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J-Lo Has Gone "Overboard"

J_lo_on_a_boat The first time I read that Jennifer Lopez had signed on to do a remake of "Overboard" I dismissed it.

That is silly, thought I. Sure, "Overboard" is funny, but it is only funny because of Goldie Hawn's delivery. Other than that it is a stupid, and dated movie.

But then I saw the rumor again, and it was all - Will Smith is producing a remake of "Overboard" and is in talks with J-Lo.

Then my head exploded.

Then I got my shit together and checked IMDB and I'll be damned if it wasn't there. Overboard 2011.


Goldie Hawn and I made this exact same face.

I can't even imagine who they are going to get to play Kurt Russell.

I think this remake is entirely unnecessary and Hollywood should really work on writing new screenplays. Seriously, quick, before someone decides we need another version of "Captain Ron".


On the upside, getting to hear Jennifer Lopez say "I'm a short, fat, slut." could be pretty awesome.

. . . . .

Goon Squad Sarah is waiting for the remake of "Wildcats".

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Suzy Q

Bad idea, Hollywood, bad!

Apryl's Antics

Will Smith, please just say "NO to the J-LO". In fact, let's just not remake any Goldie Hawn movies at all. Well, he can have "Swing Shift" if he wants.


Oh no, please no--not Overboard. Goldie Hawn is perfection in the role and I can't help but watch it every time I find it on. Come on J Lo, how about Maid in Manhatten II insted??


I kind of wish JLo would just go away. After SNL a few weeks ago, I just want to forget about her now.

Julie @ The Mom Slant

Remake Overboard? WTF?!

And I don't want them to remake Wildcats either. Love that movie.


You know they'll remove that. It's be some PC bullshit line.

I can't believe they are re-doing this with J-Lo. BOOOO.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

@Julie It's the sport of kings, better than diamond rings. Football.


Worst. Idea. Ever.




oh, you know matthew mcconaughey is who is getting cast opposite. mcdouchey will ride again.


seriously I thought I was the only one who would sit and watch this to the very end every time I ran across it...

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Nope. I love the original.

No need for another.

Julie @ The Mom Slant

@Sarah - Srsly. We sing that every fall Sunday. Even the kids know it.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

@Julie Oh why do we live so far from each other?

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"Listen to me, Medical People!" please do not remake this movie.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Now I just really want to watch the old one again.

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Please, gawd NO! Every movie J-Lo makes is crap. Please, please don't ruin Overboard. I watch it every time it's on tv.


Oh, for fuck's sake.

Tracy K

OMG...I am so glad I am not the only one out there that loves this movie!! I actually recorded it ....years ago...before DVR or TIVO existed!! LOLOLOL....
"A falsetto child?" "And stop calling me Sugar Lips! My name is Annie!"


No. No. Hate.

My whole family loves the original and knows it by heart. This is just sad.

"Are mashed potatoes supposed to be crunchy?"

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