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Jesse James Cheats On Sandra Bullock: She's Out Of There

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock at the 2010 Oscars Oh boy. Here we go again. Can no one keep it in their pants?  Brother. I mean, what the hell can I say here? Nothing, really. Let's not even talk about it. Let's just talk about something else, like curling or jack-o-lanterns. Boats? I like boats. Whatever. Fine, but you're not the one that has to look up all this crap and think of a bunch of ways to verbally puke about this mess. It's taxing.

I give up. Let's just all have sex and get it over with already. One big worldwide freebie. Don't be such a prude, this is for unity.

I'm not sure what the hell is going on here, but according to In Touch Weekly and their exclusive interview with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, James and McGee had an 11 month affair while Sandra Bullock was in Atlanta filming The Blind Side.

Michelle Bombshell McGee According to Bombshell, she sent a friend request to West Coast Choppers on Facebook in hopes of landing a modeling gig and was responded to directly by Jesse James. The two would then meet, have a bunch of sex and she would nickname him "Vanilla Gorilla" due to his enormous junk. (And I think that's fantastic. He's wealthy, has a thriving motorcycle business, the most awesome cars you can imagine, a wife who just won an Oscar and a gorilla penis. Envy has an ugly cousin, and his name is me.)

In the interview with McGee, she would go on to say she was under the impression that James and Bullock were separated, that she would have never got involved with James had she known that he and Bullock were still together. She claims Vanilla Gorilla told her Bullock was filming in Austin and he couldn't talk about it, which makes sense because actresses often have top secret clearance when on an acting mission. He could have told her the truth, but he would have had to kill her.

Upon hearing this news (assuming), Bullock would cancel her London trip to attend the premiere of The Blind Side and issue this statement: "Due to unforeseen personal reasons, a trip abroad to support 'The Blind Side' has been deemed impossible at this time."

And now, only 8 days after bringing home the Oscar for best actress, Bullock has moved out of her home, becoming one of the latest victims of the "Oscar Curse" (the apparent voo doo slapped on best actress winners and their relationships).

Bullock will join Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry, Hillary Swank, Julia Roberts and Kate Winslet, the exclusive list of those whose relationships ended shortly after winning the prestigious award for best actress. Spooky. I'm not sure how the curse works when you're inserting your caucasioned gorilla penis into someone while your wife is filming the movie for which she wins the award, but magic is funny. I don't pretend to understand it.



MayoPie writes nonsense all of the time on his blog.

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Apparently gorillas have small penises. So either this woman is having a sly joke at Jesse James' expense, or she's not the primatologist we took her for.


Well, if I were in Ms Bullock's louboutins I would certainly know how to put that Oscar to good use if this story were to be true...


I love these women who play the "I didn't know he was married" card. Really? How could you not know? Have you had your brain surgically replaced with used tissues? Have you been living in a cave in Nicaragua for 10 years? OF COURSE YOU KNEW, YOU SKANK! You knew exactly what you were doing. Just own up to it.


Yeah, she was under the impression that he was seperated. What a twat! I'm in total agreement with Mary above. Why can't these hoes just own up to their shenanigans? All it took was one Google search and the skank would have had various news items about their marriage. Poor Sandra, getting kicked in the teeth like that. I don't know why (ex biker married to porn star) but I thought Jesse was a better dude. (sigh)

Also, that pic freaked me out, for a minute I thought he cheated with Katt Von D and I was all whoa!


I agree with Mary--what is this "didn't know they were still married?" what? what a load of crap.

next he will be in sex rehab with Tiger and all the rest of them.


Let's not have the aspiring tattoo model/starlet flayed just yet. Whether or not she knew James was still married, HE certainly did. Eleven months. Criminy. I'm with Katie on creative Oscar statue usage.


Palinode, what did you type into google to get that tidbit of information? Made me laugh.

And yeah, biker dude formerly married to a druggy porn star. If that does not raise a red flag I don't know what will.


Silver - you're right. He did know. I certainly don't think is without blame also, but I find it insulting to everyone to pull "I didn't know" in an interview. He's just as much of a douche as she is, IMO.

Jen O.

Well, that's disappointing...


I refuse to believe this. I will now insert my fingers into my ears and sing the Brady Bunch theme song at high volume until it goes away.

Amy H

Sandra Bullock seems so nice. I hate this for her.

Fairly Odd Mother

Didn't she "forget" to thank her husband in her Oscar acceptance speech? Perhaps she knew something was up even then?


Was it at the Oscars or the Golden Globes that she thanked for always having her back? What a dick. I have a hard time blaming the woman in this case. He told her he was separated, she believed him. It's not on her to do due diligence. He's the responsible party here and he failed, failed, failed.


I really like Jesse James and I really hope this turns out to not be true. I especially like them together. Bah.

Also, I, too, thought that was Kat von D and nearly freaked out. Thank goodness for that tidbit.


I can see her taking his word for it, also. Just because they were having trouble, it doesn't necessarily mean it would be in the press. I could see her buying that the marital issues were not public, especially if that's what he told her. My guess is he also told her all sorts of bullshit about how inattentive Sandra was, how it was all about her career and that it wasn't working for him. I doubt it ended with "she's not here, I can't talk about it."


Everybody keeps saying she didn't thank him at the Oscars. No, she didn't outright thank her husband, Jesse James. But when she was talking about how her mom raised her, and how it allowed her to have "that"...she was teary-eyed, looking at and motioning to her husband. I certainly interpreted that to mean that her mama raised her well so she could grow up to have a wonderful husband and marriage. Not thanking, per se, but being grateful to have him in her life, certainly.

NO offense to the person that mentioned the not-thanking-during-the-Oscars, above. I just finished reading a news article - one of many - that said the same thing.


If Sandra and Kate Winslet want to have a "Newly Single" Party, they could totally invite me. Two of the women in Hollywood that I would most want to hang out with. If they happened to invite Reese Witherspoon too, that would be ok.

Maybe the mistress called James "gorilla" because of his lack of verbal function?


I've always thought they were such a cute couple. I also have a soft spot for guy/gal sportin' tattoos and biker duds but can also rock a tux/ball gown.



I hate this. I also hate that I can about this. (I love her, though...)

Apryl's Antics

This just annoys me to no end.


What annoys me is these celebrity men/women who seem to think they can successfully cheat on their famous spouse w/o the paprazzi finding out or the that person they are cheating with won't spill the beans. It's insane with the world full of camera phones/text messages/facebook/tabloids that any famous person thinks they can cheat w/o someone finding out. If this is true, Jesse is a HUGE idiot.


The timing of this is suspect, no? Why else would this come out now if she wasn't looking for her 15 seconds of fame. She IS a 'model' after all....

And if this is true, then he is a POS and the label 'gorilla' fits him just fine.

Fawn Amber

Poor Sandra. This has got to be tearing her up. I hate everyone today.


seriously? she was too good for that guy from "go". i hope she can find happy soon...

Suzy Q

This sucks, if true. Also, all of y'all who are hating on the model/skank need to realize that it takes two to tango. He's just as responsible, perhaps even MORE since he is the married one.


First John and Kate and now this!? WTF – I feel like I can’t even trust Hollywood anymore.

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