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Micheal Cera is Scott Pilgrim and is Totally Versus-ing the World

Scott Pilgrim Poster  Maybe I don't seem like the kind of person who enjoyed comic books yesterday when I was 30 when I was a kid, because of how successful I am with the ladies*, but I did and because of that I really appreciate the new trailer they just released for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which stars Micheal Cera as (wait for it...) an awkward adolescent who mumbles sarcasm all of the place but still has the specter of wide-eyed innocence that many of you look back at with nostalgia. Not me though. I had cyber-sex with my wide-eyed innocence on a VIC-20 in 1981.

 Micheal Cera is like my bread and butter. It seems like I'm writing about him every other post and maybe that's because I don't think it's necessarily creepy to be a 40 year-old with a man-crush on a twenty-something hipster, but maybe it's because I genuinely think he's one of the funniest fuckers out there. It's the subtlety with which he delivers his lines that gets me every time. I can honestly say "I spit in the coffee pot at work this morning", but that's not relevant to this discussion. I can ALSO say "I've never seen Michael Cera in a movie and thought that he sucked." and that INCLUDES Year One which was so awful, that watching it takes food AWAY from a starving kid in Africa. It was the anti-We Are The World. Maybe you don't believe me, but pfft...whatever, racist.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is directed by Edgar Wright, the same guy who did my favorite all-time movie Shaun of the Dead and another movie I love called Hot Fuzz. He also did my sister and then never called her the next day, but I was all "Whatever, Becky. If you didn't want to have sex with him you shouldn't have taken that Roofie." Girls! You guys are so bad at logic!** But back to Edgar Wright, he's awesome. The end.

Maybe you think I need a reason to post an image from Shaun of the Dead. You're wrong. 

Also starring in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is every handsome hipster 20-something star currently out there except for Dakota Fanning who might not be 20 yet and the Olsen Twins, because something something (*joke about Danny Tanner*). There's The Human Torch AND Superman AND The guy who kinda looks like Luke Wilson before his face puffed up who was in all those Wes Anderson Movies, and probably some other people I recognize but jeez I JUST did like three links...what am I? Your encyclopedia? 

The movie features a bunch of campy comic book special effects and "ka-chow!" noises like in the old TV Batman show, and maybe that's supposed to be cute or possibly a nod to the source material for Scott Pilgrim, which is also a comic book, but I think I don't need to explore this subject any further because my last paragraph now mirrors the opening line to this post and therefore we've come full circle and besides this McRib sandwich I've been saving since 2002 and just found in my freezer isn't going to eat itself.

Here's a link to the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World trailer because the Man says I can't embed the stupid thing, but you should totally go check it out. Or don't. I'm not your Mom either. You can tell because I'm not having sex with the Navy right now.

*Success, of course, is relative. Would you call a beggar who crawls through garbage successful if he had peace and true happiness? Of course you wouldn't! Dumb fucker doesn't have any stuff. Pfft.

**My girlfriend says if I don't apologize for this, she won't have sex with me until I write a logic-based software solution that says "I'm sorry to all women that ever were." in binary, like she can. So I apologize.

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I'm only 31 and a girl. Is it creepy if I have a crush on him? Also, this looks the awesome.


I love that comic so much that I interned at the publishing company that publishes it. Well, I interned there because I love the majority of their comics and comics in general and for school, but Scott Pilgrim is in my top 5.
I also have two Scott Pilgrim shirts and a poster in my room.

Also? I'm WAY too excited about this movie. Some people be complainin' about Michael Cera in it, but after seeing the trailer, the pictures, Edgar Wright's video blogs, and hearing Bryan O'Malley (creator of Scott Pilgrim) talk about him, I think it's going to be awesome. *fangirl*

Miss Yvonne

I'm gonna have to see this one. But only because you posted a pic from Shaun of the Dead. That movie is just that powerful.

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