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Judge Refuses to Block Release of Jersey Shore DVD

Jersey-shore-ratings 3 people sued to have the DVD of MTV's Jersey Shore blocked from being released because they said their reputations would be damaged.  They can be seen fighting with the cast members in certain episodes.  State Superior Court Judge Joseph Foster rejected the request.  Again.

A new request was filed after the first request was denied when MTV released the first season on DVD.  MTV is now planning to release the DVD worldwide, so the suit was filed again.

There are three plaintiffs in this case.  The first is a man who says he was beaten up during one of the episodes, and the other two litigants are a police officer fired after an episode showed him in a fight with cast members and the officer's wife.    


I'm not familiar with this particular show, but typically, you sign a release to be on camera, so my guess is they didn't have a leg to stand on.

What is this show about, anyway?


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Jen O.

See those orange people up there in that picture? Standing around taking themselves far too seriously? The guys flexing their ab muscles under their t-shirts so we know how badass they are and the girls sticking their boobs out so we can see how big and perky they are? If you take all that, add copious amounts of alcohol, bar fights for no apparent reason, a lot of sex or almost sex, and some serious fist pumping, and you've pretty much got the gist of Jersey Shore.

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