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Michelle "Bombshell" McGee: A Handy Guide to the Worst Person in the World

Michelle Bombshell McGee  Okay, so usually I think it's gross when everybody gangs up on the "other woman" when a guy cheats on someone we generally like, but in this case: Jesse Goddamn James, what in the hell were you thinking? This woman is truly terrible. Objectively awful. Let's have a look at a few things we've learned so far since she delightfully appeared on our collective consciousness:

1) Several of her many online profiles claim that she is 24 years old, holds a bachelor's degree in biology and completed two years of medical school. Amazing for someone who has an 11-year-old son (and a five-year-old) and graduated high school all the way back in 1996, and has a fairly prolific stripper/porn star/webcam girl/tattoo-getter/model ever since. She also likes "having affairs with doctors." So she's ambitious, then!

2) She participated in a Nazi-themed fetish modeling shoot wearing a swastika armband. (Photos of which I am not posting, because BLECH.) She claims it was all the photographer's idea. Which makes it okay, DUH. 

3) She has the letters W and P tattooed on the backs of her thighs. Multiple "sources" have told multiple gossip rags and sites that the letters stand for "White Power." She denies this and claims they stand for "Wet P***y." Which is way classier, OBVS.

4) Her ex-husband claims she thinks making the Nazi salute is "funny" and uses her children's refrigerator magnets to spell "funny" things like (surprise!) "White Power." It's just like, totally a JOKE, YOU GUYS.

Michelle Bombshell McGee Fridge
I mean, if she'd spelled out "wet p***y" in front of her kids we'd all call her a bad mother or something. This is better. 

5) She lists "Mein Kampf" as one of her favorite books on Facebook and Myspace. But seriously, she's not a white supremacist, pinky swear.

6) Her 11-year-old son Elijah is reportedly half-Jewish, so therefore she CAN'T be a racist. Some of her best kids are...oh, I'm just gonna slam my head on the desk for a minute, BRB.

7) She has a swastika and an iron eagle tattooed just above her crotch. I don't even want to think about having sex with someone with a swastika near their genitals and OH MY GOD NOW I'M THINKING ABOUT IT STOP STOP REWIND UNDO.

8) She modeled for a clothing line called "Angry White Boy," which has since dropped her because of the whole pesky white supremacist rumor thing. The brand is just politically incorrect, they insist, but this Michelle McGree shit is just BANANAS. 

9) Despite claiming that she's being unfairly scrutinized and hounded and receiving death threats, she recently (as in a few days ago, after the scrutiny and hounding and such was well underway) filmed a spoof porno film involving herself and two other people: who just so happened to look like Jesse James and Sandra Bullock. Again, sources claim she just thought the video was "funny." God, when will people learn to take a JOKE?  

10) She just wants to be famous, y'all. Since when is that a bad thing?

So thanks for all of this, JESSE. I usually don't get very het up over celebrity divorces but TEAM SANDY FTW, HOLY SHIT. 

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Um, Wow.

If I was Sandra Bullock I would leave Jesse not just that he slept with someone else, but that THIS IS WHO HE PICKED.

chatty cricket


Michelle's parents, they must be so.......proud?

A Vapid Blonde

I think the tattoo of indistinguishable words (sinner? or something) on her forehead really scream stability.


seconding jodifur on that one.
Also the whole thing where she was "raised Amish"? WTF?


Not just that her son is half-Jewish BUT SHE DOES THE NAZI SALUTE IN FRONT OF HIM. WTF?? Why hasn't child services removed this boy yet?

And...she's bragged that she & JJ didn't use condoms. If I was Sandra I would so be KILLING HIM right about now.


Yuck. Just...no.


GAH! WTF was he thinking? Or not? Because hello dirty skank whore. Though we are giving her just what she wants: attention and relevancy. It's a train wreck of epic proportions....

Deb on the Rocks

Gross. But you know, I just can't hold the victim blanket around Sandy. Jesse has been disgusting forever and there have periodically been weird stories, like the woman who tried to run him over in the middle of the night after repeatedly lying down on their driveway. She might have been a Sandy stalker, but there were a lot of questions at the time about Jesse. He makes my skin crawl. http://www.buzzle.com/articles/jesse-james-almost-run-over-by-stalker.html

C @ Kid Things

I said a week ago that the more I know about this girl, the more I wish I didn't. Every detail that comes out seems to be worse than the one before it. WTH was he THINKING? Oh yeah, right, he probably wasn't.


Best part? Graduated from the same high school I did....GAAAAAAAH....(I'm older, btw, graduated in 88 to her 96, so I didn't know her, thank God), but let me tell you - the city the high school's in? Kinda the armpit of NE Ohio. Yeah. I'm not too shocked.

Fawn Amber

OMG....I have no words. I am beyond horrified for Sandra. BEYOND. But shit, she's from Texas. I can guarantee she knows someone with a rifle and a shovel.


Sandy has my sympathy if only because (and I'm assuming) we've all been with our own version of a bad boy who seems SO EARNEST that he wants to change, etc. Leopards rarely change their spots, but Sandra has, if anything, been consistent with herself. I'm not going to fault the woman for trying. HOWEVER. THere is no limit to my well of disdain for these two worthless inkblots.

UGH. White Power on the refrigerator (or, rather, ANYWHERE)? Someone needs to submit that to a parenting website. I HOPE SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT MILK. I'm guessing the answer is no.

Why are some people allowed to have children?? Those poor kids.




Does this bitch also go by the name CHERYL?


She's disgusting.

Sandy B to THAT? Just gross...

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I am not even a Bullock fan, but I am squarely on TEAM SANDY in this case. Nothing good came come of white power fridge magnets.


Sweet fancy Moses. If I were Sandra I would be wanting to bathe in bleach right about now, just thinking of having been in second-degree contact with that skank. Gross.


@Fawn Amber

...rifle and a shovel. heee


Sick. One would hope that by waiting until her 40s to get married she'd have been spared this sort of debacle, but perhaps I'm PROJECTING.

I'm sorry, this whole thing makes me shouty, up to and including her unfortunate reference to him in her Academy Award speech - "I waited for THAT."

Indeed. It also makes Matthew McConnaughey playing the bongos naked seem almost desirable in comparison.

I'm so afraid Ms. WP will have a reality show soon.


I told my husband the only difference it would make if I found out he was cheating on me directly from his own mouth or from my publicist? Would be the pain involved and speed of his demise. If he told me? Quick merciful shovel to the head. If my publicist told me? Gerard Butler in Law Abiding Citizen.


I'm all about Team Sandy in the sense that infidelity sucks, but I agree with the wise Deb on the Rocks. There's WP stuff coming out about Jesse now, and, no offense, you're not married to someone for years and just NOT KNOW that he's into White supremacy. At bare minimum, she's gotta know dude's somewhat into intolerance, which all leads me to question Ms. Bullock's values.


I actually know her! She was my sister's roommate in the late 90's when her first son was a baby. She is definitely a white supremacist (or at least was) which is why my sister quit talking to her. I am surprised the pics of her son (Who is half-Jewish!!) doing the 'Heil Hitler' sign haven't surfaced, they used to be on her myspace page. She did not go to college, she was a hair stylist before she moved to CA and started tattoo modeling. She was never very nice and has always been an attention-whore.

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