-inked and say "Depends Rock" or "Hot Dryps."

Jesse? You got to boink strange for almost a year. I hope it was worth it. Something tells me Sandra won't be making you an Easter basket this year. No chocolate bunny for YOU!


What an asshat.

His mistress is already weird as it is, but what makes her even stranger? Apparently she used to be AMISH! Had her rumspringa and never looked back.


Jesse James being a douche, and this chick being a skank to the side - Im wondering about those tattoos...

I like ink as much as the next secret ink fetishing SAHM, Hell, I even like sci-fi flix...

But I dont like them enough to go all ALIEN NATION on my FACE! WTF is up with those Alien Nation spots? WHY in the HELL would one GET those? What is the thought process?

Apryl's Antics

It would have been cheaper to just buy an Ed Hardy body suit.

Amy H

There is no telling what kind of disease and ick that woman is carrying because of all of her "affairs" so he not only betrayed his marriage, he put his wife at risk of getting an STD.

Douche is the nicest word I can think of to describe this guy.


I've never been able to trust a man who's mouth does not move when he speaks. I'm so sorry that Sandy decided she could. I hope she does take the dog with her!!


I'm so sad about all of this. I can't help but think what this is going to mean for Jesse's daughter.



"Poor judgment" is loaning your 42 year old unemployed cousin who lives in your aunt's basement money. "Poor judgment" is thinking you had more room between your SUV and the next car in the mall parking lot. "Poor judgment" is being forty pounds overweight and still opting to wear spandex in public.

What you did does not qualify as "poor judgment". What you did was willfully and blatantly stomp on sacred vows you took before God. Just FYI.

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