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R.I.P Corey Haim (Updated)

Corey-Haim Corey Haim died early this morning in Los Angeles, California. Sources say it looks like an overdose of prescription medication.

Corey was 38 years old.

Haim's mother found him unresponsive in her apartment and she called 911 just after midnight. Corey was taken to the hospital and at 2:15 am he was pronounced dead.


Corey Haim will be remembered for his work in movies in the 80s. I loved him best in "The Lost Boys", but we can't forget "Lucas", "Silver Bullet", "License to Drive" and "Dream a Little Dream".


Our thoughts are with Haim's family and Corey Feldman.



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Adventures In Babywearing

Aw man. I'm sad to hear this. He was always my favorite Corey.



38. Jesus. He's younger than me.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

It is so sad that he never got his life back together. Drugs are mean.

sam {temptingmama}

Feldman's a douche.

I am really sad that everyone turned their backs on him. Even when he was caught doing drugs on set at Lost Boys 2, the production company AND A&E AND Feldman all turned their backs on him.

This is really sad.


I dunno. I thought Feldman did a lot to try to help him, but people have their limits, even Corey Feldman. It really seemed from their show that Haim was beyond helping or at least didn't really want help. Sad either way. Seems like one of those child stars for whom fame hurt them in the long run.


yet another child star.... When is the hollywood machine going to start taking these things seriously? Kids in entertainment need major help navigating these dangerous waters.

Angela in Ontario

Oh, sad. Not entirely unexpected, but sad.


I always thought the other Corey would go first. Now I hope he hangs on. RIP Corey Haim.


Sad. How many examples of drug abuse=death do we need before it will end? All I can do is hope this inspires someone (maybe lots of someones?) to get help before it's too late.


So sad. While everyone did turn thier back on him, that last season of The Two Corey's showed Haim as being pretty far into a state of denial about his problems. From experience I know it's really hard to help addicts who won't admit to problems so it's really frustrating from both sides.

Having said that, I hope he's found peace now. He was really something and were it not for drugs I'm sure he would have had a great and long career.

Also...let's hope Feldman doesn't try to turn this into a way to get more press for himself.

Snarky Amber

Did they say it looks like an overdose because it's Corey Haim? I mean, it would be an educated guess.

I do think this is sad, but it also seemed inevitable somehow. I think the fact that we're not at all nonplussed over this is the saddest thing—that Corey Haim's death by overdose seemed not only inevitable, but almost....overdue. He probably dodged countless bullets. I'm sorry he never got the help he needed to kick his habits.


man, this sucks. after watching the Tyson documentary last night I had all kinds of feelings about second chances, redemptions, and it sucks to see this happen this morning to someone who was only 38.

Scout's Honor

Sniff. Death gnell of my teen heart throb crushes. First seeing Judd Nelson at the oscars. Gak! And now poor Corey. Sigh...


This was sad but also in the not-unexpected category. I wonder if parents of child stars of today are paying attention to this at all? I saw Abigail Breslin on Jimmy Fallon and she was talking about how her mom wouldn't let her have a twitter account (she's 13) but that she finally was allowed. It made me happy to hear that the parent of a really famous child star had set limits for their kid. Other parents of the famous should take note.

Apryl's Antics

I was just noting how Dakota Fanning is playing Cherie Currie in "The Runaways" and wondered whether or not she would go the way of River Phoenix. He was clean until he tried drugs to get into character for "Private Idaho". Method acting has it's consequences.

RIP Corey. And, I do wager that Corey Feldman will use this as a publicity stepping stone. He comes off as that kind of guy.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

That is really sad.

Also, really probable.

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