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MamaPop Video Roundtable: Hooray for Coke Kitty Edition

Coke kitty It's the week in pop from the contributors of MamaPop!  This week: Kate Gosselin, the sadness of Lost, the end of reality (shows), Angelina Jolie's right-wing conspiracy and a special, special message from Lindsay Lohan.

What are your favourite moments from last week's stew o' pop? Let us know in the comments.

MamaPop Roundtable Video: Hooray for Coke Kitty Edition from palinode on Vimeo.

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Clay's Lindsay Lohan is one of the best things to ever grace our fair blog, the end.

nic @mybottlesup

@sweetney AGREED!!!! that and, "i like man whores even more than female whores... IT'S TRUE!!!! it's true."

Karen Sugarpants

I love Jodi. She looks like she is gonna cut a bitch. LOVE HER.


Clay, I love how well you play Lindsay. [Or, should we start calling her another name in case she decides to sue us?] You totally have the "crack itch" down and everything. YOU are the closest she will ever get to good acting. *golf claps*


@Karen-thanks! But the thing is, in real life, I really don't look a thing like that.


Yup, Lindsay's great and of course, the wonderful Miss B. and her recaps... I wish they'd follow Jake and what's-her-face around for a season or so, so that we could get recaps of that! OH! Plus that wall colour behind you, Miss B., do you know how many visits I have made to the paint shop place to get THAT shade of green?? Still haven't found it though, am considering beige now, its variants don't seem to piss me off as much...

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