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Lindsay Lohan Suing E-Trade for zzzzzzzzzzzz WHAT? sorry, nodded off there.

Lindsay-lohan Have you seen that kinda amusing E-Trade Superbowl ad where the babies are chatting over teh innernet, and the girl baby is all like "And that milkaholic Lindsay wasn't over?" and then a baby pops her head in the frame and slurs out "Milk-a-what?"  Funny, right? Not according to Lindsay Lohan.  She be suing.

How much she be suing for? $100 million dollah-dollah billz.  That's $50 (fiddy) million in exemplary damages and another $50 (five by shiz) million in compensatory damages.  What that means, you see, is I dunno. But it's a lot of money.  And my money is on Lindsay Lohan not getting one dime.

Nonetheless, Lohan and her lawyer Stephanie Ovadia are going ahead with the suit.  Ovadia points out that E-Trade very clearly uses the name "Lindsday" to identify a character in the ad, who is a baby and a big drinker of milk.

A baby.

I have a hat that I'm going to call Lindsay. And I think I'll name my big toe Lindsay.  And I'll go around saying, "Hey, my hat and my big toe are attention-starved alcoholics with a paranoid disorder slowly forcing its way through the cracked surface of their drug-addled psyches". Then I'll wait for the lawsuits to roll in, I guess.




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I don't even know what to say. Other than she's making herself look more ridiculous than this ad would even if it were more specificly about her. And how is being a "milkaholic" defamatory? How stupid.


Jeez. She just gets more ridiculous by the day.

Sarah @ TM2TS

That commercial is so freaking funny! You go "Milka-whu?" on Twitter, and you'll get like 30 RTs and a bunch of @'s going "LOL!!". Its funny!!

Honestly, when I heard it the first time, and every single time since, I never thought of Lohan. Hell, I forgot she existed.

Hmm, found out why she's suing. People didn't connect it with her ;)


I have to admit I thought of Lohan the first time I saw that ad, but think it will be impossible to prove that is what eTrade had in mind. Think LiLo is desperate for some cash.

Washington "Testing Bottle Of Grey Goose On Arm"  Cube

I had to IMDb her to even see what's she's been up to. The last big thing she did was Prairie Home Companion in 2006. Is she even insurable on a movie set? It's sad how her lifestyle choices have aged her well beyond her years, and isn't that her chief appeal--her appearance? Fast forward to ten years, if that, and what will she be, and that's if she's alive then. I wish the Oscars had shown her in their "In Memoriam" list this year. THEN she's REALLY have something to sue over. But wait...first she'd have to establish she's not dead. Badda and bing.


The mind positively reels at the level of narcissism required to file this particular lawsuit. I would have sworn the milkaholic's name was "Becky," that's how forgettable the NAME is in this ad...

Robin M.

Man, what has happened to Lindsay Lohan? This is unbelievable even for her.


Sorry LiLo the world does not revolve around your ass!


Milk does a body good and she isn't looking so hot right now. Maybe she SHOULD become a milk-aholic!


I read somewhere this morning that the suit was spurred on by "fans" encouraging it via twitter etc.

I would never have connected it to her. After all, it is possible that somewhere in the world there is another woman named Lindsay who is at all rumored to be a bit of a drinker... hmm.

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