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Perhaps It's Up to Women to Restore the Pothead Movie

Anna_faris_smiley_face About a year and a half ago, I wrote a semi-anguished post about the state of pothead movies/stoner comedies in the wake of seeing Pineapple Express and Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.

I found both movies rather disappointing. They just weren't very funny or well-crafted. This particular subgenre has long been the domain of dudes, an offshoot of buddy comedies and bromances. And perhaps the dudes are just kind of burnt out.

Enter the ladies.

Word hit the internet a few days ago that Natalie Portman is set to star in a female-centered stoner comedy called Best Buds. Portman plays a pothead who embarks with her best friend on a road trip to a friend's wedding. Their mission is save their friend from a bad marriage by bringing her weed. Truly a noble mission. And it sounds like a lighthearted version of Thelma & Louise, with extra cottonmouth and staring spells.

I'm encouraged by this. Obviously, these movies aren't Oscar material and part of what makes them so enjoyable is that they don't take themselves at all seriously. And it's refreshing to see women fit into roles that were traditionally male for no real good reason.

Anna_faris_smiley_face A few weeks ago, I caught an Anna Faris movie from 2007 called Smiley Face on cable. Faris plays Jane, a full-time pothead and part-time out-of-work actress, who helps herself to her roommate's cupcakes, not realizing that they were pot cupcakes. She eats well over a dozen of them in one sitting, which is waaaay up there on the list of worst ideas of all time. The problem is that she has a long to-do list that day, including an audition, and she now has to replace the cupcakes, meaning she has to procure more weed, which is a problem because she spent all of her money on a Sleep Number bed.

It's a stupid movie, sure, but very silly and entertaining, even though it veers off into a really weird direction at the end. But perhaps a woman's touch is just what this classic niche needs. Cough.

Disclaimer: MamaPop does not endorse the use of illegal drugs, just the viewing of movies inspired by it.

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Snarky Amber

wait...we *don't* endorse the use of illegal drugs? Okay, I think my handbook has a typo.


i love Smiley Face! i was never a huge Anna Faris fan but the way she is in the movie, it's hard not to love her.

Suzy Q

Smiley face was what I had that one time I did MDMA back in the days before it was known as Ecstasy. It was rad!

Fawn Amber

Anna Faris AND Jane Lynch? Hell yeah. I shall add to the queue post haste.


This reminds me of college and a roommate I had who had panick attacks when she was stoned so made me drive everywhere.

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