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Kristen Stewart at "The Runaways" Premiere Makes Me Cranky

Picture 8Oh, KStew. Why do you make me say things that make me sound like a cliche mom? Things like, "Stand up straight! And can't you smile for once?"


This is actually a lovely dress, and it's probably worth several thousand dollars, so do you think maybe you could put your shoulders back and stand fully erect for a few minutes? Come on—don't just do it for me. You owe it to the dress.


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Actually, I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree with you on the dress being lovely thing. Or it would be if it were a couple of inches longer. Its kind of like disco snakeskin. And that should have remained in the 70s. But totally with you on the slouch/grimace. Lighten up girl! Life isn't that bad!

Jen O.

I like the dress, but the mall-bang-swoop (which sounds dirtier than I intended) has GOT to go.

Also, maybe her boobs really are that low and un-perky. Maybe she is standing up straight?


I love how the google ads are linked to the tags or keywords for the article, so I see activeforever.com's posture support ad. HAHA.


I'm afraid if she stood up straight the boobs would pop right out...!


I agree with Michelle. I think this is just like Miley's Oscar dress. I think if she stands up, she'll pop out of it.

It seems to be generational with the slouching. I am one of the seven people in the universe who really loves her, though, so I'm not gonna bitch too much.

Suzy Q

She looks like shes subsists on barbiturates, cheese and darkness.

Apryl's Antics

I think the angle makes her look like she has a giant head. She also looks like she's waiting to get a military physical.


I don't understand how the skin on her shoulders, chest and arms looks so lovely and flawless and her legs so uneven and pasty.

Couldn't she doe whatever so did to the top half to the bottom half too?


I like the dress and think that someone, anyone, else could really rock it.

Oddly, her legs look like they don't even belong to eachother.

Melissa @MBonn

I'm barely old enough to drink and I think exactly the same things!

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