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Ke$ha Insults Britney

Kesha Do you know who Ke$ha is? If not, are you wondering how the hell to even pronounce that name? It's KESH-A, like ketchup but.....well, not. She's the WILDLY TALENTED singer of the WILDLY GENIUS song "Tik Tok" (oh, can't you just imagine how off the charts this girl's SAT scores were). But aside from all that talent and intellect, she's also got herself some opinions about another pop singer.

Kesha -- which is how I'm typing it for the rest of this post because you've got to be kidding me with that dollar sign -- said this about Britney Spears' well-known lip-syncing ways recently, "I don't think that's fair at all for people who are going to see the show. I think if you are going to be a singer, you should sing."

Now, I've seen Kesha sing live just once, on Ellen, and when my husband walked into the room he said this to me, "MAKE HER STOP THAT RIGHT NOW." She's one of pop culture's great mysteries, like Spencer and Heidi or Charlie Sheen or Dude, Where's My Car. She's famous, yes, but WHHHHHHY?

Britney_Spears But Britney? Oh, the train wreck is legendary and the hair is usually horrific and she can't actually string an intelligent sentence together but that girl has talent and she's got it in spades. By the time Kesha's very confusing star burns out, people will still be YouTubing Britney's (early) VMA performances and trying to memorize the dance from "Hit Me Baby One More Time."

The real difference between Britney and Kesha isn't who actually sings at concerts or at live events, at least not to me. It's that you root for Britney and you want her talent to reach the highest place it can whereas all you really want to do with Kesha is send her a dictionary.

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Jennie, I have to disagree with you. While I can appreciate the way Britney Spears constantly manages to keep herself in the spotlight, I don't think she's especially talented. Her lip synching during concerts is evidence of that; if you can't sustain your vocals in a live concert, what does that imply about your level of talent?

Regarding Kesha's statements, I think she's right. If concertgoers wanted to hear pre-recorded music, they'd listen to their MP3s or CDs, not go to concerts.


While I wouldn't willingly/soberly/consciously ever listen to either one, I have to agree with April.


Like it or not (I do, by the way), Britney has established herself as a pop culture phenomenon. I'm thinking Ke%ha has already used up 13.5 of her minutes!


I don't know. I think it's rare to find an artist who can sound on stage the way they sound in the recorded version. Sometimes it's better and sometimes it's worse. I'm guessing, though, that the majority of the people who go to see either of these "ladies" want to hear what they hear in their iPod. So, lip synching is not that big a deal IMO. Now, if either of these ladies were talented enough to play completely unrecognizable versions of their fans' favorite songs (a la Bob Dylan), then it would be a problem. As it is, I'd say it's the pot calling the kettle black.


I think it's interesting that Kesha being a one hit wonder makes it easier to discredit her observation.

For my money, I'd be angry if I went to a concert and the main act was lip synching.


I'm not a huge Britney fan, but I totally despise Kesha and everything she stands for as a person. Her song is horrible...and it makes me mad to think that young girls listen to this and find it to be an awesome song. Really? Brush your teeth with jack daniels? I bet your parents are so proud.


so, i have never been to a britney concert, but i WAS taken to a backstreet boys concert about 12 years ago...and really, the concert had nothing to do with lip-syncing or singing, it was about the choreography and the SHOW. And honestly,even lip-syncing while doing the dancing she does? TALENT. and really, girl can dance. and the songs are catchy.

This is coming from a girl who was listening to the Eagles of Death Metal on bootleg and played Joy Division to her pregnant belly and whose first playlist for her daughter had the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, the Boomtown Rats and the Eels...

I LIKE Britney.


oh, gawd. i just listened to Tik Tok and I threw up in my mouth a little.


Oh, you totally got me with the wildly genius bit... I googled the lyrics AND listened to the song, thinking maybe (finally!) someone was writing songs about particle physics or something.

I fail. Good one, Mamapop. You got me again.

cindy w

April, I think that if Britney were simply standing at a microphone singing, she could most certainly sing live and do it well. The point of her live concerts, though, is the performance aspect. Nobody can do the kind of dancing & choreography that she does and still sing. Hell, Madonna lip syncs her dance-y numbers in concert and nobody flips out about that. I don't see very many people questioning HER talent after an established 25+ year career.

Also, that "Tik Tok" song? Haaaate. I agree with your husband, Jennie: make her stop.


Actually, Ke$ha apparently achieved near-perfect SAT scores (dig up an article on NPR). She stated herself that her music wasn't supposed to be really "good" in the sense of really deep quality music, but just music to have fun to.

Anyway, Ke$ha and Britney aren’t really comparable—Britney is firmly established as a pop icon who will be remembered for decades or longer, while Ke$ha is still very new and not nearly as established. I don't think Ke$ha was saying she was better than Britney with that comment.

Also, Madonna's talent has been questioned. By quite a lot.


get mad at someone who states, in passing, that fans of an "artist" might want to experience a live performance rather than a lip-synced, rehearsed choreography? it's up to the fans, i suppose. britney couldn't dance around on stage and sing up to recording studio caliber while huffing and puffing as the choreography would cause... so it all depends on what you look for in entertainment at a concert: the performance or the experience of live singing. i think for fans of either kesha or britney, it should be a no-brainer, but i have to side with kesha's statement as i appreciate live music/singing over fog machines, lights, and backup dancers...

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