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Ryan O'Neal Weighs In On Farrah's Oscar Dis

Farrah-fawcett2009 was the year of death, it seems, so I suppose someone was bound to be left out of the annual "Here's Who Died" montage. That said, it seems a glaring oversight that the late Farrah Fawcett was not among the honored dead. Ryan O'Neal seems pretty confused about it, too.

When asked by People about the oversight, ONeal stated, "there is no comment other than we were disappointed that she was not included." 

In a later interview, he elaborated: I'm as confused as everyone about it, you see?," O'Neal said. "They have to explain it, I can't. Poor Farrah, is all I can say." As for his theories as to why she was left out, O'Neal sarcastically suggested, "She wasn't well known enough?"

Fawcett lost a long and painful battle with anal cancer last year, and while she didn't exactly have the most illustrious film career, she belonged in the tribute every bit as much as an actress like Brittany Murphy. Before you click send on that hate mail, that's not meant to be a dis on Brittany. All I'm saying is that Cannonball Run is more important to film history than Just Married, okay? Might I also remind you that an entire generation of women had a hairstyle named after only one of these women? Farrah was an icon, and her exclusion from the very important Here's Everybody Who Died montage was a glaring oversight on the part of the award show's producers. For heaven's sake, they spent almost 10 minutes honoring the death's of John Hughes and the careers of Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson and Macaulay Culkin.


It should be noted that Farrah was not the only recently passed actress left out of the tribute. Also missing were the amazing Bea Arthur and Poltergeist's Zelda Rubenstein. Zelda's passing was perhaps too recent to make the cut this year, but Bea died in April. I might be more willing to accept a claim thatBea's work was almost exclusively small screen or theater, but she was in Auntie Mame, which is AWESOME, and with an award show as long as Sunday night's epic telecast, what harm would a few more dead people in the montage have done?


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Farrah, indeed, did a few films, though I love me some Cannonball Run the most. I did think that the list was too short this year. 2009 was the Year of Death...so why not spend a little more time, honoring the many that contributed to entertainment? Did MJ do any movies, other than The Wiz? Because they honored his ass, and he died on the same day as Farrah.

(Shallow side note: how scary-looking were the majority of the John Hughes' actors-all-grown-up?!?)

Washington "I See Dead People" Cube

The "official" reason I saw given for the no-mentions was that they were not members of the Academy community which is--hogwash. Some of Farrah's best work was in the film with Robert Duvall "The Apostle." She was charming (and oh so young) in "Logan's Run."

Ryan's comments to the press make me think he's back on the booze, not that he ever left. He still shoots his mouth off without thinking. I wonder if he visits his son in jail? Farrah, while she can't produce a long list of film work, was, as you and others say, a star and a cultural icon.

Yes, Michael Jackson was nominated for a song about a rat. I wish they had really shown us their skewed value system and done five minutes on Michael Jackson, including clips from his memorial tribute and oh...say....one second on Karl Malden, who acted with BRANDO for God's sake. (and they didn't given Karl much focus.) Bea Arthur had a very long, varied, talented history in the arts. Everyone who saw the memorial tribute said it felt "rushed." The only thing they did get right was having James Taylor sing "In My Life."

What bothered me is that it wasn't just Farrah or Bea, but so many others. Here they do an entire montage on horror films, INCLUDING Poltergeist, and they don't even mention Zelda Rubenstein? I mean...wtf????

Isn't it odd they could include Michael Jackson who died from an overdose, probably given at his commmand to a slavish doctor, and David Carradine who died in rope bondage at the hands of some prostitute in Thailand. Yeah. Let's see HIM honored.

Overall, I thought this year's production was a huge snooze. I hav to admit, I've never been a John Hughes' fan, and I understand the sentimental draw for giving him a separate memorial, but it went on WAY too long. If Tom Hanks has to come out at the end and not even LIST the nominees for best picture, but just go right to the winner, then something is wrong. Why the lengthy Neil Patrick Harris intro? (and I would have preferred Martin Short do it. He's brilliant at that sort of thing.) Why the lengthy dance number? Why not cut more technical awards out? And why oh why did they indulge Ben Stiller with that stupidity? I wish someone would work out the timing on that "bit" and say, "Ben Stiller was on camera exactly this length of time, and THIS is how much time you gave to the stars that passed this year." I know Ben Stiller won that one.

Don't you find it bizzare that they had two intelligent, quick witted comedic hosts and it fell flat? I barely even felt their prescence.

and a P.S. next time cut the individual tributes that went on forever to the acting nominees, but do NOT return to having the poor saps standing out in the aisles.

Washington "I See Dead People" Cube

Forgive the typos. My computer has major lag and time to reboot....poof.


I think Farrah was in enough big budget movies to warrant a mention, plus being a cultural icon. Who doesn't remember Extremities? Plus her work in The Apostle gained praise.


They forgot BEA ARTHUR?!

The Academy is dead to me.


I don't think you can say this isn't a dig at Brittany Murphy and then go on to disparage her career. People seem to forget that she was also in acclaimed work like Girl, Interrupted and Sin City, among others. Murphy is plenty deserving, but that's not the point.

It seems far more compelling to mention that Farrah Fawcett was snubbed despite having been a member of the Academy for decades. Surely a discussion like this could focus on the merits of the person snubbed rather than the relative lack of merit for those included? Just seems like poor taste.

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