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Starbucks and MamaPop Want You To Have an Espresso Maker ***Contest Closed***r


***Contest Closed*** Sometimes you want a new, better puppy with added tail-wagging power.  Sometimes you want a robotic hand and your own Dance Dance Revolution machine. And sometimes you just want a kick-ass cup of espresso.  Well, Starbucks and MamaPop want to give you a gorgeous espresso maker to celebrate the launch of Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino Light (50% fewer calories and 60% less sugar)! Because one out of three ain't bad.  Contest details after the jump!

First, you will ask me: Palinode, is this espresso maker awesome? And I say: awesome? This biznatch is orange:


In order to win this decidedly excellent Ascaso Espresso Maker with a value of $550, all you need to do is answer my fiendishly not-very-difficult trivia question:

Q: What film director has his very own signature brand of coffee?

BONUS Q!: What is your favorite film by said director and why?

Leave your answer in the comments, ONE ENTRY PER PERSON.  The contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada and will run until noon on Tuesday, April 6th, after which time one lucky commenter gets the Ascaso Espresso Maker, sent to you direct by catapult. Or something. I don't know every last detail.

Also, because we like you and we want your choice of sweet flavoured coffee beverage to be healthier than falling down an elevator shaft, feel free to grab a coupon for $1 off your next Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino Light below.

Ascaso Espresso Maker Product Page

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David Lynch, and my favorite film he directed is Wild At Heart.

Thank you. :-)


I'm going with Francis Ford Coppola and the "Heart of Darkness" roast -- a good way to recover after a dinner at the French Laundry with a couple liters of his red wines.


But I'd rather have the robotic hand than the espresso maker, can I choose that instead?


All things orange belong in my kitchen so, thanks to all of the previous posters:

1. David Lynch

2. Dune is his only movie that I have seen maybe 10 minutes of.


David Lynch (btw, I've had the coffee-not bad)

I guess Elephant Man because John Hurt was magnificent in it

teh Duchess

Apparently David Lynch although I thought Coppola had coffee too, but maybe I'm thinking of wine which totally makes sense because wine and coffee are both consumed in the morning, right? RIGHT? Nervous ahem...

I'd go with Blue Velvet. I have VIVID (and unfortunate) recollections of that movie and remember it as being the EXACT moment I realized my then boyfriend and I maybe saw things a little differently.

Sidebar - Did anyone else know that David Lynch voiced a character on The Cleveland Show? Oh, IMDB... Whatever did we do without you?


David Lynch,
favorite directed by him, "The Straight Story", why: least weird.


David Lynch and Mulholland Dr.


To quote Laurel: "David Lynch! Dune! Want coffee!" although I might add a few more exclamation points to the want coffee part. !!!!!!! There you go.

Jennifer B.

David Lynch
The Elephant Man because he manages to get you to identify with the pain of the main character and it gives us a look at the various hearts of men.


David Lynch.

Mullholland Dr. is the only one I seem to have seen...

Rebecca Graham

David Lynch.

Blue Velvet was my favorite because it was weird, very weird, but I loved it.

Jerold A. Sauer

This is a really great prize would love to have one


David Lynch. Dune. 'cuz I'm a sci-fi geek and most of his other stuff weirds me out.


David Lynch, Elephant Man is still a favorite.


David Lynch, twin peaks!


David Lynch.

And Lost Highway is my fav. It just fucks with your mind beautifully.


David Lynch. Don't really like any of his movies. My spolied rotten brother actually has that exact Espresso Maker and really loves it.

Ellen M.

Thanks for the contest!
David Lynch's coffee is Signature Cup.

I'll have to say "Inland Empire" is my fave right now, because I remember it most vividly. I got so engrossed in it, it totally screwed with my mind.
In a good way!


David Lynch (I think by page 5 of the comments it's probably no secret, but I actually knew the answer!).

Mulholland Drive. I mean, it's so weird and mind-warping, how can you not be drawn in? Though I love it because I still think about some of the images, and it's been years since I saw it. Brilliant!


David Lynch, and totally Mulholland Drive! Coffee, coffee, coffee!!

Dawn K.

David Lynch.

Mullholand Drive is the only one I've seen.

I'm not a coffee person, but perfectly steamed hot chocolate or chai lattes? YUM!


David Lynch... and I haven't seen any of his movies. ?


David Lynch; I'll go with Blue Velvet. Loved Dennis Hopper taking hits of oxygen.


Lynch! Blue Velvet, baby.


David Lynch signature cup coffee.
I guess I would have to say twin peaks.


David Lynch. Blue Velvet is my fave, but didn't he also do Eraserhead, one of the CREEPIEST films ever? And of course, Twin Peaks, but that's TV.


David Lynch

Desiree Fawn

David Lynch! And I heart Blue Velvet ^_^ Definitely!


My favorite David Lynch movie is The Elephant Man

susan lee wiener

roses are red
violets are too.
I need to win coffee,
Yes, it's true!

Many thx.

Theron Willis

David Lynch...

