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National Geographic Gives the Lowly Sperm Its Due

Sizing_up_sperm1 We all know a highly fertile couple or two. You know, the folks who spout such lovely gems as, "I get pregnant if my husband looks at me." Funny, perhaps obnoxious, but obviously a gross exaggeration. National Geographic has set out to break down just how big of a chance it is to successfully conceive with their new special, Sizing Up Sperm.

Sizing_up_sperm1 350,000 babies are born every day, which sounds like a lot, until you consider that men produce 1,000 sperm cells with every heartbeat. Then the struggle to keep those little swimmers alive and baby-make-able begins, from staying the correct temperature to making it through the minefield of a woman's body.

To appreciate just how arduous the journey of a sperm is, from, uh, release to successful fertilization, National Geographic has recreated the odyssey with people (dressed all in white, of course) traversing various landscapes and facing multiple deadly foes.

And apparently, my fallopian tubes are akin to a spa or a resort. I should start charging.

Sizing_up_sperm2 Sizing Up Sperm aired last night, and it's unfortunate that I missed it since I was wide awake and trying to find something to settle my brain down as I adjusted to Daylight Savings. It will next air on Sunday, March 21st at 2 p.m.

National Geographic

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This looks so freaking cool. I'm totally going to watch it when it's on again.


I watched a bit of this. It was cool and interesting, but I'm docking points for their reference to my vagina as "several miles wide" and the description of my cervix as the "fiery gates of hell." Sheesh.

That said, I'm kind of freaked now by all that sperm have to go through. I am one of the annoying baby-on-first-try people and (smack me if you must) I had no idea.


Sorry to be one of those first try people. I get pregnant too darned easy. Well hopefully not anymore since I've been snipped and burned!


I don't scare easy, but those men-sperm freaked me the fuck out


Am I really the only one thinking National Geographic has well and truly lost its mind? I mean, this is like George Lucas' take on that Woody Allen film.


Thanks for the link to the George Lucas movie - awesome!

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