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Shia LaBeouf Runs a Marathon

Picture 54 I admit: I am firmly with Jennie in the Whole Not Getting the Shia LeBeouf Thing. Because I don't. But based on the comments, many of you do. Get him, that is. And dig him. So I thought maybe you'd like to see some photos of him running the Los Angeles Marathon yesterday in very tight little pants things. See? I'm so nice sometimes.

Shia completed the run in 4 hours and 35 minutes, placing 5,825th out of almost 25,000 runners. Which: You know. Whatever. I could do that. In my imagination, which is just as awesome, according to Sesame Street. 

He ran to raise money for U.S. VETS, since his dad fought in Vietnam. 

Shia-labeouf-marathon-2 Shia-labeouf-marathon-3 Shia-labeouf-marathon-4  Shia-labeouf-marathon-6


I still don't get the appeal, though. The Transformers movies (which I wandered away from halfway through because seriously) and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (which made me Hulk-like levels of angry) and whatever that thing was about killer cell phones (which I fell asleep during) are probably to blame. BUT WHATEVER, YOU GUYS LIKE HIM. HERE'S YOUR MEDAL.

Picture 54

(Okay. Wait a second. I'm staring at this photo and having a hard time looking away. What's wrong with me? What have you people DONE TO ME?) 


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Jen O.

Those are some exceedingly skinny legs accentuated by some horrendously tight pants. And I hate to admit that I was examining this closely, but there is a distinct lack of ... erm ... package?

Fawn Amber

He's pretty. Not on my list though.


LOL @ Jen - I noticed that too, actually. Um. *ahem*
At least it was for a good cause - that does make him a little cuter.


I love him because he was so likably cute in some teen TV show my kids used to watch. :)


He ran the Pasadena half marathon as well. We were hoping to see him, but he was much too fast! He'd already finished and hopped back into his limo or whatever it is that celebs take to races before we were at mile 7 or 8. We did see Judy Greer running. She's a lot faster than me. And her legs are smaller than my arms.

Select Note

I have those tights he's wearing- they have a built-in exoskeleton thingie to combat fatigue, muscle pulls, etc. They do work fairly well (but they're hot as hell, and in LA???), so I just wanted to let everyone know they aren't a fashion choice really.

And the tights are REALLY tight, so the "package" is probably just well hidden. And fairly uncomfortable.


Yep, totally like it. Thanks.


Thankfully that last photo crops out those unfortunate spandex pants.


Whats the guys name (in blue)that's with him??

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