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Photo in Search of a Caption: Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

Tori_and_dean  Happy Friday! This particular Photo in Search of a Caption contains several elements that require your snark.

There's Tori's expression, there's Dean's bored look...and then there's the camel toe. Oh god, the camel toe.



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Fawn Amber

I haven't come up with a caption yet, BUT...is it just my screen or can we see the entire outline of her va-jayjay??? GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY. Gross.


Her camel-toe is so completely...THERE...that I'm inclined to believe she just went ahead and dyed the lower half of her body black, and left the house without any pants on.


"I get more action from my pants than from this douche"
"Babe, are those nachos over there?"


Dean: Do you hear that?
Dean: it's like wind whistling through a...through a what? Oh! It's wind whistling through a camel toe!

Dear god, Tori, just because you were Donna Martin and weigh 12 lbs does NOT mean you can get away with this. PUT ON SOME PANTS.

Jen O.

"Tori, dear, God invented thongs specifically to avoid both VPL and camel toe. So EMBARRASSING for you."
"What-EVER. I look HOTT."


How Brian Austin Green didn't get laid just by sitting next to her is beyond me. That thing is like a Venus Flytrap. Or Penis Flytrap for that matter.


"Hey, babe, I see a booth over there selling Cuchinis."

"WhatEVER. I don't need one of those things."

"...it was just a thought."

Suzy Q

My camel toe. Let me show you it.

Mrs. Q.

Wow-- I thought it was a different part of the vagina that got stretched out after giving birth.

Heather Ann

All I can think of is
Put a panty-liner on it
Sung to the tune of Single Ladies/Put a Ring on It


Oh please. Classic celbutard please-think-I'm-still-relevant move.

Marital discontent rumors + Nudity = Tabloids.

But Candy taught Tori to be klassy, so she CAN'T due a full-blown beaver shot. Unless she gets paid enough FIRST.

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