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Shia, We Get Why You Like Carey Mulligan but Why Does Carey Mulligan Like You?

Shia-labeouf-carey-mulligan I absolutely loved An Education. Carey Mulligan came across darling and more talented than one can even grasp so early in her (sure-to-be-bright) career. I was even kind of pulling for her to upset Sandra Bullock at the Oscars because she was so clearly deserving of the award. Then, I was reminded she's dating Shia LaBeouf and I immediately said the following out loud and to no one in particular, "Wait....what?" She's just so lovely! And he's just so....the star of Transformers and that other movie about computers trying to control the world.

Shia-LaBeouf Carey-Mulligan Shia was recently interviewed in GQ in conjunction with his (delayed) Wallstreet role and he said the following of his girlfriend, "[She's] the most talented actress I've ever met in my life." I think he may have forgotten about a co-star of his by the name of Megan Fox. Oversight, I'm sure. But, still, Shia, it's unnecessary to prattle off convincing reasons why you're smitten with the girl. She's smitten-worthy. Instead, could you possibly tell us what she sees in you?

I'm genuinely curious.

Until then, I'll just file Shia and Carey in the same place I keep Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood: Women In Need of New Optometrists.

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Hey, I know many (grown) women who LOVE Shia LeBeouf. Seriously. He's got that geeky/chic thing going. Or something. Did I just say that? I did. Sorry. Anyway, he's no Jude Law but there is something charming about him.

I found that part of that interview weird in that he said she was an awesome/amazing/whatever ACTRESS like four times, which seems weird for a boyfriend? I'd rather my boyfriend talk about what an awesome WOMAN I am, instead of what a great HR Coordinator I am. Not that being an HR Coordinator is the same as being an actress, but whatevs. You know what I mean. :)


Okay, I'll admit to being one of those (grown) women thinking he's pretty adorable.


@Katie interesting point. wonder if he wants to shore up his own acting cred by dating and pimping her? or maybe he is just in love? i am going with my first answer.


I'm a sucker for geeks, and Shia def falls into that category of hyper awkwardness. He's adorable! I was actually thinking what does he see in her? I'm not a fan of the boy haircut on her, though I guess she can sort of pull it off.


Katie, good point on the awkward actress-pimping!

Everyone else, I'm sheepishly not seeing the adorable/cute thing with Shia, but if so many smart women see it, it can't be too off-base.


I just can't like Shia LaBoeuf, or however you spell/pronounce his name. I watched Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, and the only word that I could think of when his face was on the screen was "greasy". Yep, just "greasy." And dumb. Possibly that, too.

Carey Mulligan...is so cool. If you really want to see her as cute as a button, watch the "Blink" episode of Doctor Who. Seriously, it's the best one ever made. Curiously enough, in that episode her character hooks up with a guy who is, maybe, a 3 to her 10. Huh.


Have you seen Constantine? Man, I love Shia. Of course, I'm the right age and I kinda started loving him on Disney channel, back in the day. I think he's totally cute in a geeky cute way. Oh, and that Rear Window homage I'm too lazy to the look up the name of. That was good too. I'm totally an actual adult woman who's into him.

And as for the actress thing, I think it's sweet. My husband does that, goes around telling everyone what a great blogger I am even though he doesn't read my blog and how I single-handedly run my office and how awesome I am at everything I do. It kinda means a lot to me that he appreciates me even when I am busy being something else to somebody else.


okay so i used to be on the same page-i had no idea why people liked him. but then my boyfriend ran into him when he was in town filming transformers and all of a sudden i was OBSESSED with him! he became totally obtainable in my mind (because he's, like, a real person!) and apparently he's super nice.
and i agree with mamapajama- i don't get the attraction with her. i guess i'll have to see the movie to see if i like her.

Kerri Anne

See, I actually don't get why Shia is dating Carey Mulligan. Mostly because he's supposed to be dating me. Naturally.

Have you seen Disturbia? Random, but he's AWESOME in that movie, and that's when I started loving him. (Loved him in iRobot and Constantine, too.) (And Eagle Eye.) (And A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.) (And every movie he's ever been in, ahem.)

Suzy Q

I like Shia, if not his name. You can't judge him solely by his movies. He's a doll in live interviews.

Apryl's Antics

I've seen a few interviews with Shia and I watched him in "Shaker Heights" after the first "Project Greenlight". I like him, too, but he is quite driven and it could be possible he's scored himself an A-list girlfriend to up his Q.

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