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Starbucks and MamaPop Want You To Have an Espresso Maker ***Contest Closed***r


***Contest Closed*** Sometimes you want a new, better puppy with added tail-wagging power.  Sometimes you want a robotic hand and your own Dance Dance Revolution machine. And sometimes you just want a kick-ass cup of espresso.  Well, Starbucks and MamaPop want to give you a gorgeous espresso maker to celebrate the launch of Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino Light (50% fewer calories and 60% less sugar)! Because one out of three ain't bad.  Contest details after the jump!

First, you will ask me: Palinode, is this espresso maker awesome? And I say: awesome? This biznatch is orange:


In order to win this decidedly excellent Ascaso Espresso Maker with a value of $550, all you need to do is answer my fiendishly not-very-difficult trivia question:

Q: What film director has his very own signature brand of coffee?

BONUS Q!: What is your favorite film by said director and why?

Leave your answer in the comments, ONE ENTRY PER PERSON.  The contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada and will run until noon on Tuesday, April 6th, after which time one lucky commenter gets the Ascaso Espresso Maker, sent to you direct by catapult. Or something. I don't know every last detail.

Also, because we like you and we want your choice of sweet flavoured coffee beverage to be healthier than falling down an elevator shaft, feel free to grab a coupon for $1 off your next Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino Light below.

Ascaso Espresso Maker Product Page

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David Lynch, and Blue Velvet is my favorie film from him.


David Lynch

Mullholland Dr

Luis E.

David Lynch. Blue Velvet...because the movie was so freaky deaky!

Daniel M

david lynch, dune (love that movie)


David Lynch. The Elephant Man.


David Lynch!

Oh wow it'd be so amazing to win that espresso machine!!!

mary mah

David Lynch

blue velvet

Nabil Saad

David Lynch. Only movie I've seen is Mulholland Drive, so that makes it my favorit David Lynch Movie :)

Theresa D

David Lynch!
Blue Velvet, it was a very strange movie!

Tom Tiencken

David Lynch


David Lynch
Twin Peaks is my favourite


David Lynch
Mulholland Drive is my favorite.

laura carey

david lynch.

Martin Gagnon

David Lynch


David Lynch


The moviemaker/coffeemaker is David Lynch.
As for my favourite, it's a toss up between The Elephant Man and Blue Velvet.


David Lynch

I liked Surveillance!

Emily Lui

David Lynch
I've never seen any of his films


David Lynch

Bonus A:Blue Velvet


David Lynch, I love The Elephant Man


David Lynch does, and my favorite film was Blue Velvet.



David Lynch and Twin Peaks because I loved the mystery and suspense every week when it was on television. That show was a rare treat that hasn't been duplicated successfully since.

Mary T

David Lynch - I love Sci-F so Dune has to be one of my favourite movies of David Lynch. Twin Peaks was my favourtie TV series.

Deci Worland

David Lynch

Deci Worland

Elephant Man, the tragedy of the human condition.


David Lynch is the one

Lindsay Simmons

David Lynch - Dune, his best

Jeff Herman

It's most definitely David Lynch. My favourite movie by David Lynch was actually Wild At Heart. I'm not usually a Nicholas Cage fan, but I found the direction of the movie to be amazing. It carried the atmosphere of all of David Lynch's works, where everything feels kind of surreal. But I found it to be less dark, overall, than most of his films. It allowed me to get more entertainment out of the film.

Jeanette Huston

David Lynch and I like Dune and Twin Peaks. I like interesting movies.

Jennifer C.

David Lynch - Elephant Man

Hope Ryckman

David Lynch and my favorite movie he directed was: ELEPHANT MAN.

Lisa Brown

David Lynch is my choice. My favorite movie would be Blue Velvet. It screems David Lynch and it brings back memories. I love the Ascaso Espresso Maker.............YUMMY in my tummy!

Keshev Sivakumar

David Lynch

amy rosso

David Lynch- Elephant Man, reminds us to treat everyone with compassion.

R Campbell

David Lynch-Dune, Sci-Fi always brings new ideas to our imagination!


David Lynch

I liked his move Eraserhead. It was so weird and so bizarre, but it's uniqueness made it a movie you had to watch to the finish.


David Lynch
What an awesome machinge, funky.

Pat Battles

David Lynch

I like The Elephant Man best because it was a really sympathetic film about a man with a disfiguring illness who just wanted to be normal....and because I like films based on historical events.

