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Stop Watching Jay Leno Already, You Guys

Jay-leno-conan Because I am a small, bitter -- yet still hopeful -- person, I was kind of looking forward to Jay Leno's return to The Tonight Show. I wanted him to fail spectacularly. Like he did on prime time, but bigger. Late-nightier. Schadenfreudier. Alas, that is not happening, and lo, it is making me stabby.

The reviews after his first show on Monday were universally tepid, skewing to bad. Same old Leno, same old schtick and bad airport bar stand-up comic rimshot jokes. No real mention of the recent Late Night Wars, other than a few lame zingers at NBC that reveal that the dude STILL thinks he's as much of a victim as Conan.

But he beat Letterman. Okay, let's blame that on rubbernecking and move on. Leno sucks! Team Coco!

Last night, though, he had Sarah Palin as a guest. And ratings were through the roof, as everybody tuned in to hear Sarah talk about that stupid Family Guy episode AGAIN, because she hadn't been given "an opportunity to follow up and kind of elaborate on what I really meant and what I really thought of the thing."

(The "thing", if I may remind you, being the question of whether or not an episode of Family Guy was offensive. FAMILY GUY. Next up: Have you heard of this show called South Park? I hear it's rather raunchy!)

Now, a good TV interviewer may have pointed out that 1) Palin originally posted her disapproval on her own Facebook page, 2) then posted a response from her daughter (who the media should really leave alone, too), and 3) THEN gave an interview about it on Fox News. I also read quite a few media stories that specifically mentioned attempts to get another statement from her and been ignored. That sounds to me like an opportunity to "kind of elaborate", but Leno did no such thing. She went on to rah-rah for The Tea Party while Leno smiled and passively sat there and lobbed softballs from his huge national stage.

Because that's not what he's there for, right? He's not there to make good television, just watery blandness that's nice to fall asleep on your couch to. He's not there to carry on the rich tradition of The Tonight Show being the gold standard of late night. He's just there because...I don't know why he's there, honestly. He has photos of somebody at NBC doing something naughty to somebody else?

No, because people watch him, and he gets the ratings.


So this my formal plea: Stop watching Jay Leno Already, You Guys. I don't care who his guest is or how much you like the scheduled band. I'm not getting over this, much like a run-of-the-mill offensive episode of Family Guy. Together, we can defeat this man. Follow Conan on Twitter and pledge to go to bed a half hour earlier instead. 

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Fawn Amber

I refuse to watch - not that I ever did in the first place because LETTERMAN RAWKS, but yeah, there's not way I'll ever watch him now.


Seriously. I refuse to even watch the Leno episode of "Top Gear", let alone his Tonight Show. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that this whole situation still makes me SO ANGRY. People are using Twitter to do things like protest election fraud in Iran and I can't get over the injustice done to Conan O'Brien.

Well, at least I'm not the only one. TO THE SIT-IN.


Amen, sister! Make Leno GO AWAY, PLEEEEEEEEEASE!

Conan rocks. Leno sucks.

(If this was that OTHER site, I'd totally click the "Like" button right now!)


Amen! also: Conan's twitter feed is awesome.


I agree with everything you've said. Hopefully people will start tuning out once this week is over. It doesn't say much for America that this mediocre backstabber is more popular than Letterman, who is at least funny, even if he is a bitter old crank. :-)

I miss CoCo. :-(

Daffodil Campbell

Just watching Leno - whether he crashes and burns, or just maintains the (tepid) status quo - makes my skin crawl. What is it about that man that gives me the creeps? My eyeballs practically disengage from their sockets, with all of the rolling they do every time that man opens his mouth.


My sister made a comment about watching Jay Leno the other night. I've stopped speaking to her.


A major point that gets overlooked is that Conans ratings were lower because you had two tonight shows on every night - Leno's version first at 10 pm and then Conans later - NBC split up the audience potential and destroyed both shows! Now that there is only one tonight show again, the ratings are magically back to normal. go figure. This pisses me off.


Amen! I'm afraid that if I let Leno or Chelsey Lately show up on my TV the whole thing will catch fire and I'll go straight to hell. No way, no how.


I've never liked Conan and I watch Jay. Yes, I said it...I-WATCH-JAY. Where were you all when Conan's Tonight Show gig was failing? If even 1/2 of his supporters would have watched his show we wouldn't be having this conversation.


uh oh.
i forsee @amazinggreis getting pelted with insults in 3, 2, 1...


Done. Just because you asked me to. Or because Jay sucks. Take your pick. If I had DVR or no need to sleep, I would watch Craig Ferguson every night, but our stupid local station pushes him back to 12:30 central and that is so stupid. Why do I have to suffer through Extra to be rewarded with Craig?


Meh. I think all the late night hosts have their merits – sometimes they are funny, often times not. Personally, I’m not really looking for heavy hitting interviews from any of them. Never fear, Conan will get another show where he and the hipsters can stick it to The Man every night, and he can pretend to be one the little people. The End.

Oh, hai, Amahla! You’re hair is super shiny. Love you.


even if i thought Jay Leno was funny, the whole thing put such a bad taste in my mouth. Why make us suffer through a year of 'jay's last year' if he was never going to retire? not to mention the fact that Jay's ratings sucked the first year, too...i really hate that there are still shows I like on NBC, because I would love to be done with the whole station.


What do people think hipsters are? Hipsters don't have TVs.
Team Coco!




Frankly, I'm amazed that in this world of satellite and tivo, there are still late night wars. Aren't there things on that are genuinely funny?


I used to watch Leno, but this whole thing has definitely left a bad taste.
I just read this article and liked it: http://www.lvrj.com/living/plenty-of-reasons-to-just-say-no-to-leno-85760312.html


How To Be The Funniest Kid In The World - Jessie has sent this book to me and it is crap

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