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New auction sells Action Comics #1 for 1.5 mill.

Action1Do you remember when people thought buying comic books would eventually make them money? I'm not talking reading, I'm talking buying. It was the 90s and everyone was a collector. They would buy ten copies of this thing that looked important, twenty copies of that one and so on, never stopping to think. Well, some comics can make you a lot of money. Just not those.

Back in Feb, a copy of Action Comics #1 sold for a million dollars. A few days later, Detective Comics #27, the first appearance of Batman sold for 1.075 million. Isn’t that always the way with Batman? He has to prove he's better, doesn't he? Well now a copy of Action Comics #1 has some for 1.5 million.

This is, of course, a case of supply and demand. When people buy a million copies of a comic book there is zero demand for it. No one wants to pay thousands of dollars, much less a million for it. So they can sit in basements and attics and slowly pretend to gain value - but they won't. Not really.

Action Comics #1, on the other hand, there are maybe 100 copies in existence. Of those, maybe five of them are in good condition. Yeah - when there are five of something on the planet the price tends to go up. So why haven't we seen these prices before? Well, the latest sale was a copy that was found, and unexpected. Most of the copies of things like this are well known and settled. Sometimes things pop up.

More than that though, is the idea that in an economy like ours you want to invest in things with real value. Objects of scarcity that won't lose their value easily, or quickly. Really rare objects tend to fit that bill perfectly. Either way, I don't think we'll see 1.5 mill topped too quickly for a comic book's price. But you just know if it's gonna happen, it'll be that darn Batman again.

Did you collect anything as a kid, and hold on to it later hoping it might be worth money?

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Jen O.

Pins shaped like bicycles.
Baseball cards.
Programs to my local Junior 'C' hockey games.
Bosson Heads.
Babysitter's Club books.
My dead dog's hair.
Covers of Rolling Stone magazine.
Toronto Blue Jay souvenirs, circa 1991-1993.
Every greeting card I was ever given.

Yes, I did understand the question. These things will be valuable one day.

Adam P. Knave

I am sure. Why that dog hair... wooo-EEE. Millions.


@jen o.---haaaa.

it irritates me in retrospect that i ever fell for that silliness. i had one of those starter stamp collector kits. that was totally ridic. went nowhere. also coins! you will be rich one day! check your pockets for loose change!

i, too, had way too many babysitter's club books. but i didn't think they were ever going to be worth something. i have collected things such as books, not because i thought they would be worth money, but just because i liked them. that's ok right? i think so.

Jen O.

Oh, @mouthy_broad! You just reminded me of the one collection that actually was worth money - my foreign coin collection! I forgot about that one.


*Foreign* coins? I remember in 3rd grade the rumor started going around that pennies were going to be discontinued. Everyone I know started saving vats of them.


the one thing i have is a signed paperback copy of Call It Sleep sent to me by the author, Henry Roth, along with a signed note as well. i don't know that it's valuable to anyone, but me. haven't thought about that in a while, thanks for reminding me of such a good memory :)

Adam P. Knave

You're welcome. That's pretty cool!

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