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Starbucks and MamaPop Want You To Have an Espresso Maker ***Contest Closed***r


***Contest Closed*** Sometimes you want a new, better puppy with added tail-wagging power.  Sometimes you want a robotic hand and your own Dance Dance Revolution machine. And sometimes you just want a kick-ass cup of espresso.  Well, Starbucks and MamaPop want to give you a gorgeous espresso maker to celebrate the launch of Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino Light (50% fewer calories and 60% less sugar)! Because one out of three ain't bad.  Contest details after the jump!

First, you will ask me: Palinode, is this espresso maker awesome? And I say: awesome? This biznatch is orange:


In order to win this decidedly excellent Ascaso Espresso Maker with a value of $550, all you need to do is answer my fiendishly not-very-difficult trivia question:

Q: What film director has his very own signature brand of coffee?

BONUS Q!: What is your favorite film by said director and why?

Leave your answer in the comments, ONE ENTRY PER PERSON.  The contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada and will run until noon on Tuesday, April 6th, after which time one lucky commenter gets the Ascaso Espresso Maker, sent to you direct by catapult. Or something. I don't know every last detail.

Also, because we like you and we want your choice of sweet flavoured coffee beverage to be healthier than falling down an elevator shaft, feel free to grab a coupon for $1 off your next Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino Light below.

Ascaso Espresso Maker Product Page

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david lynch. Dune!!


david lynch. Dune!!


David Lynch. Don't have a favorite.

gordon todd

David Lynch,Mulholland Drive


David Lynch
Dune -its a classic

Sharon Seneker

David Lynch! I love Twin Peaks:Fire Walk With Me! Thanks! senekers@comcast.net

S Carter

David Lynch is my answer. I dont have a fave of his work.

scarter305 at aol dot com

Molly K

David Lynch.

Tammy G.

David Lynch has his own coffee and my favorite movie of his is Dune. I loved how the epic desert feel and esotericness of the book. Coffee is my spice!

Ian Ashdown

Daid Lynch. Loved Dune

Stella Ashdown

David Lynch. Got to be Dune for me

Shilo Beedy

It's David Lynch and I liked The Elephant Man. The movie reminds you that everyone is a human being and shouldn't be treated like a freak.


Wow luv the colour my answers are:

David Lynch

Fav would be Mulholland Drive.
Thanks for the chance to win!!

Geoff K

David Lynch, in a predictably unpredictable move (though maybe not so unpredictable given the key role coffee played in "Twin Peaks!")

I'd have to say my favorite Lynch film is "The Elephant Man," which still never fails to floor me with its beauty and humanity. Definitely one of my all-time favorites from *any* director, and as much as I love his more offbeat stuff, this film is the one that gets me more than any other.



David Lynch. My favorite is Blue Velvet. Thanks.

Zvi Vaxman

David Lynch


David Lynch

Favourite film - The Shawshank Redemption directed by Frank Darabont. One of the best movie I have ever seen...I can watch it over and over.

Jay F.

David Lynch.

Blue Velvet.

Isabella Rossellini!

Vicki Andrew

The director is David Lynch.
Favorite film, Eraserhead


David Lynch

Wild at Heart, honestly? Because I love any movie with Nicolas Cage :)


It's David Lynch. I like Dune!

Jacob LaFountaine

David Lynch. I'd go with Blue Velvet because it is just so quirky

katie s.

My favorite David Lynch movie (the group consensus of the answer to your question) is Lost Highway. That was one trippy mindf*ck of a movie. Thanks for the giveaway, I'm a supercoffeefreak!


David Lynch- Dune

Trina C

David Lynch - Blue Velvet

Amanda S.

David Lynch. Favorite is The Elephant Man because it's a touching story, and I like a good tearjerker.


David Lynch. Mullholland drive.

Katy M

David Lynch: "Mullholland Drive" because I love Betty's character!

Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!! :)


David Lynch

The Elephant Man, for the excellent cast.

steven lewis

David Lynch

theodore esteghamat

David Lynch.

I like Twin Peaks.

Jenny Dionne

David Lynch


David Lynch.
Lost Highway!

