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I'm Just Not That Into You, Jay Baruchel

Shesoutofmyleagueposter  If modern romantic comedies have taught us anything, it's that guys who are dorky and awkward and socially maladjusted can totally pick up girls so beautiful that they will grow up having severe emotional issues when their looks fade, because apparently all romantic comedies are shot in a different dimension than ours where black is white and up is down and farts smell like hot buttered popcorn and I don't have a felony conviction for public lewdness. Enter She's Out Of My League, which opens today. You won't believe what happens in THIS one! 

Now I haven't seen it yet, but let's just say that in this movie a dork meets a hot girl and she falls for him, and then hilarious scenes happen where his awkwardness is shown in stark contrast to  her immense beauty, and then they fall in love, and then they break up because of THE BIG LIE, and then they get back together. (for reference see: every movie in the history of the universe). Now this may not be the exact path the film takes, but I think we can all agree that no one really cares. We'll go because it's this or Our Family Wedding opening this weekend, and given the choice between watching American Pie with Jay Baruchel or anything with Carlos Mencia, I'm going with the Dork. I'd rather watch a rabid wolverine eat my intestines than watch Carlos Mencia do anything. Carlos Mencia could be locked in a steamer trunk on which 3 sexy, genius, nymphomaniacs with a bi-curious idea of fun are having a naked tickle fight, and I'd still change the channel. 

Oh Jay Baruchel! Your swarthy Canadian-ness coupled with that annoying whine makes you a nerd dreamboat. Every since you first burst on the scene in whatever you were in that your fans will know about but I don't that came before Knocked Up, I've been barely tolerating your horny guy with a heart of gold act. I did like you in Fanboys because in that movie you played a dork among dorks. Sorta the Uber-Underdog (and yes I know I just called him the "over-underdog"... it's called wordplay, folks.) In your defense, you have to play a very difficult role in She's Out of My League; the annoying, whining,gentlemanly geek who gets the girl. It would be easier to suspend my disbelief if you were trying to convince me you were an 8-foot tall, talking carrot battling Lyme Disease. I WAS that dork, and oddly I remember very few super-models who were taken in by my awesome and well-balanced D&D characters or my uproarious sense of humor that pivoted deftly on being able to quote Monty Python and the Holy Grail by heart. 


See what I mean? He's the Alpha. 

"The movie is getting mixed reviews by other critics", he said trying to create the illusion that he was one of them. 

I firmly believe this will fall into the category of Whip It or She's All That. In other words, a movie that you think maybe you shouldn't enjoy because it is derivative and trite and recycles from every gross-out romantic comedy since There's Something About Mary, and yet oddly you do. You like it enough that when it comes on HBO, you watch it. You like it enough to rent it if they are out of good movies. You like it enough to tell your friends you went to see it and it was okay. That's not too bad, I suppose.

Fun Fact: The first thing the director of She's Out Of My League, Jim Field Smith, acted in was called "Shoreditch Twat", which I assume must be British, because they are the only ones that can get away with naming shows after slang terms for the vagina. "What's on tonight, honey?" "Crendleton Pussy Whores, My Dear!"

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Jen O.

I'm always astounded when I see Jay Baruchel and his face ISN'T riddled with acne. I thought that was sort of The First Rule of Nerd Club.

p.s. I have a little bit of an embarrassing dirty old lady crush on Fanboys Jay Baruchel.


I saw this preview in the movie theater this week and wanted to barf into my empty popcorn bucket. Just kidding, there was some still left.


I didn't think Whip It was anything like She's All that....I kinda liked it. But I also went to see Valentine's Day.

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