Blue Velvet.


David Lynch.

i've only ever seen Blue Velvet, so I guess that's my fave?

thanks for the contest and the chance!


David Lynch! The Elephant Man.

Fawn Amber

David Lynch, Mulholland Drive.



David Lynch

And I liked Mullholland Dr., even though it made no sense to me at first. One of those movies you have to digest.


Answer: David Lynch (although Paul Neuman also qualifies)

Can't say I've tried his coffee as I have Fairway Supermarket & get the Soopa Stuff from it's Awesome Roaster Jim!

My Favorite movie is DUNE- really want the Spice & the Radioactive Blue Eyes that go with it! DO NOT WANT to look like a stage 4 Navigator 'tho!

Tricia Honea

David Lynch.
I've only seen 2 of his movies - Elephant Man and Dune and I liked both. I have to say though that

I watched every single episode of Twin Peaks and loved it so much.

Who could forget "who killed Laura Palmer" or the pie?


David Lynch - Dune

Nicole Greene

David Lynch!


David Lynch - and always - The Elephant Man.

It's freaking Serengetti Sunset Orange!!!!! My favorite colour because it combines red & yellow

Oh 100 little gods I would SO love to cook up some Blue Mountain in that machine.

Suzy Q

Paul Newman. "Where The Money Is."

I win!


David Lynch.

My favorite film of his is Eraserhead because every time I watch it I develop a new theory of what the movie is really about.


David Lynch. Dune because it is awesome.


David Lynch. Dune is my favorite.


david lynch
mulholland dr. because i haven't seen many of the others... I know, i know...


David Lynch

& Mulholland Dr. for sure!!!!

Kelly J

David Lynch and I'd have to go with Dune. Thank you!!


David Lynch. And probably Elephant Man.

David Heath

1) David Lynch

2) 2) Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me because it is visually interesting, the characters are fascinating and iconic


David Lynch--Blue Velvet


mmm, tasty david lynch. tasty espresso. do i have to pick a favorite movie? i guess dune or mulholland dr...

chatty cricket

David Lynch.

Twin Peaks anyone? (Not a film, but it can count, yes? Yes.)


I'm going to guess David Lynch, as that seems to be the popular consensus. From his body of work, I'd have to say that Mulholland Drive is probably my favorite (I can vividly remember watching this on my friend's couch in college, all of us going "WTF?!?" but trying to be all cool & "duh, I knew that all along.") I've never seen Dune or any of Twin Peaks, but I know I would love them, if given the opportunity.


David Lynch Inland Empire maybe? It made my brain need a bath afterwards, that's always a good sign.


David Lynch, and Mulholland Drive, just 'cause. (ok, I just want the espresso maker and am ashamed to admit that I cannot remember seeing any of his films except maybe that one except maybe not).

Nancy C

David Lynch, Blue Velvet

Erin W

David Lynch
Mulholland Dr.


David Lynch

Twin Peaks


David Lynch. Mulholland Drive


David Lynch - my all time favorite movie is Blue Velvet. *adore* Isabella Rossalini and Dennis Hopper must be one of the most interesting humans on earth! I have 2 kids...I need this machine.

chris v

david lynch i like dune


1. David Lynch

2. I like Blue Velvet because Kyle MacLachlan is amazing in it!

Shari D

David Lynch and I liked Dune the most.Catapault sounds a little scary!Or is it just me?Ha Ha


David Lynch. And Mulholland Drive!


I had to look it up, but its David Lynch! My favourite movie of his has to be Blue Velvet; it left an indelible mark on me!! Love it!




DAVID LYNCH!! Favorite Film? By far "Blue Velvet"

Kelly Ann T.

David Lynch
"David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee"

I liked Mulholland Dr.


I like David Lynch, Twin Peaks (which is also a movie besides being a TV series!).


David Lynch - Mulholland Dr.

Terry Basham

David Lynch! Mulholland Dr

ashley peterson

david lynch


David Lynch. I really liked Mullholland Drive except when the teeny tiny old people came out and started running around. Then I just got really confused. That espresso maker is lovely!

Marilyn Wons

David Lynch

Elephan Man is my favorite movie!



David Lynch.

Bonus answer: Blue Velvet, because it was the first time I saw an "adult" type movie and I felt all grown up when I saw it


David Lynch. And my favorite film has GOT to be Blue Velvet :D Absolutely.

Eileen Burke

David Lynch!
I love his film, Blue Velvet, so great!

Ann Welsh

The director is David Lynch and I love Elephant Man because it's just so sad.




David Lynch. I don't like any of his movies. But I do looooooove coffee!


David Lynch has his own coffee brand. I loved the movie The Elephant Man.


david lynch..mulholland drive.

M. Reismeyer

David Lynch.

"Blue Velvet" although it messed w/ my mind when I saw it.


David Lynch. He's crazy and I love it. Blue Velvet is always a fav, but his tv show Twin Peaks was a goodie also. Thanks!!


david lynch! Great giveaway! ! crossing my fingers!

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