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Kendra Wilkinson: Plaster Caster of BOOBS

Kendra-Wilkinson-boobs  Kendra Wilkinson has some big ol' boobs. In fact, after having a baby her boobs are so big that she is considering having a breast reduction.

But not before she makes a cast of the old rack.

She told George Lopez (don't even get me started) that she did a belly cast when she was pregnant so "We'll do a boob cast."

Her classy husband, NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett, lamented that he was going to miss the old boobs but - and yes, I quote -  "I'm gonna put them up around my house. They're going in my office."


Oh good. That isn't creepy at all, Hank. 

And neither is this:

hank baskett kendra wilkinson_butt

Then again, when you marry someone who used to date Hugh Hefner, I suppose classiness isn't a top priority, is it Hank?


. . . . .

Goon Squad Sarah totally thought that "Lopez Tonight" was Jennifer Lopez.

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Amy H

He doesn't play for the Eagles. He plays for Indy. And if he hadn't messed up the on-side kick the game might have had a different winner. (notthatIambitter) :-)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Ah! I forgot he switched teams.

I'll flix it. Thanks.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Um, yeah, fix. FIX it. I'm off my game today.

Accidental Housewife

K, the boobs up around the house doesn't scream class, but being caught mid-butt tap doesn't strike me as all that offensive. There are certainly MUCH worse things they could be doing.

Jen O.

If I had a rack like hers, I'd be plaster casting it, too.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

You have an excellent point.


She thinks that's big. Whatevs.

Apryl's Antics

Why not use them as chip bowls when entertaining? Or maybe they could both eat cereal out of them when they're sitting on the couch together. The possibilities are endless.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

This cast will be so multifunctional it won't even be funny.

Wait. No. It will be hilarious.

Sent from my iPhone. 


They're still newlyweds a little ass tappin' isn't classless, it's required.

Tanis Miller, RNM

Hey, hey. Don't be knocking the classless. It's all good. As long as they have enough boxed wine to keep the ass-tapping happening, I say more power to them.

I, of course, am the reigning queen of KLASSEE in Canada.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

With the bikini and  machine guns?


Eh. I sort of like Kendra, so I'm giving them a pass. I like that her house is frequently kind of a mess and that she's showing herself in a real postpartum way, so cast away on the boobs!

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