Jennifer Garrett

DAVID LYNCH and that would of course be Blue Velvet; by the way, I love espresso!

Richard Licata



I had to google. It's David Lynch, and I'm going to have to say Wild at Heart.

Nick C

David Lynch

Angela Winesburg

David lynch, I loved the Elephant Man, thanks!

Shellie Duffy

David Lynch. My favorite film is Eraserhead.

Natalie L

David Lynch


David Lynch is the answer to #1.

#2. Well, not a Lynch fan. I'll say Mulholland Drive but that's really the only one I've seen all the way through.

Pamela K.

David Lynch, The Elephant Man because of John Hurt.


David Lynch Is the director.
My favorite movie by him is Mulholland Drive. I like it because of the premise of a woman surviving a car crash yet not knowing who she is; I thought it was a unique twist for a movie and liked the whole concept. Enjoyed the movie too.


David Lynch

The Elephant Man because I am a black and white movie lover. It is certainly not one of my favorite movies but I'm not a huge fan of Lynch's work.

My favorite film ever? King Kong 1933. Why? Because there is no one more elegant in the hands of a great ape than Fay Wray nor anything more beautiful than that famous line "It was beauty killed the beast."


David Lynch!! Mulholland Drive...no question about it!!

LeAndrew Taylor

David Lynch! Favorite David Lynch movie: Blue Velvet!

Great movie! Great cast!

Dennis Hooper and Isabella Rossellini were mesmerizing in this film!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Good Luck to all!

Diana Wood

David Lynch (Signature Cup). I love his film, Blue Velvet! It's complex and shocking!

Melissa B.

David Lynch - Twin Peaks.


david lynch and i'd say blue velvet because it's one of the strangest films I've ever seen!

Randy Saunders

DAVID LYNCH & BLUE VELVET! ALRIGHT, I WIN!!! Please, please, pretty please!


David Lynch - Dune - loved the book as well.

carol lewis

David Lynch I would say.
Blue Velvet because it is different.

Rhonda Struthers

David Lynch

I have to say Dune was my fav

rhondastruthers at yahoo dot ca


Both David Lynch and Paul Newman have lines of coffee and both have directed movies. My favorite Newman directed movie (actually the only one I've seen) is The Glass Managerie, while my favorite Lynch film is Mulholland Drive. Great giveaway, I'm a coffee freak! Thanks!


David Lynch.

Kari D

David Lynch, and my favorite movie he directed is Mulholland Drive -- in fact, I named my daughter Mulholland!


David Lynch
Bonus: Dune

kim e

David Lynch, of course.

marc-andre taillefer

David Lynch

Kerrie Mayans

David Lynch has his own coffee and I like Dune but I LOVED Twin Peaks


As we have well covered David Lynch is the guy in question and my fave movie of his is 'Wild at Heart'.


David Lynch.

I've never seen one of his movies, will you enter me anyway? Please? I did read the book "Dune" by Herbert but did not see the movie.

oinkmoobaa (@) yahoo (.) com

Jane Finley

David Lynch is your guy...Elephant Man was definitely my favorite of his films!

Debra F

The answer must be David Lynch! My favorite movie of his was Mulholland Dr. Thanks so much for this great giveaway....boy, would the afternoon coffee get togethers with the girls be something special if I won this!

Bill Finley

David Lynch...loved all of his movies so hard to pick one.


David Lynch. Wild at Heart.


The director is David Lynch and my favourite movie is Blue Velvet.

Erica C.

David Lynch.
Mulholland Drive was great.


David Lynch!

What a beautiful machine.


Q1: Paul Newman
Bonus Q: Harry & Son - because its like a train wreck... its soo bad you can't pull your eyes away (what was he thinking to cast himself as Harry?).


David Lynch


Ambre W.

David Lynch
Twin peaks was addicting


David Lynch, Blue Velvet

Rachel M

Answer: David Lynch


David Lynch
Mulholland Dr - I love it

Kat Emerick

Paul Newman had his Newman's own organics brands of coffee and he also directed "The Glass Menagerie" in 1987

Penny Routledge

David Lynch
Mulholland Drive because it made me laugh.

Jarnail Dhami

David Lynch

Lori Walker

David Lynch. I like Dune... the book and the movie


David Lynch

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