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Reese Witherspoon Poses with new Renee Zellweger Wax Figure

Reese-witherspoon  Here is Reese looking lovely next to the newly unveiled Renee Zellweger wax figure at Madame Tussaud's:


PSYCH! Oh, LOL, J/K that's the real Renee. They're at some Vera Wang thing.  It just *looks* like she's made of wax.


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RZ = least photogenic star ever. she's not unattractive, but she takes horrible photos.


At least, other than her emaciated figure, she looks nice. I like her outfit. From the waist-up, anyway. But look how much healthier Reese Witherspoon looks next to her... without her collarbone jutting out to poke RZ in the face...

Holly {ArtistMotherTeacher}

I wish I had collarbones like Reese.


RZ's THUMBS are SO .... too skinny. How does somebody lose so much weight that their thumbs look emaciated?


"You better me nice to my girl, Reese, here...or I'll CUT YOU with my clavicle!"


"You better me nice to my girl, Reese, here...or I'll CUT YOU with my clavicle!"


My reaction to this elicited a "What the hell are you cackling about?" from my next-cube neighbor.

Snarky Amber

@TwoBusy, I aim to please, oh cobalt-colored invertebrate friend of mine.


Reese's chin frightens me. It haunts my nightmares sometimes.

I read somewhere that a friend of Renee's claims that she's super sensitive about her "round face" and that's why she tries to stay so skinny. Uh...okay. Honestly, I think it's fallout from her gaining weight for the Bridget Jones movies. It always irked me that Hollywood couldn't be bothered to find an actress who actually DID weigh what Bridget Jones was supposed to weigh...instead, they found a skinny girl and told her to fatten up.

While in the books themselves, Bridget is actually not overweight; she just thinks she is, which is part of the humor of the whole genre.

Washington "Supersize It" Cube

I remember after RZ did Bridget I, she was on David Letterman, and he asked her, "How do you lose that weight after putting it on?" She airily waved her hand in front of her scrunched up cat's anus face and said, "Oh. I don't want to talk about that. It's so boring. It's nothing more than exercise and nutrition." I thought, "Yeah. Nutrition. The "N" word."

This from a woman who would quarter a green grape and say, "Today's "Nutrition." That and a high colonic hose up her nether scrunched bits, and she's right as rain.


I'm thinking RZ was sick of everyone focusing on her weight. Everyone acted like a woman gaining twenty freakin' pounds to play a part was like signing her death warrant in Hollywood, when men gain and lose weight all the time and nobody says a damn word except to admire their "dedication to the role". So yeah, she probably didn't want to talk about how she lost twenty pounds. She lost it THE WAY EVERYONE LOSES WEIGHT. They burn more calories than they consume. How they do that varies, but in the final analysis it IS boring to talk about one's diet.

So if she weighed the same as the main character in the movie "Precious" would we be making fun of her? Probably not. Should we mock, say, Queen Latifah, who isn't an average sized woman either? Not politically correct. But it IS politically correct to mock an actress who we don't think weighs enough. Hm. Hypocritical much?


Agree with Karen. And can we also agree that even if RZ gained 20 lbs, she would not be overweight. I'm thinking she's got at least 30 pounds before she tops out the healthy BMI index charts.

Amy H

Karen--I believe Queen Latifa IS an averaged sized woman. Obviously not for Hollywood, but for the rest of America, she is definitely average.

It's so sad to see RZ as thin as she is now. She wasn't always that thin. She has always been a petite girl but she looked much healthier in her Jerry Maguire days.

Washington "Weighing In One Last Time" Cube

...and we haven't even gone to that fat girl movie Gwyneth Paltrow made where, being interviewed in Rolling Stone, she was quoted as saying something like how hideous she felt in the fat suit and how at the end of the day, how "delicious" it felt to unzip it and slither out all newly thin again...and I think the author said she "shivered" with delight.

Given her propensity for "cleansing fasts" and other such beliefs, I am sure she shivered with delight. Also those reports from her classmates at Spence where she would go up to girls in the locker room and bluntly state, "How can you stand looking like that?" Shiver indeed.

and sorry..I don't believe for a minute that Renee is bored with the subject of exercise and nutrition. Wasn't that the whole point of her gaining the weight? So people would go "wow" at the end of the day? All of these actresses so eager for the acclaim of "post baby weight" amazements?

As Karen said, in the book, Bridget wasn't overweight: she just "thought" she was...and THAT was the point. Leave it to Hollywood to pound us over the head with their version, since we are obviously stunned cattle that can't grasp it.

Extremes are often admired in cultures. Why do you think the Chinese went on raving about the lotus foot for centuries? "So you can't walk on yer own. Stop yer bellyachin'"...in Mandarin, of course.

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