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Jesse James the Latest Celeb to Check Into Sex Rehab

Jesse James Sandra Bullock  As a blatant PR stunt desperate cry for help, Jesse James has followed in the footsteps of Tiger Woods and David Duchovny by checking himself into rehab in Tusconfor his "sex addiction." Before you get on my case for using cynical air quotes around that, hear me out.

Am I saying that I don't believe in sex addiction? No, though I must admit to having been a bit of a skeptic on the issue in the past. What I am saying is that Jesse James is not checking into rehab because he hit bottom and wants to get better. Jesse James is going to rehab so he can be reborn in the public eye, because as anyone in public relations knows, America loves a redemption story. The problem is that, unlike a certain golden boy, I don't think the public ever had all that much of a warm and fuzzy image of James.


Tiger Woods recently completed his own sex rehab stint, just in time to make a triumphant return to professional golf and his many sponsorship deals. David Duchovny went through sex rehab about 18 months ago after rumors he and Tea Leoni were splitting due to infidelity. Is it a coincidence that the news was broken by Duchovny's publicist? I think not.

I am willing to contend that there are people for whom sex is as powerful as a drug, and sex can be used as a way to self-medicate for emotional pain much the way one may turn to drugs, alcohol, or gambling. An escape is an escape, after all. But I am willing to bet a year's supply of condoms that none of these celebs suffers a legitimate sex addiction. Occam's Razor dictates that the more likely affliction plaguing James—as well as Woods—is an overabundance of money, fame, and free pussy.


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Always hard to tell about other people.

When people completely screw up their lives from bad sexual choices, I do always wonder whether they suffer from a compulsion they can't control--just because compulsive behavior explains that kind of stupidity. (Bill Clinton anyone? Hillary claimed he'd been molested. Who knows if that is true. But something wasn't right.) But, like you say, so do other things, like fame, power, ego.


Yeah I get suspicious too. It just seems like part of the redemption PR package these days.

cindy w

When I first read the headline, I thought you meant sex rehab as in, "Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew" on VH1. Thank GAWD that is not the case.

But... um... yeah, I call publicity stunt.


What about ego addiction? Where do you get treatment for that?


I would have more respect for him if he just came out and admitted he was a douche who liked to bang nazi strippers. I can’t deal with the lack of responsibility here. I mean, he’ll SAY that he’s sorry and that it’s entirely his fault BUT he’s addicted. It implies that it’s beyond his control even when he’s apologizing for it. He can’t lose in that scenario and it’s insulting to people who really are sick.
Bottom line, everyone would LIKE to let their freak flag fly (Navy Seals and/or cast of Spartacus: CALL ME!) but most of us married people know where that will lead. It was his choice to take it there….repeatedly.


When did rehab become celebrity time out for every bad choice they make? Take some ownership, Celebrity People! Don't go off to some swanky resort for a month and call yourself cured and rehabilitated.

Eff Jesse James and the horse or nazi stripper he rode in on. He is a total loser.

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