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Padma Lakshmi Baby Daddy Revealed: There's a Daddy in the Dell

Padma That has to be the lamest title I've come up with but seriously, when I read that the father of Padma Lakshmi one-month old girl was a Dell family member my first association was with The Farmer not The Computer. Could I be any more of a parent? Here, let me cut your meat for you while you listen to the story.

Apparently Padma, former model and Top Chef judge, dated Adam Dell, millionaire and younger brother of Dell Computer founder Michael Dell, but they hadn't been pictured together for a couple of years. Michael is a professor of law in Texas and a professor of business and technology at Columbia Business School plus he is rumoured to also enjoy investing in technology companies. What a surprise. I wonder if he has done well doing that sort of thing?


A friend who likes to share with reporters said that Adam is very involved with baby Krishna Thea who was born on January 30th. He is also involved in visitation negotiations with Padma right now which they are both trying to keep from getting 'messy.' I guess that means they aren't together.

I hope for little Krishna's sake there is as little mess as possible. Diapers are already too much as it is.


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am i the only one who is surprised she didn't just use an anonymous donor instead of a former relationship? she didn't want to tell who the dad was and doesn't seem too jazzed about sharing the kid with him (from the brief accounts i have read). and i know she had a really hard time getting pregnant with the disease? disorder? (i forget what) she has. a donor seems simpler from the view she has given us.


Man, she does everything right!


Wow - the Dell family is talented - that baby was born in the FUTURE!!

Suzy Q

Oh, what a pretentious and crappy name is Krishna. Did Padma think she was birthing a reincarnation?


It's pretty common practice among Indians to name children after sages, saints, deities, etc. Some naming customs involve giving a child one name based on the deity that rules the month of birth, or on the family's patron deity... which is how so many little girls end up with male names like Krishna.

Padma's own middle name is Parvati, which is a deity's name. Anyhow, I'm sure she's just being pretentious.

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