Jenny Dionne

Blue Velvet


david lynch

Dune, loved the book

Allan W

David Lynch

Sheila B

David Lynch
Blue Velvet


David Lynch! Blue Velvet! :)


David Lynch - mulholland Dr

Kevin V.

David Lynch. My favourite movie by David Lynch is Lost highway. Who can forget Marylin Manson as a walk-on in a B&W T.V.


David Lynch - no favourite


I think David Lynch - He directeed Mulhulland Drive.

Abhinav Rai

Answer: David Lynch


David Lynch
Mulholland Drive because I am a Naomi Watts fan.


David Lynch.

I would have to go with Inland Empire? Why? because... well... it makes my brain hurt in a good way. So strange. So awesome. Need I say more?

:: makes grabby hands and licks the computer screen ::


David Lynch, and I'll have to go with Twin Peaks!


David Lynch, "The Straight Story" -- It was a good story, well acted and, if you can believe it of a David Lynch film, received a family-friendly rating of G

Jennifer twark

David Lynch but no favorite


David Lynch has his own signature brand of coffee :D My fave movie of his is 'Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me'..Why? Well Agent Cooper for starters, I mean he's delish! I love his offbeat writing and characters, awesome awesome just like that espresso maker!

Adhab Al-Farhan

David Lynch and his film Mulholland Drive. It was so weird and sexy!!!

Mark Goff

David Lynch and Wild at Heart of course


David Lynch and my favorite film is The Elephant Man

Michelle B

David Lynch
My fav movie of his was the elephant man had a good story line and great acting


David Lynch. Thank you for this opportunity to win.

Veronica Garrett

David Lynch is the dude. Mulholland Drive is my favorite DL movie.

Susan Bywater

David Lynch, and I can't really say that I have seen any of his movies.

estella miller

David lynch. Mulhulland dr. is my favorite.

Amy Delong

david lynch
would say twin peaks(love it)!great watch it often!


Becky Grady

David Lynch

Elephant Man is my favorite.

(I LOVE the orange color!!)


kathy pease

david lynch :)

amy d

David Lynch. DUNE, baby


David Lynch, Blue Velvet would be my fav movie of his. And THIS has got to be my new fav machine. ANd it's ORANGE! What a looker.

Erin Walsh

David Lynch- Blue Velvet

Probably because it was probably the first really shocking adult movie that I ever watched. And I really enjoyed it.


David Lynch and my favorite movie directed by him is The Elephant Man.

R Hicks

David Lynch has his own brand

ardy22 at earthlink dot net

R Hicks

I liked Elephant Man because it was so intriguing and compassionate.

Maman A Droit

the only David Lynch movie I've seen is "Twin Peaks" so I guess I have to pick that one as my favorite!

Barbara Long

David Lynch and Mulholland Dr. because it kept me involved all the way through the movie.

Maja Meza

david lynch

twin peaks

Tara W

David Lynch.
The Elephant Man is my favorite film. It is touching because all John Merrick
(The Elephant Man) wanted was to be treated like a human and not as a
freak, because he looked different.

Lily Kwan

1. David Lynch
2. favorite film is Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me because I love the tv show

Susan Smith

David Lynch, Mulholland Drive.


David Lynch. Hands down, Dune is my favorite film. It was magical when it came out. Dark, scary and exciting.


David Lynch
Blue Velvet is my favorite


Q: What film director has his very own signature brand of coffee: David Lynch.

BONUS Q!: What is my favorite film by said director and why: Mulholland Drive.



David Lynch, and my favorite is Blue Velvet.


I know this! David Lynch! And I love Blue Velvet-- something about the mood of that film that the other films just can't match. Love him!


I know Paul Newman has his own signature coffee so I'm saying him and the film he directed I liked was 'Sometimes A Great Notion' and I like this one because Hank & his father took a stand for what they believed in.


David Lynch

and I have no favorite of his. My mother likes The Elephant man - can that count :)


David Lynch. Fav movie? Dune!

Jerold A. Sauer

Great prize need one of these

Heather G

David Lynch! And PS my fave movie of his is Mullholand Drive because it was a great thriller and I thought Naomi Watts was a fantastic actress in it!

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