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MTV Bans "Telephone" (UPDATED: No, They Didn't)

Picture 44  How cute! MTV still thinks it matters!

The TV station that no longer airs music videos has made the bold decision to not air one specific music video: Lady Gaga's "Telephone," because of all the butts and boobs and poisoning and stuff. Plus,it's hella long and would cut into valuable Snooki and spoiled-teens-having-parties-and-or-babies time. Plus plus: Pussy Wagon, dick jokes, lesbian prison kissing outside of the Spring Break scenario.

The video was easily one of the most anticipated music videos in ages, and one of the most talked about as everybody either loved or hated it or wanted to analyze the subtext of all the schlocky film references and/or all those fine, dancing butts. In just four days, it's racked up over 15.5 million views on YouTube.

Yeah, you show her, MTV! You go ahead and ban that video and protect the children or whatever. Lady Gaga will never make it in this town without you guys, I'm sure.  


UPDATE: So apparently CNN (the original source of the bannination story) fucked up, and MTV would really very much like you to know that they did not ban "Telephone" and think it's awesome and stuff and are still totally airing it online and on TV, at least during the 20 minutes a day when they actually play music videos. So no story here, and we can all go back to ignoring MTV completely. 

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Suzy Q

What a bold, gutsy move, MTV. I respect you now more than ever. What channel are you on again?

Snarky Amber

Wow. That's just...dumb.

Let's make a sandwich!


@Suzy Q-- haaaaaa.

oh mtv and your double standards. good thing god gave us youtube.


Is it ironic or coincidental that the first (only, and last) place I viewed "Telephone" was on MTV.com? Ever since that darn Alanis Morissette "Ironic" video blurred the definition, I'm unsure when I'm experiencing irony.


Signs of Gaga power: Before I even clicked on the 'more' link, my 2 year old saw the small photo of her and said, "That Lady Gaga."


I saw the video this morning on MTV. It was horrible.


My thoughts as I watch for the first (and probably only) time.

-Oh gawd I hope that cell bar was clean!
-Nice tit tape.
-I wonder how many cigarettes they burned through to get that shot.
-Oooo, helicopter. I love helicopters.
-I could rock that shade of lipstick.
-Bedazzled panties easier than bedazzled va-jay-jay.
-Crime scene tape outfit kind of cool in a feminist sort of way.
-Ads for Virgin Mobile truly do get weirder everyday.
-I kind of love that hat.
-Bringing back the instamatic!
-Let's make a sandwich!
-Beyonce looks awesome in that yellow eye shadow.
-"Those black eyed peas, tasted all right to me!"
-Not sure about the whole wonder woman look.
-LOL at the Thelma and Louise ending.

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